Lavender Wedding Color Schemes

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Lavender Wedding Color Schemes – If you’re looking for a unique and fun wedding color palette with a touch of softness, lavender is for you. Lavender is the color of imagination, romance and longing. It brings to mind images of spring and flower petals blowing in the breeze that will look amazing in wedding photos. In this post, we’ll show you fun and vibrant lavender wedding color schemes for an elegant and cheerful spring wedding day.

The great thing about lavender as a wedding theme is that it’s vibrant and soft, so it’s easy to match with a wide range of other shades. for an outdoor garden wedding during spring or summer, lavender will do well with soft shades of pink, blue and yellow as accent colors. For a solemn and elegant wedding, gold or silver will give lavender an extra shine. Also, bold colors are a great option for adding some dramatic effect, such as deep blue or dark purple accents to make the lavender stand out, or to make it monochromatic and change the shade of purple from light to dark.

Lavender Wedding Color Schemes

Lavender Wedding Color Schemes

Read on for our favorite lavender wedding color schemes that are the perfect touch of spring romance for your special day.

Lavender And Green Wedding Color Ideas

Lavender and pink are a great combination for a sweet, soft and romantic wedding. Combining these two colors along with pops of white and green will help you achieve a modern and bright look that is perfect for an outdoor spring/summer wedding.

The mix of gold and lavender creates a unique yet classic and elegant wedding look that will work well in wedding details such as centerpieces and bouquets while making everything look glamorous. This beautiful combination will look great for a spring evening wedding and a winter wedding during the day.

A stunning rustic palette of greens and lavenders is set amongst olive branches and hydrangea flowers to create the perfect spring color palette if you want to add a bit of organic vibe to your wedding with some simple country touches.

Kaden is an interior designer by training who fell in love with designing weddings. Along with her husband, a wedding planner, Kaden specializes in creating wedding content that aims to make brides’ dreams come true. The sun shines, flowers bloom, bees and butterflies flutter. It’s summer time. When it comes to choosing a color theme for a summer wedding. If you’re still looking for the perfect colors for a summer wedding, we also suggest checking out today’s wedding color palette.

Pastel Purple Wedding Color Scheme » Monochromatic »

There are many options such as citrus colors for fun and creative couples, if you are an eco-friendly couple, green is the best for you. If you are a romantic love, all dreamy and soft, lavender is one of the best colors. Lavender is known as a soft and romantic shade

Which works well with almost any other combination. For today’s color palette, we have combined a shade of lavender with lilac, which gives it even more romance.

White Bouquet with Purple Accents : Photo: Photography by Amy Rizzuto | Photography: Courtesy of Mekina Saylor Weddings. | Photography: Live Picture Studio | Floral design: Twisted willow flowers.

Lavender Wedding Color Schemes

How this palette is an inspiration for a summer wedding. Take a less is more approach by using landscapes and raw landscapes to your advantage as natural ones

Best Color Schemes For Weddings 2022

Photo: Troy Meikle. | Film Lab: PhotoVision. | Event Design: Design by Joy Proctor. | Event Design Assistant: Camilla Loving. | Event & Table Rentals: Store Merchant. | Location: Malibu Rocky Oaks. | Bedding: La Tavola Linen. | Post Speaker: Wedding Sparrow| Workshop Lead: Donny Zavala

Lavender and Flower with Gold Metallic Watercolor Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers by Oh Crumbs Bakery | Wilde’s photo

← Dusty Blue Wedding Color Theme with Subtle Hints of Burgundy + Lavender ← A Sweet and Colorful Wedding Color Scheme That Will Make Your Big Day Pop How do you decide on wedding colors when there are so many beautiful colors to choose from!? Deciding on the color of your wedding is essential; Your details, decoration and the way you arrange the space are important!!! Wedding colors are part of the details and planning! Do you want pale neutral tones or do you want bright colors? That choice is yours, it is your wedding day after all!

In this blog we show you two different ways to use lavender, lilac and pale violet on your wedding day. Kristi + Tim

Shades Of Purple In Today’s Wedding Color Palette Board

Kristi and Tim chose pale mauve and neutral tones for their wedding day at The English Manor. The couple decided to have their wedding at The English Manor because they liked the green garden and the rustic atmosphere they got from the venue. In the details of the wedding, they included pastel and neutral colors like lilac, lavender and silver. The lavender complimented Tim and the groom’s black tuxedos from Men’s Warehouse and contrasted beautifully with Christina’s beautiful wedding dress from Sales Unlimited. During the bride’s preparations, Kristi dressed her bridesmaids in shimmering lavender silk dresses, and each bridesmaid had personalized glasses with lavender bows tied to the straws. SO CUTE! Tim had his boyfriend in a solid black and white look. The contrast between pastel and black was truly divine.

Kristi met Tim at her family’s liquor store, where he worked as a beer salesman. A decade and a beautiful daughter later… Tim proposed to Christy:

“When I woke up and went into the kitchen. There were roses and a ring on the table and I was standing there with our 10-month-old daughter!

Lavender Wedding Color Schemes

The love these two have for each other is endless and so beautiful. We love love! Speaking of love…we loved Kristina’s bouquet. The ivory and green bouquet was arranged by Flowers by Vanbrunt, they looked BEAUTIFUL. The white tulips mixed with other white flowers and greenery looked absolutely stunning. The contrast between the light lavender and the greenery was so beautiful and so much fun to photograph.

Secret Garden Wedding { Lavender Wedding }

There are so many colors to choose from that it can be hard to narrow it down to your favorite. When combined, certain colors will pop and complement each other beautifully. When deciding on colors, keep in mind that you may want to consider how sunlight and the surrounding “environment” can affect how colors look together.

For Kristi and Tim, it was an honor to photograph your special day. Thank you for choosing Limelight Entertainment.

So, do you want a bolder and more vibrant look? Lavender and lilac can also be cheered up. Shayna and Shane chose deep, vibrant hues for their wedding day at The English Manor. A range of shades of purple sprinkled in the details of your wedding. They added bits of purple everywhere! Shayna chose to have her bridesmaids wear floor-length lavender dresses. Shane dressed his groomsmen in gray Tuxedo By Sarno tuxedos with bow ties to match the girls.

Shayna’s bouquet was absolutely stunning! Bouquets To Remember, arranged all shades of purple and ivory flowers into one such beautiful piece for your special day. Their wedding arch featured the same vibrant purple flowers for the ceremony, and they used purple lighting during the reception. The added purple color really stood out and created a dynamic atmosphere on the wedding day.

Wedding Color Ideas For Summer

Shayna and Shane are high school seniors! She was a junior and he was a senior! Shayne’s cousin was in his locker after class, and Shane walked by and said hello. Shayna asked her cousin, “Who’s that? He’s cute!” He answered and told her Shane’s name! A few days later a message was sent and well, a few years later and they were married!!

Bold, deep colors are always fun to photograph. Contrasting colors add to the overall look of the wedding. Details and decorations are the style of your day. How do you want your guests to experience your wedding day? What colors do you want them to see? Go for that vibrant or dramatic color if you want to be bolder, or go for those pale, neutral tones if you want to be more subtle.

Shane proposed to Shayna at Walt Disney World! They had a dinner reservation at ‘Ohana’, a restaurant at Disney’s Polynesian resort. “We came early, so we walked along the beach that was in the settlement. We had a photo package, and there was a photographer on the beach who asked us if we wanted to take a picture. I imagined myself facing Cinderella’s castle in the background, and when I turned around, Shane was on one knee asking me to marry him!

Lavender Wedding Color Schemes

Shayna and Shane, thank you for choosing Limelight Entertainment. We had a great time photographing your wedding day!

Amazing Wedding Color Ideas And Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love

Color planning can be a lot of fun, so if you go with pale or vibrant colors, it’s going to be great!!!

If you are looking for fun, bright and romantic wedding photos that show who YOU ​​are as a couple, contact us. It is clear that the purple wedding color has become one of the wedding trends in recent years. In spring and summer, you can have lavender or purple weddings. Dark purple weddings can be held in autumn and winter. Especially for Halloween-themed weddings, it’s a good idea to add dark purple and black elements. So if you don’t want a monochromatic wedding, purple is also a good choice in a wedding together with other colors or by adding some purple elements. We

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