Sand Dollar Escort Cards Dilemma

Friday, November 4th 2022. | Weddings

Sand Dollar Escort Cards Dilemma – “how to measure” is 5×7, made with sand dollars, Japanese stamps, hand painted Japanese washi paper, and other paper found at illustration boards. © Annette Makino 2021

I am happy to share that for the second year in a row, I am one of three finalists for Best Local Artist in the Humboldt Best of North Coast Journals contest! The others are mural artists Duane Flatmo and Blake Reagan. Anyone can vote, once a day, until June. I hope you’ll take a moment to support me and all my favorite people and places.

Sand Dollar Escort Cards Dilemma

Sand Dollar Escort Cards Dilemma

As any working artist can tell you, there are many easier and better ways to make a living. Vincent van Gogh, now one of the most famous artists in the world, survived only thanks to the financial support of his relatives.

Utah Centennial County History Series

Even if they don’t have siblings like Theo, most artists I know rely on additional sources of income, such as teaching art, day jobs, scholarships, or partners with good benefits. And the most financially successful artists aren’t necessarily the best at making art; they are very good at self-promotion and the business side of art. Look no further than the balloon rabbit sculpture by Jeff Koons, which sold for $91 million a few years ago.

Unlike Koons’ balloon animals, my creative work carries a fraction of what I earned in my old professional life. But the freedom and quality of life I feel is priceless.

And whether it’s a painting, a poem or a song, there’s a special satisfaction in creating something meaningful that no one else can.

Even if it doesn’t show up clearly on the balance sheet, knowing that my work is touching others just adds to the reward. After ten years of running Makino Studios, I’m still very surprised to receive a check in the mail from a store, because it means that a perfect stranger is willing to pay for my art. Our deepest thanks to our customers and fans for your continued support.

Montauk Coastal Three Drawer Accent Chest With Sand Dollar Detail White

“The First Warm Wind” is a 5×7, made with Japanese stamps, hand painted Japanese washi paper and thread on illustration board. © Annette Makino 2021

Best Local Artist: I’m a finalist for Best Local Artist in the North Coast Journal’s 2021 Best of Humboldt contest! Anyone can vote, every day in June, and I’d love your support.

New Artwork: Four of my collages are featured in the Poetry Gallery section of the latest issue of Modern Haiku, including the two featured here. You can see all of them and more in the Gallery section.

Sand Dollar Escort Cards Dilemma

“Words and Images: Exploring Modern Haiga”: I will be presenting this session on haiga, or the art of haiku, with Linda Papanicolaou, editor of HaigaOnline, at the Haiku Society of America’s annual conference. This year’s event takes place on Saturday and Sunday, June 12-13 and is free via Zoom. Anyone can sign up. Our 50-minute workshops are held on Sundays at noon Pacific.

The Other Afghan Women

Water and Stone: Ten Years of Art and Haiku: My book is almost done and I hope to publish it soon! Contains fifty watercolor haigas along with fifteen new haibuns (autobiographical haiku prose pieces). This paperback book will be 8×10, color, 124 pages, sold at Amazon or select independent bookstores for $24.99.

North Country Fair: This annual fair at Arcata Plaza is scheduled to take place September 18-19 this year, COVID-19 safety permitting. Makino Studios will be there!

Free Shipping on Cards & Prints: Use code FREESHIP35 to get free first class shipping on cards, prints or other items on US orders of $35 or more.

Yes, it looks like we will finally stop the COVID-19 pandemic. My family is fully vaccinated, along with 40% of Americans, and I feel relieved.

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My wife, son and I took advantage of our newfound freedom by driving to San Francisco last week. I wanted artistic inspiration, so I hit two museums and two galleries in three days. I also visited the Japanese Tea Garden, the new Salesforce Park, Chinatown, North Beach, and the hip, artsy SoMA neighborhood, walking eight to ten miles a day.

It’s rejuvenating to leave home for the first non-essential trip in fourteen months and experience the energy of city life. Outside many restaurants, cozy outdoor booths line the streets where cars are parked. Some restaurants offer customers a QR code to scan with their phone instead of touching the old paper menu.

But we were surprised to see how hard the city was hit by the pandemic. The Chinatown block is mostly closed and many restaurants are empty. Even major national chains in prime locations have closed, such as the giant Uniqlo and Gap stores near Union Square. Tourists are slowly starting to return, but it may take a long time to recover.

Sand Dollar Escort Cards Dilemma

Returning home, we did not leave the forest. Although Humboldt County has been through a pandemic, now with the spread of the more contagious B.1.1.7 variant, we have the lowest rate of COVID-19 cases in all of California’s 58 counties. The ongoing deaths and aftereffects will haunt us for a long time, as will the lost livelihoods and failed dreams of this brutal past year.

Lacefield Designs Sand Dollar Sand Tropical Linen Blend Upholstery And Drapery Fabric

However, I made a haiga collage (art plus haiku). We used hand-painted and torn Japanese paper, sumi ink, fern and redwood twig prints, and vintage Japanese letters from the 1920s. While our scars may not be visible, we’ve been through a lot to get here. This piece honors the process of struggle and growth and aims to evoke a sense of hope and healing after trauma.

“kingfisher” is 8×5. This collage of a female Belted Kingfisher was commissioned as the cover of a wonderful new Kingfisher haiku journal. Check it out! © Annette Makino 2021

“The Ultimate Affirmation” – The Eureka Times-Standard is running a great feature on the Touchstone Haiku Awards covering the process of writing poetry and making collages.

“Words and Images: Exploring Modern Haiga” – I will be presenting this session on haiga, or the art of haiku, with Linda Papanicolaou, editor of HaigaOnline, at the Haiku Society of America’s annual conference. This year’s event takes place on Saturday and Sunday, June 12-13 and is free via Zoom. Anyone can sign up. From the program:

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Annette Makino will first present a short slide show of some of her haiga watercolors from the past ten years. Her presentation will be based on her first full-length art book, Water and Stone, due for publication in summer 2021. Linda Papanicolaou will then explain her approach to connecting and shifting between words and images in haiga, with examples. For many sessions, participants will attempt to write a haiku to accompany some of the images provided. There will be time to share the results of this foray into haiga creation.

Water and Stone – I’m almost done with my book manuscript! It will feature fifty of my favorite watercolor haiga from the past ten years, along with fifteen new haibun (autobiographical haiku prose pieces). I hope to have it ready in June or July.

The 2021 Northcoast Open Studios Exhibition and Event, which usually takes place in late May and early June, will not be held this spring, but may be held in the fall. The North Country Fair at Arcata Plaza is scheduled to take place September 18-19 this year, COVID-19 safety permitting.

Sand Dollar Escort Cards Dilemma

Thank you – I appreciate all the wonderful responses to my last post, “Big News About My Haiku Poetry Day”.

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“You Love My Heart” is 5×7, made with Japanese stamps, paper made with flower petals, Japanese washi paper, gold foil, small feathers and embroidery thread on paper. Available as printed cards.

Last fall, my friend Dave gave me a Japanese stamp collection of vintage and modern stamps featuring geishas, ​​fans, carp and cherry blossoms. Although they were beautiful, I didn’t touch them for a month, feeling too busy and distracted to make much of them.

But January brought us new qualified, compassionate and sane leadership in the White House – relief! With the ongoing COVID19 vaccine, I feel lighter and more optimistic. As a result, I am freer to create art!

I recently got those stamps out and they inspired me to make a series of Japanese themed collages, still in progress. I have fun playing and experimenting!

Sand Dollar Kitchen Ideas

In addition to stamps, most of my new pieces include natural objects such as feathers, sand dollars, or willow twigs. Many incorporate traditional Japanese embroidery techniques

The first in this series, shown above, is a Valentine card for my husband Paul, which really makes my heart happy.

The card consists of handmade paper with flower petals, Japanese washi paper, gold foil, small feathers, Japanese cherry blossom stamps and hand stitched with embroidery thread. We hope that these disparate elements come together in an interesting and harmonious way – as a long partnership.

Sand Dollar Escort Cards Dilemma

On Sunday, Paul and I will mark our 30th Valentine’s Day together. This year, instead of eating at a fancy restaurant

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