Marriage Compatibility Test

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Marriage Compatibility Test – KUCHING: Health, Community, Women and Child Development Minister Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah has said there is no guarantee of long-term marriage for couples who pass the compatibility test with flying colours.

“Marriage is a journey and like every journey on earth there are ups and downs. You have to work hard to make your marriage work.

Marriage Compatibility Test

Marriage Compatibility Test

Fatimah was asked to comment on Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh’s announcement yesterday that the government plans to introduce a “compatibility test” for couples to prevent marriages ending in divorce.

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Fatimah said for Sarawak, the Department of Women and Family is conducting marriage courses that focus on building a stable marriage for married couples, managing conflicts and better understanding their their friends.

He emphasized that the ways and programs organized by the State Department for Women and Family have been very good for couples.

Responding to Jalaluddin Alias ​​​​​​​​(BN-Jelebu) in Parliament yesterday, Yeoh said the divorce rate was highest among couples aged 30 to 34.

“During the first five years of marriage, it has been found that most married couples do not know themselves or their ex-partner very well” . So we are thinking of creating a compatibility test for singles, those who want to get married while still committed, to see if that person (their partner) is compatible,” he said. .

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This is NOT a test you have to get married. We are talking about interviewing people and seeing you and your partner in the pre-marriage phase, because more than 30% of divorces occur within the first 5 years of marriage. There are tools to help. It is not needed. Don’t control your decision to get married. — Hannah Yeoh (@hannahyeoh) July 9, 2019

In a post on Twitter later, Yeoh clarified that there is no test that one must pass in order to get married.

“We are talking about interviewing people and seeing you and your partner in a new phase of marriage, because more than 30 percent of divorces (happen) within five years first of marriage. There are tools to help. It is not needed. Don’t control your decision to get married, “said Yeoh. Marriage compatibility is something that has attracted couples from all over the world. And astrology has been practiced and practiced in India for the year 100. Planning for a relationship is very convenient if we know the nature of the relationship between two people. It can be used for better understanding and understanding. In astrology, Marriage compatibility is not only a predictor of married life, but also an important consideration for love life and romantic relationships. Every relationship is a unique combination of two different people. Therefore it is It’s important to know what your relationship is saying.

Marriage Compatibility Test

This article will talk about what marriage compatibility is and how to assess your marriage compatibility with your husband or wife. And to know this compatibility between two we use the Birthday method. So users should have information like date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of both partners and check compatibility.

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What is compatibility? Is it physical attraction, sexual compatibility, or something else? To answer this question, we need to know exactly what it means.

The compatibility of the two will determine how well these two will live together. The concept of compatibility can be thought of as a measure of the extent to which a person’s interests, needs, and expectations in a relationship are similar to their peers. There are many factors that determine whether two people are compatible. For example, if one person is an animator and the other is an outsider, it may be difficult to get on the same page. Although this is not always true.

The content of this definition is what people want to achieve in a relationship. And if we can achieve this, we will see the growth of the relationship and bond for a long time.

Marriage compatibility is different for different people. However, in most cases, marital compatibility is related to a couple’s ability to get along and work together in and out of the bedroom. This is determined by factors such as how well they communicate, their needs and values, and how well they handle conflict. If the two people are not compatible in these areas, there is a possibility that there will be problems and arguments that will eventually lead to separation.

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As mentioned earlier in the article, you will need the following information for both partners to take the marriage compatibility test.

Below is an example of what you will get in addition to the basic kundli comparison results.

Another in-depth analysis will show which parts of the relationship are stronger and which ones need attention. No relationship is perfect. The wise thing to do is to compensate the weak areas of your love life with the strong areas and try to balance everything with your partner. It may be different at first (depending on your results), but it will get easier over time.

Marriage Compatibility Test

When Venus is placed in the 7th house, it indicates that the husband is very handsome or handsome. A friendly neighbor is indicated. Mars is a planet that predicts evil when placed in the 7th house. It is said to cause a feeling of anger or strife in the friendship and some problems in the marriage. The Moon is a gentle planet according to Vedic astrology, so when the Moon is placed in the seventh house, it is believed to bring out the like and the like. As a man, he is gentle, caring and loving. And as dark as the light.

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This idea is very good to start predicting your spouse and marriage with the help of Vedic astrology. But if we want to specify what to consider in predictions and what not, things start to get complicated. Another problem is that there is no planet in the 7th house. Therefore, the advanced aspect of Vedic astrology comes into play here.

What people think about compatibility is the idea that there is a similarity or similarity between two people. Although we have the same thing we want to have between us, but we are not talking about compatibility. People think that fitting in or complementing each other will make us feel good. But we say that similar characteristics and mutual appreciation, the two things are not the exact meaning of compatibility.

The old sense of compatibility is easier to understand. It is said that the lucky ones are those whose partner is able to give them what they want in the relationship. It only breaks down to achieve in a relationship. And believe it or not, even in today’s world, this story is more important.

The compatibility results you get from the above methods divide the entire concept of marriage compatibility into three main areas.

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There is a higher chance that even with good kundli match results, you can score well in both compatible areas. And that is very common. Now, if you look at these three types of compatibility, you will understand the principles of your relationship with your partner. At times the relationship can be both mentally and physically intense. And sometimes there is good mental compatibility and a good understanding of each other.

Emotional compatibility is the ability to understand and accept the other person’s emotional state. Some people may find it difficult to understand the emotions of others, but this is not always the case. People can learn how to love others and be more comfortable with their emotions.

If you are comfortable with someone, you may have a strong emotional connection, and you can rely on them during difficult times.

Marriage Compatibility Test

Psychological compatibility is the degree to which two people’s personalities, characteristics, and ways of thinking are compatible. Psychological compatibility is the idea that the people who are most compatible with you are those who share the same personality as you. Beliefs, goals and interests can be discussed. It can also include things like education level. If two people have similar attitudes towards life, they are likely to enjoy a long-term relationship.

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Physical compatibility is the ability of two people to successfully engage in sex and general intimacy in the bedroom, as we talk about in bed before going to bed. Also they want to find themselves as beautiful women.

Physical compatibility is when two people are physically fit and have a physical relationship. This is because of sexual chemistry or just attraction. Physical compatibility is important to many couples because physical intimacy is beneficial.

It also includes the effects of being physically close, such as the couple’s influence on the family, the influence on the children, and the nature of the child they raise together.

Along with the compatibility results of your marriage

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