Navy Blue And Silver Wedding Cakes

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Navy Blue And Silver Wedding Cakes – I seriously can’t think of a wedding cake I’ve ever disliked! Dark blue roses mixed with silver on top – I wouldn’t mind doing another navy wedding cake!

The recipe, instructions and directions for this navy and silver wedding cake are below – you can make your own wedding cake or make it for a non-wedding occasion! 😉

Navy Blue And Silver Wedding Cakes

Navy Blue And Silver Wedding Cakes


Blue And White Square Wedding Cake

This is a boosted layer cake recipe (x1.5) from – I recommend checking out her website if you haven’t seen it yet. Amazing!

1 ½ c egg whites (about 10 eggs, or use boxed egg yolks to avoid losing the yolks)

2 ¼ cups butter, room temperature (or melted butter with water if you can’t find liquid butter at your grocery store!)

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line an 8-inch round cake pan and three 6-inch round cake pans, and brush evenly with baking soda.

Classic Navy Blue Wedding Colors With Matching Wedding Invitations

Mix the alden ingredients (flour, baking powder, sugar and salt) with a mixer. Gradually mix the room temperature butter into the dry mixture, on low speed. Continue mixing until there is no oil left and the mixture is crumbly.

Pour into the egg whites and mix until combined. Beat in the butter and vanilla and mix on low speed. Add oil and mix on low speed until fully combined. Tap both sides of the bowl, and beat on medium speed for about 30 seconds.

Using a kitchen scale, pour 680g of batter into each 8″ pan. Divide the remaining batter between the remaining two 6″ pans – about 450g per small pan. (Using a kitchen scale will ensure that your shoulders are the same height.

Navy Blue And Silver Wedding Cakes

Bake for 35-37 minutes, (or until a skewer comes out clean). Let cool for 10 minutes, then run an offset spatula around the sides of the pan to remove the cake from the pan. Refrigerate the cake layer for 45 minutes to speed up the cooling process.

Tier Navy Blue, White And Silver Wedding Cake

Once the layer is completely cool, the caramelized bits can be arranged on the side/top of the cake, before cutting with a knife if desired. If you try to arrange the layers while they are still hot, they will collapse.

Save for later and add – 4-5 large drops of navy gel food coloring (I like US Navy, although you can use a mix of blue, black and purple!)

Combine the cheese and softened butter and gradually add the sugar, alternately with the milk. Add vanilla and salt if needed and mix well.

Supplies/Utensils: – Edible silver decorating spray (you can use an airbrush, but I find a sprayer works best!) Here’s a link to the chef’s silver spray I used.

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1 8- or 9-inch Cardboard Cake Circles 1 6-inch Cardboard Cake Circles – Alternatively, buy a kit like this one that includes several different types of cake circles and smaller toppers!

Small Piping Bag and Small Round Tip (for Frosting) – This instruction and handy bag is one of my favorites!

Cookie cutters, cookie cutters, large cookie cutters and cookie cutters / squeegee scrapers – 100% unnecessary, but very useful! (Here’s the cookie pass link I use)

Navy Blue And Silver Wedding Cakes

Flowers – real or silk – to decorate! I bought mine at my local Hobby Lobby, but Mitchell’s Stores and even Dollar Tree stores have the same flowers!

Navy Blue And Pink Wedding Cake

Once your cakes have cooled, roll them up (if desired/needed; these cakes are usually pretty sticky, so I didn’t decorate the top too much). This can be done with a cake pop or a large knife and cutter. Secure your large cake circle (so the cake doesn’t move around when baking) and place the large cake layer in the center of the circle. layer removal). Add the next cake layer and repeat the process with the other cake layers.

Next, repeat the same process with your smaller cartoon circles and cake layers. Important – If your circle is not pre-punched, be sure to get a dowel or punch and make your hole in the center of the circle. This allows you to focus on the next step of the foundation.

Now you are ready to crush the jacket. If you’re not familiar with frosting, it sounds like this – spread the crumbs around the outside of the cake layer to avoid the last layer.

Take 2 cups of soup from the container and paint it a deep purple color – you should have enough to cover the base layer and hide the card circle under the top layer.

Tier Diapers Cake/ Navy Blue And Silver Diaper Cake / Unique

Once the frosting is set (about 5-10 minutes in the fridge), add the last layer of frosting and smooth. I like to use an offset spatula and bench scraper for this part.

For the larger layers, I was able to hold the ice well, but with the smaller ones, I had trouble getting the edges off. Scooping the smaller layer from the cake circle and using the cardboard as a guide for placement worked well to smooth the frosting on the top layer!

Once your top coat is frosted, paint it with edible silver spray – I find it’s good to do this with a few light coats as if you’re too heavy it drips! Each light coat only takes 5-8 minutes to dry (at least in the humidity of a PNW winter). When you are happy with the color, let it dry completely!

Navy Blue And Silver Wedding Cakes

My favorite video is Chelsweets’ How To Cake – sometimes it helps to watch the process!

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Generally, layer cake inverting is done in the middle and makes sure that the top layer does not crush the bottom layer. I used four tall plastic straws for my hole in the base layer and one cut higher in the middle corner to hold my top cheek in place.

Get your cutter on your next episode! Since I was pushing a 6-inch cake on top of an 8-inch cake, I pushed the straws into the base layer about an inch above the edge of the cake and carefully placed it around the edges. the cake. Place the last straw or sponge in the center of the cake, making sure it stays flat when pressed. Now you are ready – line up the holes in the bottom of the cake circle on the top layer with the highest dowel and gently place the top layer on the base layer. Place a dowel in the middle of the top layer to hold it in place.

I found that the cardboard cake circles were larger than I was happy with, so I added some extra frosting to the base of the top layer to hide it. Add your flowers spaced around the top, tier and base of the cake – I find it easiest to place the largest flower first and fill in around it!

Annnd you’re done! Find someone to give to you! (DM me on Instagram if you can’t find someone right away!)

Wedding Flute And Cake Server Sets Navy Blue Silver Wedding

Make this recipe? Let me know how it goes – or find me on Pinterest or Instagram and @tageo in your photos! To ensure the security of user data, older versions of the browser are not supported. Update to the latest version.

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Navy Blue And Silver Wedding Cakes

This set includes two champagne flutes, a cookie cutter, 2 candle holders, a 4×6 Mr. and Mrs., and center (no flowers).

Wedding Cakes — Alliance Bakery

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I received my wedding glasses today and they are beautiful. It was purple, golden, and sleepy. My husband loves them. He said: “Thank you very much for having fun here, and God bless you forever.”

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