Nautical Beach Wedding

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Jaimie Mackey was the editor of Real Weddings from 2013 to 2015. She also worked at Luxury Wedding Planner and produced 100 upscale weddings and events in Colorado.

Nautical Beach Wedding

Nautical Beach Wedding

For a couple who aren’t into sports, it’s probably surprising that Kelly Rhatigan and Liam Griff met on a set in New York City’s West Village in December 2014. (It probably means no distraction from the instant attraction!) “We were instantly attracted to each other, but it took three weeks for a ‘casual’ Sunday afternoon to turn into an epic, romantic first date,” says Kelly. After the first date, though, the couple fell in love and got engaged less than a year and a half later. “Liam and I spent our summers in a shared beach house with our closest friends in Montauk, but one weekend he suggested we all stay so we could be alone – and so he could propose!” Kelly remembers.

Nautical & Beach Wedding Planning, Ideas & Supplies

This weekend, the couple headed to the Guerney Resort and Spa to celebrate piña coladas and returned to their wedding venue before finishing their drinks. “We knew we had a wedding somewhere that felt like a destination, but we had enough family and friends to go,” explains Kelly. As a bonus, the wedding date fell on November 4, 2017, just one day after Kelly’s birthday! They’ve embraced the nautical scene, but they’ve mixed the off-season, autumnal vibe to embrace the time of year they love the most on Long Island. Kait Rovnyak of AaB Creats helped me mix the sea blue with warm fall tones, texture in the aquamarine crest, falling leaves, and oyster shells to make it all come together. Photographer Heather Waraksa captured the celebration by the sea, which definitely proves that beach weddings can’t happen in the summer!

The top of the watercolor inspired the invitation of the suite and the composition of beads and floral elements. The white invitation is finished with cobalt blue watercolor calligraphy. “We use art and stationery throughout the day,” says Kelly.

The wedding party was family only, and Kelly invited her sister, her brother’s wife, and Liam’s sisters to join the bridesmaids. Each woman chooses the Joan August dress that makes her feel best – but she treated all women to use matching Eberjey pajamas while getting ready!

Kelly first put her deposit on a bohemian beach dress, but changed her mind when she tried on this Carolina Herrera design. “So classic and simple — exactly my style,” she explains of the trumpet silhouette, v-neck, and bow back. Of course, every bride needs a little drama, and Kelly found hers in the form of an Oscar de la Renta veil with floral borders. The flowers on the veil match the Van Cleef & Arpels mother’s shell earrings perfectly.

Nautical Beach Themed Wedding Cake Topper Starfish Decorated

Liam wears a navy blue Ralph Lauren Purple Label tuxedo. The groomsmen (Liam’s two brothers, Kelly’s brother and Kelly’s brother) wore their own tuxedos, and Joan Augusta’s maids wore blue, cobalt and navy gowns.

The bride’s father brought her down the hall before she and Liam exchanged vows on the East Deck. “My dad’s a big tough guy — he’s a former chief of the New York City Fire Department — but even he couldn’t control himself on our walk down the hall,” Kelly recalls.

Liam and Kelly’s ceremony was punctuated by an autumn arch of red rose leaves. “We don’t write our vows, and that’s one of my only regrets,” Kelly said. “Liam wrote his wishes anyway and shared them with me in a letter the day before. One of my favorite moments! “

Nautical Beach Wedding

Cocktail hour included a bounty of Long Island raw barbeque and mini lobster rolls. A couple of Dark ‘n Storm’s signature dishes were served to drink. The family “Liam loves ginger beer, and we thought it was the perfect beach drink that felt fall-appropriate,” says the bride.

Beach Themed Wedding Ideas For An Oceanfront Venue

The reception was held under a transparent tent with dozens of lamps and lanterns. “This project was our design and gave the tent a beach feel, but still a sophisticated look,” says Kelly. The tables were covered with a light linen, with the dark wood main table left bare and a matching runner.

Blue-black folders and printed maps are placed on both white discs. The meal included tomato and burrata salad, filet mignon or lobster, and caramel tarts for dessert. “The food at Gurney’s was incredible – one of the reasons I chose the place,” says Kelly. Instead of cards instead of cards, the guest’s name was written on the oyster shell. “I ordered the shells on Etsy and they didn’t go well when they arrived,” Kelly said with a laugh. “I washed 200 of their toothbrushes in the bathroom!”

The three cakes were a vanilla layer cake and an apple cake topped with vanilla buttercream. Roses, peonies and olive branches decorated the lines.

The baskets of lamps shone as the stars shone through the tabernacle. Kelly and Liam started the evening dancing to Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time” before their hands took over. “We told them to go with a line of rock over the wedding band, and they were fantastic.” says the bride.

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Although Kelly was overwhelmed by all the ideas that came up during the planning process, she kept perspective. “No matter how overwhelming I am, I try to step back and look at the big picture: I found the love of my life, and that’s what matters! beach getaway package If you want to escape to a beautiful destination wedding with a small group of friends and family, our Florida Nautical Micro-wedding package is ideal. With this affordable wedding package, the most beautiful decorations, including a bamboo wedding arch in a colorful scheme, decorated halls, chairs for your guests, and more. Everything included in this package is listed below.

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Take photos to showcase your beautiful beach wedding ceremony for years to come. Our photographers have worked with us for more than 10 years and know how ceremonies are performed on our beach. They are experts in helping you line up and coordinate when you should walk down the aisle, knowing when everything will be important, and especially specializing in beach weddings.

Nautical Beach Wedding

Most people dream of a Florida beach wedding to escape the stress of a formal local wedding and save thousands of dollars. Trying to plan an affordable beach wedding ceremony doesn’t mean you’ve made your dream come true! Nautical Knot packages come complete with a beautiful 3-post bamboo wedding arch, runner, music for you to walk down the aisle, guest chairs, and endless ways to choose from our different decor options to make it truly yours. The stress-free advantage of dealing with one professional company instead of multiple companies allows you to have a direct point of contact for everything involved in your beach wedding. We have over 12 years of experience hosting Florida beach weddings and can easily help answer any questions you may have. We understand that planning an affordable remote Florida wedding can be difficult, and since most couples are in this location, we make it as easy as possible so that everyone can view our decor and decor and dream wedding from afar with us. 🇧🇷 If you are ready to plan your Florida wedding with a reliable and professional beach wedding company, contact us today. By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you consent to the storage of cookies in your plan to improve site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist our marketing efforts.

Nautical Inspired Yacht Wedding, St. Clair Shores, Mi

The idea of ​​a beach wedding, or at least a party filled with beach accessories, appeals to many couples. The aesthetic lends itself to so many interpretations, styles from boho to elegant, exotic to minimalist, and casual to downright elegant.

“Anything is possible on the beach. Heaven’s the limit,” says wedding planner Gwen Grosset. “There’s nothing like being barefoot under the stars, with the sand between your toes and the rhythmic sound of the waves in the background. What better way to celebrate your love?”

While a beach party can be a magical experience, Grosset reminds us that with any outdoor wedding, we must prepare for unpredictable factors such as humidity, wind and the unexpected. Although you cannot fight the elements of nature, you can know them.

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