Can Fibroids Make You Look Pregnant

Friday, December 23rd 2022. | Weddings

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I am now 25 + 5 and have a large Subserosal fibroid (pedunculated) measuring 20 cm. It sits above the womb. When I was only 2 months, I looked like I was 4-5 months pregnant. Now I’m 6 months, I look like 7-8 months and I’m really conscious about it. Especially when my stomach feels like it’s hungry. When friends and family want to do something difficult, I always feel the need to shock them and warn them about fibroids before they ask about the stiffness/lumps. My baby is healthy and I haven’t had any serious problems (except for a painful episode of fibroid degeneration). I know this should be the least of my worries, just wondering if any other moms out there feel the same way I do.

Can Fibroids Make You Look Pregnant

Can Fibroids Make You Look Pregnant

My stomach is still round but I also have a big one. People always touch fibroids not babies and I would say fibroids are not babies. At one point, before the baby came out from a 15 cm fibroid, they were very much together.

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Yes people always mistake fibroids for babies lol. I always aim for the lower abdomen for the baby

Well until last week I mistook fibroids for babies. I have a 5cm fibroid on my cervix and am 34 weeks pregnant. They are right next to each other (they are breech)…lots of weird shapes with a 5lb baby breech.

Hey! Thank you so much for sharing these photos. My stomach looks like that. Small because I am 17 weeks. I have a 12cm fibroid above my uterus. I imagine my stomach will look similar to yours as my fibroids grow. How far are we when you fall?

Yes it may not be huge but maybe it will become more and more obvious as you progress. I was around 20-21 weeks when I had my first miscarriage. It lasts for a month and dies. Fingers crossed that we won’t find it too painful

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Everyone says my stomach is round, but I can tell where the baby is versus the fibroids.

Yes! It doesn’t translate well to photos but the right side of my stomach is farther away than the left. I always get comments like “I see the baby loves hanging out on the right!”

Glad I’m not the only one! I told people I had twins. This eliminates unnecessary talk about fibroids

Can Fibroids Make You Look Pregnant

Well, your stomach is very similar to mine. Do you think you know the shape? Or when people touch and wonder if it’s hard on top? I’m tired of explaining to my family when I wash my belly 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Thanks for posting this! I’ve had a hard time thinking about how I look at 6 months bc everyone is like “wow it’s huge” and it doesn’t hurt my feelings if I’m honest. Every time someone says fibroids I’m not going to lie, I cringe. I have a few in different areas but it makes me feel heavy. I usually sit down sometimes. I was also wrong that the baby also had fibroids. Anyway, I thought I was just washing??????????????? But you are not alone. If anyone can help me on how to overcome this mentally I would appreciate the help. I sometimes just keep this comment out of the public eye.

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Fibroids Are Serious. Surgery Isn’t The Only Way To Stop Them.

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Can Fibroids Make You Look Pregnant

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Difference Between Ovarian Cysts And Fibroids

“Living with fibroids has become difficult,” said Ms. Yemsey. Yemsey, married at 38, has been struggling with a large belly for years. She also struggles with constant bleeding, frequent urination, and cramps.

The bleeding was sometimes so severe that he was confined to the wall of the room for days. Even her finances are not lost because she uses 11 to 15 pads per day when she is on her period. The pain and bleeding were unbearable, so he did everything he could, including the support of native healers. “I’ve looked for solutions from places you can’t imagine, but in the end there’s no relief.

Everyone thought it was a spiritual problem until it was finally confirmed that I had uterine fibroids. At this point, despair sets in.

In a desperate move to end the pain and give birth at the same time, she said: “Many people advertised different remedies that I tried, all the herbs you can imagine and they worked for a while. It does, but it’s very expensive. Because you have to keep going. In five years of marriage, Ymsey had several miscarriages.

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It got so bad that he resigned from his job. Although, the medical diagnosis revealed that she has about seven fibroids in the uterine cavity, where the fetus will be implanted if everything goes well, Yamisi never backed down from her husband’s intention to give birth to a child.

Like any other Nigerian woman, she visited many houses of prayer in search of a solution. Unfortunately, fibroids continue to increase in size, causing damage and discomfort. “Fibroids have compromised my career and my life, but knowing that I will never be able to get pregnant worries me.

She said, I have not lost hope of having a child. Months later her period lengthened.

Can Fibroids Make You Look Pregnant

I’ve always had lower abdominal bloating and it’s been going on for years. “I get constipated even after eating fruit.

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What’s worse is that many women die after complicated fibroid surgery.” In the meantime, Ms. Yamisi continues to search for natural solutions that can eventually shrink all growths and prevent further progression without surgery. catch

Click here: to read about what we discovered, the only natural treatment that solves fibroid problems and shrinkage.

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Argentina’s central bank is “planning to put Lionel Messi’s face on banknotes” to mark Qatar’s World Cup triumph, hoping other women will feel less alone, it said.

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“It can be

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