Wedding Planning On A Budget

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Wedding Planning On A Budget – Creating your perfect wedding starts with creating a well-thought-out wedding budget. The task of creating a wedding budget can seem daunting and overwhelming, but by using our clear wedding budget guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating your perfect day. The most important piece of information for creating a budget is to break down the wedding budget and see where you will spend your money.

A wedding is a big investment, both financially and emotionally, and since the average wedding price in 2019 was $33,900 according to NerdWallet, it seems important to create a wedding budget. An event planner based in Connecticut, Gail from Events told us

Wedding Planning On A Budget

Wedding Planning On A Budget

“There really is no standard wedding budget. Couples decide on their wedding budget based on many factors, including their personal financial situation, whether or not their family is contributing to the wedding, and how many guests they want. Can there are couples who choose a low-budget, casual celebration that allows them to pay at home or travel together after the wedding, while another couple may prefer a luxurious wedding with all the bells and whistles. I have worked with clients on many different wedding styles The average budget for my client’s wedding in Connecticut is approximately $38,000.

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Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and wedding budgets too. Couples all over the world have found a way to make their wedding dreams come true with their available funds. Even when planning a “simple” wedding a couple should spend around $100 per guest. Unless a couple has decided to have a City Hall wedding, even the simplest of wedding events will add somewhere between $3,000 and $6,000.

Traditionally the bride’s parents pay for the wedding and the groom’s family is responsible for catering. However, in today’s modern world it seems that couples have become very creative when it comes to figuring out who will foot the bill. Most of the couples have to pay the price of their wedding event due to the fact that the couple gets married at a young age and has the opportunity to work and save for this stage of their life. It seems that there is no way to pay for the wedding, so we see that everyone pays for the wedding, the special wedding expenses are divided between the two sides of the family, the couple becomes more creative than before. “I do”.

Planning a wedding and tying the knot is an exciting time but the truth is how the wedding actually costs is another matter. There are a number of different strategies for paying for a wedding, including reducing your monthly expenses, taking breaks from travel, creating a spending and savings plan, and detailing contributions from both sides of the family.

By looking at where your monthly expenses add up you can find a way to cut back on some areas and apply those savings to your wedding fund. Many couples skip eating out or take out to make an effort to save a little for a few months, while some couples decide to ditch their expensive gym memberships and choose to work from home. Couples saving and planning for a wedding find that just not doing a few important things can add up to big time savings.

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Traveling is exciting but it can also make a big dent in your bank account. Many couples decide to cut back on travel to save time for their wedding day. Even cutting back on a trip can help add thousands to your wedding day fund.

Just as important as creating a wedding budget is creating a spending or savings plan. Sitting down as a couple and explaining the areas where you can cut costs and the areas where you can add to the savings is the key to not stressing about financing your wedding day. If possible, each person in the couple should be able to find an area of ​​expenses where they can cut back (gym membership, food, monthly memberships, coffee trips, etc.).

You can’t just hope or assume that both sides of the family will help pay for the wedding day, so it’s important to be clear with how each family will help. It is highly recommended to sit down with both sides of the couple’s family and get some real insight into how much the family can help pay for the wedding and how they will help. Make sure you know if they’re just giving you and your partner a check to get you through the day or if they’re going to ask you to bill the vendor directly. The more honest and sincere these words are, the better!

Wedding Planning On A Budget

A wedding is such a large scale event and it comes with many different areas where price becomes a factor. A couple should look at all the different areas where they can spend their money so it’s not enough to just consider the dollar amount you spend. A very good tactic is to break expenses into separate items so you can see where you are allocating money and what those expenses will be.

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One of the best tips we got from Brooklyn-based bride, Carrie, is that she sets aside 5% of her total budget for “just in case.”

“I knew there was a real chance that I would need some extra money or as the big day got closer I would need to add some extra money to part of the wedding so I wanted to make sure I had a little I have extra preparations. . Togo”.

There are many resources that can help you create a reasonable budget and taking advantage of available resources and technology is a great way to make sure you stay on task and on budget.

So it is very clear why you need a budget when planning a wedding. However, how to set a wedding budget is another matter. The earlier in the process you determine your wedding budget, the better. A wedding planner, Gail offers events

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“There are many useful wedding budget trackers that can be found online. Print one and start filling it out as you can. It is very important to start the planning process with a budget and build on it. Work locally A great wedding planner can also help a couple and budgets because they know what local vendors are charging for their products or services.

The first step in setting a budget is to set your expectations and by that I mean make sure you have a realistic budget in mind. You can’t plan a $100,000 wedding on a $100,000 budget so being realistic is the way to go. Make sure your wedding day is the perfect day.

The second step in setting your budget is knowing where the money will come from and exactly what kind of money you need to plan the wedding. If both sides of the family are offering to contribute to the costs, it is important to know how much this is so you can add it to the budget and break down your costs.

Wedding Planning On A Budget

The third step in setting your budget is to have a good sense of what kind of wedding you want to plan. If you are thinking of a large, formal wedding in a large venue you will need to plan for specific types of budget whereas if you are planning a small, backyard style wedding you may not.

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The fourth and perhaps most important step in planning your wedding budget is to “choose your non-negotiables”, which means determining which areas of your wedding are particularly important to you and your partner and in which areas you are willing to compromise or even do without them

Meghan from Meghan Elizabeth Events shared some great insights on how she helps couples focus on where they want to spend their money.

“In addition to finding the comfort zone of spending, they should discuss what elements of the day and the experience are most important to them. If the music and dance are more important, maybe they will allocate more to the group and trim another where. Is there a photographer following them for a while that they have to capture the day? This will help a lot when it comes to where the money is spent.

Planning a wedding is a big and somewhat stressful task and like anything else, there are some mistakes that you will want to avoid when planning your wedding budget. A

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