Red Black And White Table Settings

Saturday, December 17th 2022. | Weddings

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I love Valentine’s Day and I think having all your girlfriends over for a party is the perfect way to celebrate! I found these black and white striped panels on a recent trip to IKEA and I fell in love. The TICKAR line has some other silly pieces in black and white, but I knew I already had some things at home that would complement them well. So I grabbed my plates and bowls and got out as fast as I could. When I got home I pulled out anything that could go with the black and white theme and then I saw these hot pink tablecloths come out of their clearance sale bag. Boom! The perfect Valentine’s dinner!

Red Black And White Table Settings

Red Black And White Table Settings

Hot pink napkins have been found in large markings since Tuesday morning. The white plates are my everyday plates and the black octagonal plates are spare finds, the patter is Arcoroc Octime. (If you’re looking for octagonal plates, Z Gallery sells a single model, the Octavia, in black or white).

Holiday Table Setting Idea Red White Black

The flowers in the manager’s note were about $5 dollar store flowers in 4 or 5 glass vases. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on flowers! I think these last about a week, I took care to trim them and give them fresh water every few days.

I really love how the hot pink really sets off the black and white. You can use any bright color for the same effect, I think. Think turquoise or turquoise, purple, red or emerald green. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of At Home for IZEA. All opinions are 100% my own.

The week before the show I was cleaning like a mad woman. Wash floors and doorknobs on my hands and knees. Climbed ladders and stools to dust door jams, refrigerators and tops of ceiling fan blades. I didn’t just remove the cold; I tore it apart and meticulously cleaned every shelf and drawer.

Oh, how I wish I had known about the home decor superstore back then! They are a one-stop-shop to help you design and decorate your entire home – both indoors and outdoors. And the wide selection of home Christmas decorations at everyday low prices makes the newlyweds and new homeowners in me sing…

Chic Black, Gold & White Holiday & Christmas Decorations

But I didn’t let my newlyweds and new owners stop me. I was jumping, twirling, and (horribly) singing through aisle after aisle filled with amazing, unmatched (and seriously affordable) holiday decorating ideas!

Fortunately, the 20+ year married and 20+ year owner that I am today is now well versed in the At Home Superstore. And when I visited last week, I was immediately drawn to the graphic red and white (and black) look of the Peppermint Jazz collection.

So I grabbed some adorable red and white striped dessert plates to create a red, white and black holiday table idea.

Red Black And White Table Settings

And each table is decorated with a personalized ornament, monogram. Again, from the Peppermint Jazz Christmas collection…

Unique Valentine’s Day Table Decorations And Decor Ideas For A Romantic Celebration

A little red and white sprig tied my tree for me (you can find a link to that post below).

A few faux poinsettias in my rustic toolbox – added some red and white sprigs – round it all out.

After this year’s festive table is finished, all that’s left is the home’s pool and dining kitchen…

Click here to read about my new red and white tree for myself in the dining room,  chosen from over 100 manicured artificial Christmas trees on an acre of home grounds.

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