Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

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Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas – With the right weather and a beautiful natural backdrop, an outdoor wedding can be one of the most beautiful, beautiful and fun events to attend! There’s nothing like enjoying your wedding outside in the sun, and we’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor wedding ideas to make your outdoor wedding everything you’ve dreamed of.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples have been forced to postpone their weddings or change the venue to a place where social distancing is possible. This means that for public health reasons, it may be better to have your wedding outside where there is plenty of room for guests.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding because of safety concerns or because you love natural light and the outdoors, there are plenty of outdoor wedding ideas that can turn your al fresco wedding into a dreamy fairytale. happened Check out our favorite outdoor wedding venue ideas and outdoor decoration ideas.

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Having a backyard wedding is not only beautiful and intimate, but it also saves you a significant amount of money as you don’t have to rent a venue!

A backyard wedding may seem like Plan B, but it’s a great outdoor wedding idea, especially when you can use the money saved on the venue to spruce up your backyard. Remember that the size of your background will affect the size of your guest list.

Consider getting married in your own backyard, or the backyard of a close family member or friend for a special, intimate wedding you’ll never forget.

Looking for an outdoor wedding venue that is sure to impress? Check out local vineyards, or consider a destination wedding like Napa Valley or the Finger Lakes region where there are plenty of wineries to choose from!

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Getting married in a vineyard means you’ll have plenty of space for guests, a beautiful backdrop full of grape vines for your wedding photos, and plenty of wine for the reception.

Many wineries are used to hosting events such as weddings, so they may have tables and chairs ready for your use, as well as other amenities.

If you love the outdoors or you and your fiancé love to indulge, getting married in a national park is a unique outdoor wedding idea.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

America’s National Parks are some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, and you can get married in one of your local parks or turn it into your dream wedding venue! If you want to keep your guest list small, a one-stop wedding is a great way to reduce the number of guests.

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Make sure you look into any permits you need to place decorations in a national park before planning your wedding.

Botanical Gardens has all the decorations you need for your wedding waiting for you! Consider getting married at a local botanical garden for a unique and beautiful floral arrangement.

You’ll have plenty of outdoor space, as well as fully maintained patios to set the scene for your ceremony and reception. Talk to your local botanic garden to see if they can host your wedding!

Some couples prefer to get married entirely in the wilderness, so a forest wedding could be perfect for you! Look for local forests or state parks that will serve as a location and obtain the necessary permits to use the land first.

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For a rustic forest wedding, consider a natural color palette and use the landscape to serve as your decor!

You should also know that getting married in the forest means that you will have unexpected guests such as deer, walkers, or even bears. Make sure to get a complete picture of your location and prepare for all eventualities.

Barn wedding venues have become extremely popular in the past few years, so getting married on a farm could be the wedding of your dreams! A country farmhouse is the perfect backdrop, or haven, for an outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Consider local farms for your wedding reception – it can be less expensive than traditional venues, and you’ll get a farm with added rustic charm, complete with farm animals and plenty of outdoor space!

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You can turn any open space into a beautiful wedding venue with the right decorations and marquee! If location isn’t all that important, find a field or other outdoor location where you can get married and set up a luxury tent to serve as your venue (and provide shelter from the weather).

Any outdoor space can be transformed into a beautiful setting with a beautiful tent, table and decorations. Plus, you can save on your venue budget and add it to your decorating budget!

If you love the beach, why not choose a beach wedding? A beach wedding offers plenty of room for guests, and you have the ocean as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding.

There’s plenty of beach wedding inspiration out there, whether you choose a nautical navy theme or a soft color palette with natural hues.

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Choose a local beach or turn your outdoor wedding into a destination wedding on the beach of your choice! Enjoy the sounds of crashing waves and the sand between your toes as you say “I do.”

Do you love the idea of ​​a beautiful backyard wedding, but your yard isn’t big enough? Consider getting married in an estate, country house or other estate!

Renting a second home for a wedding gives you the power to create the perfect backdrop setting you want, and you can take advantage of historic homes or other fine properties in your area!

Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Research properties in your area that would make a beautiful outdoor wedding venue and ask about hosting your wedding in a beautiful home that matches your style.

Rustic Wedding Ideas That Are Next Level Awesome

If you’re getting married outdoors, your outdoor wedding decoration plan may be different from a traditional venue. Use these outdoor wedding decoration ideas to turn any outdoor venue into a dream wedding!

Set the stage for your outdoor event with an arch that matches your style and theme. You can make a DIY flower arch out of real or fake flowers, make a rustic wooden arch, or make one out of other materials!

A wedding arch is a beautiful focal point to draw attention to the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. For an outdoor wedding, consider natural materials such as wood, vines, or tree branches.

Find unique entryway ideas to cover the bride at an outdoor wedding. A great idea is to use old doors to create a dramatic entrance to a wedding ceremony!

Get These Outdoor Wedding Decorations Ideas

Light up your outdoor wedding with the stars! Once it starts to get dark, the fairy lights offer an extraordinary glow that is sure to make for a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Choose from small twinkle lights to large industrial bulbs and place them around the trees, on the marquee, above, or anywhere that makes sense to create a warm atmosphere for your wedding.

Many al fresco weddings already have beautiful backdrops, but you can also set up a photo station for another photo option! Create a backdrop that matches your colors or theme and encourages guests to take photos.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

It can also be the background of the ceremony before the wedding reception begins. You can use fabric covered with branches, wooden backgrounds, flower walls and more.

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Need a convenient seating option for your outdoor wedding? There’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned picnic table at a wedding reception!

Since you’re already outdoors, picnic tables should match your aesthetic well. Be sure to pair them with tablecloths, centerpieces, and more.

Looking for cheap and easy event seating or table seating for your wedding reception? Consider using hay bales for a rustic outdoor wedding look!

If you choose a barn wedding, hay bales can be readily available. Add blankets on top of the flowers and create a comfortable seating option that matches the theme of your farm wedding.

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If you’re planning a rustic outdoor wedding, you can find many uses for mason jars. Serve cupcakes, use them as vases for your flowers and centerpieces, or hang them on trees, flowers, candles, or other items indoors.

Getting married outdoors means you’re probably a fan of nature, at least to some extent, and no wedding is complete without flowers. Emphasize your natural setting by adding even more floral displays to your decor!

Flowers look beautiful at any wedding – indoors or out – and will blend in beautifully with your outdoor setting. Your wedding photos will pop with plenty of flowers that will add color and beauty to your big day.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Add floral centerpieces to tables, drape flowers and vines around tables and trees, or display flowers from trees, fairy lights, and more.

Outdoor Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas We Love

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Make sure your loved ones are hydrated by placing bar carts around your outdoor space. You can set up ice buckets filled with beer and soft drinks, set up stations with pre-made cocktails or create your own cocktails, or hire bartenders to serve your bar.

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