Show Me Your Unconventional Cake Toppers

Friday, December 9th 2022. | Weddings

Show Me Your Unconventional Cake Toppers – Even the smallest details can be the highlight of your celebration. Example: Your wedding cake topper! These days, couples are getting more creative to complement their big day dessert. You can choose one that reflects you and your fiancé’s personality, makes a bold statement, or fits the theme of your event. To help inspire your wedding, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite toppers to complete your celebration.

Technically, these gilded fish are cards. But why not display two as a cake topper before using them at dinner parties for years to come?

Show Me Your Unconventional Cake Toppers

Show Me Your Unconventional Cake Toppers

And I could quote an entire movie line for line, these Dianas dressed as Doctors Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler should be the icing on your wedding cake.

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Double the fun! Use these salt and pepper shakers as cake toppers at your wedding and then forever at dinner.

It might look like an old classic design, but these whimsical animal cake toppers for brides and grooms come in dozens of adorable combinations – bears and unicorns anyone?

Celebrate with a sparkly topper that looks sparkly on your cake and can be framed as a keepsake.

Invite these little mice to your party. Artist Linda Facci makes these felt toppers entirely by hand and accepts custom orders for specific animals, colors and accessories.

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Look closely – this topper is all about the little details. A hand-cut heart hangs in the center of the red seal.

These hand painted butterfly cake toppers are perfect for a small wedding cake at a casual outdoor wedding. The items you see here are unique, but don’t worry if they’re sold out: follow the steps to make your own at Oh Happy Day.

These gold glitter acrylic cake toppers come in 29 designs and can be made to reflect your favorite initials, name or slogan.

Show Me Your Unconventional Cake Toppers

Made exclusively for BHLDN, ​​Alexis Mattock created this intricate laser cut cake topper from recycled mint green paper and eco-friendly bamboo sticks.

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Designer Alice Marie Lynch honed her sewing and beading skills working for John Galliano, Christian Dior and Sonia Rykiel before she started making these gorgeous cakes. The perfect finish and a truly cutting edge trend, wedding cake toppers literally take the cake! As a timeless symbol of a couple’s love story, they are the perfect opportunity to add a little personalization and customization to your wedding day.

Historically, wedding cake toppers featured figurines in traditional wedding attire depicting the happy couple. They appeared in the 50’s and as the wedding cake tradition evolved, so did toppers!

Now, couples have endless options for crowning their sweet treats, from unique twists on classic figurines to delicate laser-cut words featuring their names or initials. Whether you’re planning a lavish evening event or a boho backyard party with a fun twist, wedding cake toppers can make your cake cutting a memorable (and photo-worthy) moment!

To help you choose a decoration that matches your love story, we’ve found the best custom and unique wedding cakes — and even some funny options — to take your cake to the next level.

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Like many wedding traditions, the wedding cake topper has become completely optional—but many couples still take the extra step to make their dessert as unique as their love story. From meaningful quotes to silly sculptures that show off your playful side, wedding cake toppers are here to bring your cake to life!

) superior designs that can add a sense of meaning to your big day. Plus, wedding cake toppers are an easy way to coordinate your dessert table with the rest of the decor and create unique keepsakes you’ll treasure for anniversaries to come.

Show Me Your Unconventional Cake Toppers

When it comes to shopping for wedding cake toppers, there’s no doubt that Etsy is the place to be! You can find unique and custom cake toppers from independent designers that are high quality and personalized for you and your fiancé.

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From rustic handmade designs to vintage wedding cake toppers that date back to the 20th century, Etsy is your one-stop shop for something unique and stylish (and funny!). Plus, many designers will work with you to make sure your top reflects your unique wedding style. You can even customize the figurines to look like you and your future spouse!

The first step in choosing a wedding cake topper is choosing a topper that represents you as a couple. Although wedding cake toppers are not as essential as they used to be, they still have the same tradition of introducing the newlyweds.

And (thankfully), today’s wedding cake toppers have come a long way since the 1950s, so you can choose something to suit your couple’s style – whether you’re adventurous and carefree or classic and traditional.

Second, the topping should literally overflow the cake. For a polished look, the size of the topping should be proportional to the size of the cake topper. It shouldn’t be too big to overwhelm the cake or too small to get lost in the frosting. Instead, it should enhance and complement the cake design.

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GVS Council! It’s always a good idea to let your baker know if you have a wedding cake topper you’d like to use. This helps them build their design around the decor instead of adding it at the last minute.

Finally, ask yourself: Can this topper be reused? This is a good question to keep in mind during your wedding planning, but especially when it comes to choosing something that has the potential to move into heirloom territory, like a wedding cake topper! Even if it can’t be used again right away, it can still become a special memory.

Photo by Aziz Aziz photographer Sam Samm’s custom cupcakes as seen in this modern spring elegance

Show Me Your Unconventional Cake Toppers

Before the big day, you should hand over beautiful wedding cakes to your cake baker or day planner/coordinator. Depending on the size of the cake, it may need to be sent without a topper, so make sure you contact the right person to make sure the cake is in place.

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After the wedding, ask your planner or someone in the wedding party to give the top to a family member to keep. When you get back from your honeymoon, you can display it somewhere in your home or office, stick it in a plant, or pack it away safely in your wedding dress box.

Here at GVS, we’re all about breaking tradition to personalize your wedding just for you, whether that means rocking a wedding dress or crowning your dessert with unique wedding cake toppers!

Our favorite toppers are a little tribute to your relationship—like a special quote from your favorite TV show (keep reading, I’ve got fans!) or a symbol of your shared passion.

Plus, choosing a unique design makes the cake cutting even more meaningful. With these unique wedding cake toppers, you can expect something bigger

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Calling all lovebirds! These unique wedding cake toppers feature a fancy wire heart and two hand-stitched birds to represent the newlyweds. Additionally, the embroidered ribbon can be personalized with names or initials.

Whether it’s your first time connecting with Game of Thrones or you just love this celestial quote, this unique wedding cake has it all.

The script is made from laser cut wood or acrylic and can be customized to match your wedding colors. Choose white for something simple and timeless, or add to the celestial theme with sparkling silver.

Show Me Your Unconventional Cake Toppers

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas! If you’ve joined Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and of course Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow in Sin City, this unique wedding cake is a must.

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Handcrafted from wood or acrylic, it’s amazing and fun (just as we’d guess your yes would be!).

If you and your significant other would rather take a walk now, you can hold off shopping – because we’ve found the perfect wedding cake bags for you.

Easily personalize this National Park themed wedding cake with your name, wedding date or venue. Perfect for an outdoor wedding in the mountains or an adventure in the (hey) national parks!

It’s officially the Roaring 20s—and what better way to celebrate than with an homage to the Art Deco era as Gatsby?

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With these unique wedding cake toppers, your dessert table will show elegance, style and glamour. Just customize it with your monogram and get ready for the fun of the century, the old sport!

This unique wedding cake topper is made for a couple who love each other to the moon and back. With simple silhouettes that define this pair, it’s a chic and romantic take on the traditional sculpture top.

Add it as a finishing touch to a heavenly cake for a truly standout look

Show Me Your Unconventional Cake Toppers

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