Navy Blue And Purple Wedding

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Navy Blue And Purple Wedding – Elegant, classy, ​​graceful – lavender and dark blue colors are youthful, romantic, and perfect for weddings all year round. Yes, lavender and navy themes are great for fall, winter, spring and summer weddings.

Lavender colors are known as ‘adult pink’ when combined with a dark blue to create a stunning wedding palette. Finishing these nuances early on your cakes, decorations, dress, wedding flowers, and overall wedding design can help you create a creative and cohesive wedding look. You can also add contrasting elements to match the theme of your wedding.

Navy Blue And Purple Wedding

Navy Blue And Purple Wedding

That said, you won’t be alone in planning your lavender and navy themed wedding. The Bridal Shower 101 team has put together a list of great things and a variety of stylish ways to help you pull off your wedding in 2022 using this glamorous theme.

Chic Light Pink And Navy Blue Wedding At The Standard Venue

How it looks: Lavender is one of those colors that symbolizes romance and love. This soft shade of purple, when taken as the main color, creates a very flattering wedding theme.

A dark blue adds to the theme to create contrast. These are two versatile colors to work with. To set the pace, let a neutral third shade like white gold or metallic gold liven up your wedding palette. Use silk, velvet and lace fabrics to elevate the theme.

Lavender and navy blue palettes are perfect for intimate weddings as they can bring a sense of royalty and elegance to your big day.

Using both colors in your bridal party in a mix and match format can create the perfect style for brides who defy tradition. Here’s how to coordinate your party dresses to match your wedding theme beautifully.

Deposit On Peacock Bridal Brooch Bouquet Purple And Gold Broach Bouqet Emerald Green Blue Teal Turquoise Pearl

You can use very light to very dark shades of bridal dresses during the color break. For a change, find lavender, navy and light pink colors for your wedding party to match your theme.

Amethyst stone earrings look beautiful on brides. You can also add color to the boutonnieres. For a royal look, style your bridesmaids with gold, silver, or pearl jewelry to cut the color and balance.

Calling all brides who love blues and lilac shades of purple. The combination of ‘regal meets elegant style’ creates a luxurious and sophisticated look when you decide on a pair of sapphire crystal as your wedding jewellery. This lovely accessory not only looks amazing with your wedding dress but complements your wedding theme perfectly.

Navy Blue And Purple Wedding

Using lavender in a themed wedding based on this heavenly scented flower is important. Known for its medicinal and spiritual properties – this flower offers many beautiful possibilities when it comes to wedding floral decorations.

Top 5 Awesome Shades Of Purple Wedding Color Combos

Using lavender in a wedding bouquet is an obvious place to start. For a rustic feel, brides can also go for a lavender and rose headband.

When planning your wedding flowers, you can play with different options as lavender goes well with soft wildflowers, pastels, peonies, pink and white roses.

An altar decorated with lilacs, lupins, and lavender looks whimsical and feels straight out of a magical storybook.

Tip: Because the stems are strong, it is better to use flowers sparingly in large and mixed arrangements as too many will make the design stiff and lanky. You can also use mauve bougainvillea in large arched arrangements to add a pop of color.

Purple Wedding At Lowndes Grove

Starting with nautical colored linens and lilac napkins, you can use metal candle stands to soften the modern aesthetic of the theme. An arrangement of fresh flowers and lavender-scented candles as the focal point will refresh the mood. This simple arrangement of the table decoration will bring a feeling of love and warmth to the guests.

White plates and gold cutlery with gold metal bowls and crystal wine glasses complement this stunning table setting perfectly.

A lot of personalization can be added to groomsmen tuxedos when it comes to lavender and navy wedding themes. We suggest purple ties that can be worn with blue suits. Accessorize with white boutonnieres for balance and complete the look.

Navy Blue And Purple Wedding

Yes, we want you to choose dark blue as the base color for your stationery. Being a beautiful color, it will look perfect on your watercolor designed wedding invitations and place cards. You can play with gold and white metallic fonts to add glam. This combination of deep navy, lavender, and gold on a pure white canvas will create a beautiful bold pairing that makes it a timeless trend.

Classic Purple Steubenville Wedding

Wedding Cake: For a cake that makes a statement for a themed wedding – our favorite type of wedding cake is the one that looks and feels like a stormy night and sunset. Rich watercolor of blue and purple highlighted on white cream ganache, topped with purple wildflowers to complete the regal look.

Wedding Cocktails: Green cocktails are sure to win hearts. But what about those who don’t drink? Of course, with your lavender and navy wedding palette, you can choose a concoction like Hawaiian punch or Polar Blast made with berries, oranges, and any blue soda you can find. You can ask the bartenders to name your signature wedding cocktail.

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Please note that ALL designs in the Lemon Leaf print are flat, printed designs. All decorations of ribbons, bows, flowers, glitter, belts, laces, gems, wood, and textures such as wood grain, embroidery, burlap etc. printed and NOT original.

The Oaks Grandview Ballroom — A Photographic Memory

If you’ve decided on a stunning dark blue, purple and gold theme for your wedding and want all the glitz and glam of a dream wedding fit for royalty, then this wedding invitation features a pair of intertwined hearts. , and a love verse might be what you were looking for. The outside border on this beautiful wedding invitation has a DIFFICULT gold foil look with a large center navy blue and purple inside. Inside the center, a wide purple PRINTED ribbon and bow sit with a Purple Printed glitter (imitation) and diamond jewels enclosing hearts in the center. Your names appear in gold letters above the hearts and there is a short verse, made of romantic wishes below in gold that says: “Two lives, two hearts, united in friendship, United forever in love”. Rich colors are conveyed on the back of the wedding invitation and your customizable wedding details are printed in gold letters in any words of your choice. The wedding details are framed by an ornate scroll and a floral border topped with small purple hearts. Enter the words you want to use in your wedding invitation, and that’s how your digital proof will be prepared and emailed to you.

NOTE – the recommended paper for this design is ice pearl paper. If you like the look of gold online and the rich colors of navy blue and purple, the best paper to achieve the same look in person, is ice pearl paper as it has a subtle sheen to it that reflects the light and will help everything. pop. The cover paper has a HIGH gloss that will show fingerprints and is perfect for a less formal event than a wedding. There will be no light on any other papers. They will absorb light and therefore make things look darker / less dark than they appear online and none of the gold elements will shine through on matte paper.

IF YOU LIKE ITEMS SIMILAR to this design, please contact the designer using the request a designer link on this page, or contact customer service with your request and the items will be added to the website.

Navy Blue And Purple Wedding

ADDITIONAL – if you wish to have your return address pre-printed on the envelopes, this can be arranged as an upgrade after purchase, along with double thickness cards, envelope liners, and belly bands. Ask your designer about any of these items if you are interested in a quote.

Lavender, Purple + Navy Blue Wedding Inspiration • Vintagebash

Our professionally printed A7 size cards are a great choice for invitations, insert cards or flat cards for a variety of special events. As one of the most popular wedding colors, purple can be used in weddings at any time of the year and so many. different shades, which can be associated with royalty, wealth and wealth. For autumn weddings, you can choose a dark shade of purple and light purple that works best in spring and summer. Here are 10 shades of purple wedding color that you can use in your ceremony depending on the seasons and your preferences.

Lavender is a safe color that can go with many colors. It can look a little romantic and is appropriate for any time of the year. It is very popular in the autumn and spring season.

Purple is a classic color for both brides

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