Pictures Dont Do It Justice

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Pictures Dont Do It Justice – My most memorable experience of an Antarctic expedition is one that I don’t have photos of. Or, should I say, really all the photos show how amazing the experience is.

That day we visited Port Charcot and Danko Island and went to our next stop, Deception Island, where we encountered a pool of whales. Before the trip – actually in our first explanation about it

Pictures Dont Do It Justice

Pictures Dont Do It Justice

– Clemens Putz, the leader of the expedition, said: “If we come across a sea that looks playful, we can slow down and stay with them for a while.” And that’s right.

Phyllis Diller Quote: “my Photographs Don’t Do Me Justice

I don’t know how many seas we saw that evening. I actually thought maybe five to seven, while others put the estimate in the hundreds – so maybe I’m not going to ask. (In my defense, I thought we were seeing five to seven times more often.) Of course “rows” would be a fair guess. Be that as it may, even the workers said they had never seen anything like it.

All the passengers gathered in a row at the bow of the ship watched in amazement as these large, beautiful creatures glided through the water, flapping, sometimes turning to show their wings, and – most interestingly – raising their tails. before slowly backing away. And they were doing it all on the side of the plane.

The show lasted two hours, with the passengers running from the back of the boat back to the bow, enjoying each new action of the whales as if we were watching a great football game. A 12-year-old girl who was on the trip with her father, and who wrote about the trip, wrote, “Amazing day!!!”

He wrote: “I will never see anything like this again in my life. “These amazing things only happen once. It was magical. ”

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Below are some of my favorites. But trust me when I tell you it was great to be there. Here are some photos from my last few weeks of travel. The view here is amazing. It’s that moment when you climb that mountain, take a breath, you can feel your heart beating against your ribcage, and you look up and see the whole world below you. Alaska has it all – snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes that feed the ocean, and lush green vegetation that gives way to windy mountain peaks. Below is an example of what I saw and experienced, I hope you enjoy!

Eklutna Lake – Actually a mountain lake, it is surrounded by beautiful peaks on all sides and there are many mountains and hills to climb.

View of Eklutna Lake from Twin Peaks Ridge. It was an amazing hike, if you climbed high enough up the hill around the lake to see the front of the lake and the mountains.

Pictures Dont Do It Justice

Growing together! We went to Flat Top (a must climb if you are in Anchorage) and watched the sunset on June 20th. It set at 11:43 pm, which means we had over 19 hours of sunlight that day! The city was full of clouds so we were sitting on top of the clouds watching the sunset.

Do Not Be Afraid To Vent To God, Have Faith In His Justice, Pope Says

The sun went down and the clouds increased a bit, so I went up to see what the city looked like from here. It was very cold (write extra layers) but we had a good view of Anchorage.

On our way up McHugh Peak we hit the snow. It’s so much fun to play in the snow in June when it has 75 years of sunshine.

One of those images is heartwarming. We got a 360 from the top of McHugh, which is the side of Cook Inlet and another mountain peak behind the cliffs on the left side of the picture. Amazing power between the sea and the snow-capped volcanoes!

Most of the events. It’s a great place to lie down and look at this great creature – feeling the beauty of your body that brought you here and the beauty of this world we live in.

Sometimes, Photos Don’t Do It Justice

Thanks for following this blog and supporting me these 8 weeks! I really appreciate it and can’t thank you enough. While I miss everyone back home, Alaska holds a piece of my heart. I’ll be back to check off that climbing bucket list I have, but for now, I have four weeks of this special season. I’ll keep you updated as I go!

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