Origami For Wedding

Friday, December 9th 2022. | Weddings

Origami For Wedding – Put it cleverly, your round for your part is as easy as cut, scratch, and glue. These super projects, which can be completed well before your big day, are fun, exciting and faster than you think!

No, this is not the paperback you and your 4th grade friends were obsessed with. It is the first step in creating the decorations for your celebration. Read on, and you’ll see a preview of more wedding art to come.

Origami For Wedding

Origami For Wedding

If you have the afternoon (and some bridesmaids), you can whip up some fun behind the scenes for your photo booth, ceremony desk, guest book table – or anywhere your venue needs a little pick-me-up. . Make some of these beauties, string on string or monofilament, and voila! Decorations are provided.

Origami Wedding Ideas And Inspiration

Bonus tip: To make your studs sparkle even more, cut triangles of metallic paper to cover one side of each diamond and secure with double-sided tape (“Mirri” gold wrapping paper, $4 per sheet; nycentralart.com).

A single bow can turn a cake into a showstopper—especially if you copy the same paper and wrap it around. (To make a gold border like we did, use double-sided tape to layer a small piece of paper on the metal frame before making it.) And even if this is the hardest cage we have, it’s worth it. The results are so impressive that once you’ve mastered the art, you may find yourself making bows to decorate everything from gift boxes to backpacks.

When it comes to separate gifts, smart inclusions have a big impact on the deal. In addition, each of these containers can be expanded to accommodate any convenience you may need; just increase the size of the paper and folds used.

Pack the snacks into pyramids filled with goodies—check out Bayley’s Boxes for similar options in a selection of more than 35 varieties (79¢ each; bayleysboxes.com).

Ginger Ray White Origami Flower Wedding Backdrop

In Japanese mythology, cranes are thought to mate for life—and live 1,000 years—making them a powerful symbol of fidelity. Traditionally, the father of the bride gives

, 1,000 origami cranes, to be used as wedding decorations. We can think of many ways to incorporate this symbol of luck: Attach birds to tree branches to make a beautiful marker, or turn a small group of cards, with the guest’s name on a wing and another part of the table. Hello, dear! It’s time to do it again, and today I’m bringing you not only detailed candy, but some creative DIYs to help you integrate origami culture into your wedding. I’m personally a big fan of wedding origami, and as a DIY that’s simple and versatile enough to look great in a number of wedding styles, I can see why it’s become so popular recently. Origami cranes are, of course, great when it comes to weddings (and they have a special meaning – the bride and grooms have to fold 1,000 cranes to get lucky, since patience and perseverance in folding all these papers must be a little bit of the condition. necessary for a happy marriage). But lately I’ve seen some great (and important) origami ideas pop up, and I’ve posted them here. If you would like to add a handmade touch to your day without going to DIY hell, if you feel that your table needs that extra something, or if you are looking for beautiful escort cards or origami invitations, or or … just post it!

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Origami For Wedding

How beautiful is it? Origami hearts make great centerpieces, greeting cards, and even Save the Dates. Here are two parts of the instructions for the hearts above:

Diy Origami Models That Are Perfect For Weddings

I love these little birds, and this bride used them as escort cards, around a tree branch (which can also double as a wish tree, if you like).

How beautiful is this for a beach or beach wedding? It’s a fun touch for your table, and it also makes for the most delicious flowers.

If ships are for cruise weddings, airplanes are perfect for cruise parties and globetrotting parties. Use it as part of your decorations, or in place of confetti after the event – just feast your eyes!

Left: Origami Shopper from Ruffled; Center: Origami Wasp from Martha Stewart; Right: Origami Walker from the Pretty Blog

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Here’s one you’ve probably done before, back on the school playground. Converted to adults, they make wish lists / work orders / Save the dates / table decorations. And this DIY is easy for you, as some of the most generous people in the wedding world have created models for you to use. Origami is very popular in wedding decorations, and it is no accident. First of all, all types of geometry are very popular in wedding decorations. Second, you can make a great paper car yourself and keep your budget easy (or ask your family and friends to do it). After all, paper cages are a symbol of happiness for young couples, isn’t that what they need? Let’s see how you can incorporate origami in all shapes and forms into your wedding decor.

Decorate your wedding reception venue with beautiful paper banners in a variety of shapes and sizes! Make as many cranes as you like in colors that match your wedding color, and decorate your wedding with them. Make crab wreaths and hang them as a wedding centerpiece, or you can also string together wedding fences. Even if you are married outside, for example, in the forest, you can hang sheets of paper from the branches to create fresh air.

Small paper decorations at the party – whether in garlands or in the usual way, will add a touch of fun and excitement. It can be political or aesthetic, it depends on the type of marriage. In this way you can emphasize any place – a table for a loved one, a party, a station or a bar, a dance floor, or hanging technical walls in separate areas. Another great idea is to make origami technical chandeliers, which are bold and expressive.

Origami For Wedding

Wedding paper goods can be easily DIY in origami style – programs, menus, cards, invitations and so on. It can be folded into different origami shapes and give different shapes and looks, this is a creative and wonderful idea. Make a fun living arrangement from a wooden frame, cards and other pieces of paper – it’s very easy and it’s a good idea to keep on a budget.

Awesome Ways To Use Origami In Your Wedding

Origami wedding programs or menus made from craft paper and tags and twine for a rustic wedding

Blush and gold glitter centerpiece with glitter paper sign and edge lace tray

Geometric wedding cakes can be inspired by origami, they can be decorated or even text and graphics, white or dark colors, it’s up to you. Another nice and simple idea is to decorate your wedding cake with a paper machine – no special design required! Get inspired with the ideas below and incorporate timeless origami geometry into your wedding!

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