Steampunk Decorating

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These shower curtains are made of high-quality materials that are durable, easy to wash and printed in bright colors to brighten up your bathroom. They are all artworks that I have illustrated or designed and made to order, printed and hand stitched for you one by one.

Steampunk Decorating

Steampunk Decorating

They are usually printed and shipped within 3 business days, in rare cases, it may take 7-8 business days during high season.

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Delivery is usually via USPS or UPS with tracking, usually within 3-5 business days. Expedited shipping option available to USA.

All orders have tracking, international orders may be held up at customs depending on your country’s postal service.

Wash in a cold machine wash with same color clothes on a gentle cycle. Dry on low settings or hang dry. Do not bleach or dry clean.

Every design you see is drawn, painted or assembled with passion and care, then hand-printed by my printing partners and sent to you.

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I’m thrilled with how it turned out (white field behind my window, no curtains).

It will definitely bring a nice personality to the rental house. I will keep this store in my favorites! <3Steampunk interiors are definitely impressive. Yes, it is not the most popular interior design concept, it looks unusual and even strange, but no one can deny its character and uniqueness. Steampunk style in interior design is a choice for the brave. This model cannot be called calm or neutral, but if you are ready to realize your wildest ideas, this is the style for you!

What is Steampunk and how did it begin? Steampunk is the epitome of science fiction. The style was inspired by the Industrial Revolution of 1885 during the Victorian era of the British Empire and the books of Jules Verne and HG Wells.

Steampunk Decorating

The bold style of the interior reflects an alternate reality that lives on the side of a historical past and an unattainable future. This retro-futuristic style reflects the Victorian era and the development of steam technology.

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The style’s name comes from the word steam and the various mechanisms of the Industrial Revolution – steam engines, pipes, etc. Visually, while there are many elements of industrial interior design, Steampunk cannot be confused with other interior styles. So what are the main characteristics of Steampunk interior design?

If you’re a sci-fi fan, then Steampunk is your style! Such an interior is a small private world where creative extraordinary individuals feel comfortable. Designing a real greenhouse requires some knowledge, but nothing is impossible, we will help you with ideas.

See raw materials and raw materials. Wood, metal, cast iron, brass, bronze, glass, stone, ceramic tiles, leather and natural fabrics are the main materials used to decorate the rooms in decorative style. Yu can also see exposed bricks and tiles replacing natural stone. All this perfectly emphasizes the steamy atmosphere of your interior.

Walls in this style are often finished with wood, plaster, paint, wallpaper or brick. Brick walls can be left unfinished. The roof is whitewashed, painted, and covered with wood.

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Floor – Remember, this is the darkest place in the room. Any standard flooring option can be used – ceramic tile, hardwood, parquet or laminate.

The color scheme of the interior design is based on restrained tones – from pale cream to reddish brown and black. Entering such a residence should create the feeling of being in an old abandoned factory. Metallic tones are often used to refresh dark palettes – bronze, silver, copper, bronze and gold. Strong metallic colors can be diluted with smoky blue, green, blue, indigo and light gray. Oxidized or rusted metal is also a good accent.

The furniture must be of good quality, sturdy, expensive and elegant. It is recommended to choose a dark wood tone. Books and bookcases give a special flavor to the room. Chests, crates, and open stores are also used to store goods.

Steampunk Decorating

Victorian or colonial style organically fits into the interior. Chesterfield leather sofas, large comfortable cotton chairs, vintage dressers, and secretaries transform an ordinary room into a work of art.

Victorian Nautical Steampunk Decor From Design Toscano

An abundance of leather for furniture helps to recapture the beauty of the Victorian era. As a coffee table, you can use a huge retro chest or a suitcase with many metal locks.

You can’t buy regular furniture at a general store, you have to make it yourself or find it in specialty stores. In most cases, decorative interior items have already been used, restored, decorated and reused.

If the Steampunk movement is often associated with dark colors and darkness, interior lighting should be chosen carefully. The interior would not be complete without the original lamp. At the same time, the matching lamp looks diametrically opposite, but looks just as good. You can choose from eye-catching Victorian pendant lights with lots of metal and glass in the design, or industrial table lamps, lamps or floor lamps. Vintage lamps with large shades or Edison bulbs are stylish.

Nowadays, it is not so easy to find suitable and unusual items. But many workshops can order such products. You can also search for interesting things on steampunk fan sites. To make modern appliances look more authentic to this type of interior, you can paint them in bronze or wrap them in a wooden case.

Steampunk Home Decor

Black and white photos and pictures in metal frames, original boards made of kogel, pipes and chains and other futuristic DIY steps will become great decorations.

Travel is another stylistic trend in steamboats. Airplanes and submarines are important symbols of technological progress and adventure. Don’t forget old world maps, globes, suitcases, pictures and telescopes and compasses.

Note the old typewriters. They can be displayed on metal shelves or in place of original console table decorations. Steampunk is a cross-cultural design style that mixes vintage industrial machinery, post-apocalyptic science fantasy, and Victorian-era elements. Think peanut buttery antiques, reclaimed or restored furniture and accessories with a 19th-century mechanical feel.

Steampunk Decorating

For the self-expression enthusiast with a penchant for creative, off-the-beaten-path interior design, a quilt might be the right choice. Start by giving the home a Victorian industrial feel with muted wallpaper on the walls. Accent walls can include sections of exposed brick, reclaimed wood or metal panels.

Unique Steampunk Christmas Decor Ideas

Look for dark wood finishes, leather or metal upholstery, rusted metal and accessories such as wheels or gears. Repurposed or refurbished furniture hits Steampunk style. Once you have your background in place, bring in unique vintage and antique items found at the sources below.

Etsy is a goldmine of talented artisans who excel at restoring vintage talent. Here you will find clever tricks:

Staining the end table boards with a dark color such as walnut or mahogany will give the table a more rustic feel. The lamp is turned on and off by a rotary knob and has a vintage cloth-covered wire. Add a few decorative pieces to brighten up the lights, such as:

Create a piece of paper in your family room by placing an end table against the wall. Hang vintage art prints on the wall, place lamps in the back corner and place other decor items in front of them. You can also place a table next to a chic accent chair and hang vintage art on the wall behind it.

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Find authentic decorative ornaments at 1Dibs for authentic antique and vintage treasures. A Victorian sewing machine table is just one example. Use it in a home office with leather-trimmed furniture and dark wood or oak paneling. It can be an independent pronoun or used to indicate something unusual:

Is your office or workspace part of a larger home? Consider the selection of vintage Chains and Pulleys for industrial room dividers, and it’s unforgettable. Each heavy chain has an aged patina that matches the length of the patina style.

Hows makes it easy to keep everything together. Here, decorative ornaments come from a wide range of suppliers, and if you see something you like, you can buy it on the spot.

Steampunk Decorating

A good example to be found

Steampunk Decor Pieces To Achieve The Right Look

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