Winter Themed Cakes

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Winter Themed Cakes – Sweeten the season with 25 Winter Christmas Cookies. Great for birthdays, weddings, baby showers or even Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations, these cupcakes are sure to brighten up those dreary winter days!

Featuring a variety of evergreen trees in the shade of evergreens, this Spruce Up Tree Cake is perfect for any winter celebration. Put candles on your cake or birthday message for a personal touch.

Winter Themed Cakes

Winter Themed Cakes

All you need is a spoon to decorate these blue and green cakes. Personalize a number of your choice, then use shades of green and blue icing to “paint” the sides of your cake. To top it off, put hanging stars on your cake, paint the top or add birthday candles!

Light Blue 15 Cake Stock Photo. Image Of Fozen, Promotion

Make beautiful buttercream flowers with just one tap using EasyBlooms flower tips. These flowers are great for a little birthday party or baby shower in a snap cake.

Celebrate baby’s first birthday with a snowy winter cake. Decorated with meringue snowflakes and candy-covered trees, this cake is a festive challenge for any winter weekend!

The clear finish on the Mirror Glaze Snowflake Cake makes it look like a frozen lake. Add icing flakes and granules to your cake for the perfect finishing touch!

For a cake with visual impact, look no further than Guild Blue Cake Shades. Decorated with blue frosting and a gold cake topper, this beautiful cake is truly a work of art. Don’t forget the gold candles!

Why You Should Consider An Artistic Christmas Wedding Cake

This cozy net hat cake might not warm your head, but it will definitely warm your heart! Using a variety of piping techniques, this cake is great for anyone practicing their decorating skills.

Turn an ordinary frosted cake into a winter wonderland with the Happy Little Tree Cake. A lovely dessert for a winter birthday, this cake brings the beauty of the season into your home.

Bake a snowflake with the Winter Wonderland Snowflake Cake. Decorated in blue, white and silver, this cake also features adorable snowflake icing decorations and a giant snowflake in the center.

Winter Themed Cakes

Gorgeous flowers in shades of red, yellow, orange and blue cover this bright and bold butter cake. Simple enough to start decorating, this cake uses simple piping techniques that anyone can master.

Winter Wonderland Holiday Spice Cake For Christmas Gingerbread House

Create a dining setting with these adorable giant cupcakes. With bold blue, green and purple flowers, this cake will brighten up any winter birthday party!

Treat your little girl to a cake she’ll never forget with a blue glitter princess cake. Made using Rosanna Pancino’s doll cake mold, this doll cake is sure to make your birthday wishes come true!

For a sophisticated celebration, this two-tiered cake is just the thing. Decorated with fresh greenery, this adorable covered cake is perfect for a winter birthday party or shower.

A simple fondant border makes this triangle velvet cake perfect for any occasion! With plenty of room to personalize your cake with a birthday message or some candles, this simple and elegant cake is a great introduction to cake decorating.

Winter Wedding Cakes That Perfect For Any Type Of Winter Wedding

Show off your decorating skills with this navy blue cake. With plenty of room for a candle or birthday message on top of your cake, this beautiful dessert is great for birthdays and winter celebrations.

Use the marble fondant technique to create beautiful blue and white hearts on blue cake hearts. Plain white cream makes these hearts really pop!

Decorated in frosty shades of blue and green, this mega mint cake is perfect for any winter birthday. Swirl the falling flowers on your cake for a cute and sweet finish.

Winter Themed Cakes

This green floral shade cake is bursting with winter flowers and succulents. Using a variety of tips and techniques, you can turn a plain white cake into a blooming beauty!

Penguin Winter Themed Birthday Cake.

Use floral fondant pieces to decorate these split flower cakes. A winter birthday or baby shower gift, this cake is the perfect match between simplicity and elegance.

For a party or a large gathering, the Winterberry Birch Park Cake is the perfect way to celebrate. This two-story cake is decorated with winter charm and comfort.

Who doesn’t love mice? Dressed in a plaid bow tie, this Merry Moses cake is party-ready! Plan ahead, though, as this cake requires several days of prep time to make the crust.

Covered with candies and garnishes, this eye-catching cake is sure to catch everyone’s attention! Add a fun border of colorful sprinkles around the bottom for a cake that’s sure to take center stage.

Wow Worthy Winter Wedding Cakes

Use a spoon tip to add texture to the pastel cake impression. A bold and elegant January birthday cake, this cake also offers plenty of room for personalization.

Put your piping skills to the test with this Snowflake Festive Buttercream Cake. Frosted in a blue ombre pattern, then topped with beautiful pictures, this cake is sure to be a friend and family to remember for years to come!

For a simple birthday celebration with family and friends, this party cake with fondant flowers is perfect. Use flower scraps to make your own flowers, then arrange them on piped butter grapes for a flower butter cake that everyone will love.

Winter Themed Cakes

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Winter Wedding Cake Flavor Ideas

Katie is the Education Project Manager at Wilton. Every day, he helps create new educational content for, works closely with Wilton schools, and helps develop licensed products. When she is not at work, she enjoys cooking and DIY projects. A new cake decorating guide from our contributors, Mary and Brenda Maher of Cake Girls.

This year we’re ready to create a classic cake with show-stopping properties that can easily become the centerpiece of your next holiday buffet. We bounced around with ideas and it wasn’t until I took a snowmobile tour of Chicago that it seemed so obvious. The streets and trees looked like snowballs from the inside. Bright and white. The snow is falling slowly and the trees are frozen all over the park. Eureka gave birth to a simple, elegant and delicious winter wonderland cake. It starts with a simple snowflake cutter – an essential tool in a cake maker’s kit. The rest are as simple as glittering sugar and some new trees.

We chose a vanilla cake with swiss meringue butter to make the inside as white as winter on the outside. But, adding eggnog would be a great addition or a champagne mimosa cake would work just as well. No matter which savory direction you go, you’ll need three 6-round cake layers and a batch of buttercream frosting to make this cake. If you prefer a larger cake, you will need two jars of white crystal sugar coating.

1 day before: roll very thin white fondant on a surface covered with a little powdered sugar; Not more than an inch thick. Use snowflake cutters to cut different sized snowflakes and place them on a parchment lined baking sheet to dry. Do more in the event of a breakdown.

Winter Cakes To Warm Up Your Tastebuds

Once you’ve dusted all your snowflakes, dust them with Super Pearl Glitter Dust to give them a shiny finish. There is no need to add liquid to the gloss powder. Using this dust makes the finished snowflake completely decorative. Simply remove the snowflakes when serving your guests. If you prefer to keep the snowflakes edible, skip the glitter dust or choose a brand that is FDA approved for consumption.

Day: 3 Layer Cake 6 Frost as much buttercream as possible and refrigerate for 1 hour until the buttercream is very hard.

Take the cake out of the fridge. Put the white sugar crystals in the palm of your hand and gently run your hand around the side of the cake, pushing the sugar aside. Make sure you have a tray or muffin tray to catch the falling sugar so you can reuse it. Use a spoon to spread the crystals over the surface of the cake. Don’t worry if there are empty spaces, this is a great place to add snowflakes later!

Winter Themed Cakes

Next, prune your new trees so they stand up a bit and cut back some smaller trees. Lightly pipe the buttercream onto the trees to make them look frosty and place a small forest block on top of the cake.

Winter Wedding Cake Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

Place drops of buttercream where you want to place snowflakes, then place different sized snowflakes on the sides of the cake.

Khaki’s daughters are two sisters, Mary and Brenda Maher. After years of making cakes professionally, they now share their tips and tricks at, an online store where you can buy cake supplies, party accents and check out D.I.Y. ideas for

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