Purple Wedding Themes Ideas

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Purple Wedding Themes Ideas – Of course, purple wedding color is one of the most popular wedding colors in recent years. In spring and summer, you can wear lavender or purple weddings. Dark purple wedding dresses can be worn in fall and winter. Especially for Halloween-themed weddings, it’s a good idea to add dark purples and blacks. So, if you don’t want a wedding in one color, purple is also good for a wedding with other colors and adding a few purple things. We collect some color combination ideas for your purple wedding color combinations.

Lavender is a new color that symbolizes love and fidelity in marriages. You can also choose a lavender garden as a wedding venue.

Purple Wedding Themes Ideas

Purple Wedding Themes Ideas

If you like roses, be sure to choose a combination of pink, pink and white. This allows you to show off all the beautiful rose colors at your wedding without looking different.

An Elegant Purple And White Wedding

In autumn, you can choose a combination of plum and red, which will not suit the seasonal conditions, but will fill your wedding with warmth.

If you are a fan of dark legends or punk music, check out the perfect combination of purple and black. You will definitely not regret your choice.

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You will love this selection of purple wedding decorations, from beautiful flowers to elegant decor, be sure to impress!

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Purple is one of our favorite wedding colors. Deep shades are wonderful in winter and pair beautifully with metallic and natural greens. In the summer months, choose soft shades and combine them with white, ivory or silver. Let’s take a look at some inspiring purple wedding ideas.

Incorporate your color scheme right from the start by bringing a shadow to your invitations and event space.

For a summer or spring wedding, set the scene with flowers in glass vases, creating a “freshly picked” effect.

Purple Wedding Themes Ideas

As for the event venue, set the stage with purple wedding decorations, from purple bedding to elegant details. Remember that this is a very bold color, so use it sparingly.

Lavender Wedding: Check Out These Decor Ideas For Your Celebration

Adding interest up front is a good idea if you have high ceilings. These purple lights are very useful.

This design is a great choice for a winter wedding and adds a touch of marble to the look.

Nature is on your side when it comes to purple, and there are many beautiful purple and lilac flowers out there.

Alternatively, stick to white flowers but use purple vases. This combination of purple, lilac and blue is a good choice for spring or summer.

Pretty Shades Of Purple Wedding Color Combos

Flowers should always be left where guests can see and appreciate them. We love this floral seating arrangement. Even though purple is the color of 2012, brides and grooms will still love lilac and lavender wedding decorations. And no wonder you’re looking at it! Lilac and lavender are not only beautiful, but also smell divine, beautiful, elegant and not very girly. This is a good compromise if your husband wants to avoid a very feminine marriage. These colors look amazing with many textures, from fur to lace, from ruffled chiffon to sequins, so you can opt for lilac and lavender pieces, and if you dare, just change the color of the fabric to white. One more thing: add a blade of lilac or lavender to each place setting and it will be beautiful. Happy birthday to brides and summer, these flowers are blooming now!

If you are a bride, wear a lavender or lilac wedding dress, or better yet, a white lace wedding dress with a layered lilac maxi skirt. You can also incorporate lilac and lavender into your outfit with shoes, accessories or a small clutch bag. If you are the groom or best man, you can spice up your outfit with chic lavender or lilac boutonnieres. Bridesmaids can wear lilac and lavender dresses – choose bridesmaid dresses with patterns you like.

A white lace wedding dress with short sleeves and a lilac tiered skirt will suit spring and summer weddings.

Purple Wedding Themes Ideas

Dark purple one shoulder coat and wrap coat with fur skirt and train and white gloves

Purple Wedding Decorations

Incorporate lilac and lavender colors into your wedding decor everywhere. Start with a lilac wedding arch covered with lilac and lavender flowers and light green or leaves. Another idea is to decorate the wedding table with lilac tablecloths, table runners, placemats, candles and decorations. Rock vases, flowers and wedding bouquets also in these colors.

Silver napkins with a floral print, napkins, napkins and lilac ribbons for a beautiful setting

Beautiful lilac centerpiece with floral paper plates and teacup and teacup with lilac interior

A beautiful lilac-purple bridal bouquet with fluffy flowers and airy fabrics is wonderful for spring and summer

Lavender And Lilac Wedding Colours For Romantic Brides

Lilac tablecloth, bouquet of lilac and pink flowers and green herbs and thistles for a beautiful table setting

A purple-lilac wedding dress with a unique look that will delight the bride and groom

Textured lilac tablecloth and lilac pink wedding decoration with leaves for a beautiful garden wedding

Purple Wedding Themes Ideas

Continue your wedding coloring with a beautiful cake! Choose a lilac or lavender ombre wedding cake with a variety of designs and plenty of texture. You can use different patterns, tiers and shapes and add lilac flowers as well as plants on it. Serve lilac lollipops and cupcakes, go for lemonade and decorate with sprigs of lavender and your wedding party is ready!

Purple Wedding Theme

Beautiful white and lilac wedding cake with ombre layer and purple flowers on top

A cool wedding cake with an ombre frill from white to lavender is an expressive idea for a summer wedding

Pure lilac wedding cake with elegant golden 3D patterns and matching sugar flowers on top

A three tier ombre lilac wedding cake is an elegant and elegant idea, even if it is “ultraviolet”, “alfalfa purple” or “lavender” in wedding planning, because of these powerful names, their essence is purple. On the color wheel, purple is a very special color, a neutral color that combines blue and red. Therefore, purple is a simple and safe color system for wedding colors. More and more couples want to ask for purple items in their wedding decoration ideas.

Pretty Purple Wedding Ideas For A Bold & Vibrant Celebration

Monet is probably a painter who knows how to use purple. In his paintings, you will find many purple colors that you like, we have created some purple color ideas, you can talk about Monet color for your unique wedding ideas.

On the color wheel, purple and blue are paired, so purple and blue are a “natural pair”!

There are many purple and pink colors in Monet’s paintings. On the color wheel, purple and red go together, so purple and red go well together. Purple and magenta are very close to the color wheel.

Purple Wedding Themes Ideas

Since green is also a neutral color, it pairs well with purple. In Monet’s paintings, purple and green are the same frame. Blue green, dark green, military, olive green, etc. can be tested.

Color Crush: Slate And Lilac

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