Summer Wedding Colour Themes

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Summer Wedding Colour Themes – When planning your wedding, one of the first decisions you will make is your wedding color palette and theme! Your wedding color theme is an extension of your personal style and creates a cohesive look for your wedding. Your color theme will define every detail, from the invitations to the flowers to the wedding attire. Once this decision is made, everything is much easier. But choosing a wedding color theme can be overwhelming because you have so many choices. Fortunately, there are a few ways to find out.

When choosing your palette, keep in mind where the colors will be used. The main color will be used in wedding dresses, envelopes and flowers. A secondary color can be used as an accent in decor, such as fabrics and napkins and the lining of envelopes. An extra color can be added to flowers, jewelry or rentals.

Summer Wedding Colour Themes

Summer Wedding Colour Themes

Your marriage should reflect both of you. First, determine your overall aesthetic. Do you have a theme in mind? Bohemian, Granny Chic and Nautical are all great themes that also have a built-in color palette. A bohemian wedding can have warmer colors with lots of green and sage. An elegant granny wedding will be inspired by soft yellow or pink pastels. Meanwhile, a nautical theme will be paired in blues, blushes and navy.

Stunning Bridesmaid Dress Colors Ideal For Summer Wedding

Some colors may be suitable at certain times of the year. Choosing the range of colors from seasonal flowers is a great option. Trending flowers for 2021 are pink and white peonies, pale blue delphiniums and white anemones, hydrangeas and ferns. Summer is great for bright flowers like sunflowers, ranunculus, gerbera daisies and poppies. Meanwhile, winter is a season where you can rock deep jewel tones or go winter-inspired with an all-white palette.

Magazines, Pinterest and real weddings are all great sources for inspiration. Search by season, color or style. What colors tell your story? To organize your ideas, start a wedding board on Pinterest or keep journals in a binder. When you start saving, look at the colors you choose again and again. This will start to show you your main wedding color theme!

Look to your country for inspiration. What colors stand out in your interior? Venues like barns and tented receptions give you more latitude when choosing your wedding colors. They are often neutral settings, so you can easily add any color to the design.

Other types of venues that come decorated, such as hotels and country clubs, will likely already have color in the space. Work the colors in that space and not against it. If the room has rich reds, consider a jewel-toned color palette to add some depth and soften the red.

Top Summer Wedding Colors For 2023

If your place is on the coast or has scenic views, be inspired by nature! For example, a Maryland beach wedding might include soft blues, deep navy, and even a yellow for some contrast in their wedding color theme. A tropical beach wedding can include deep greens with hot pinks, teals or yellows.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed. You have endless options to choose from. Start by just collecting some ideas and then put them aside for a while. Go back to your work and edit. A fresh eye always helps! Be sure to use your color scheme as a guide.

The color theme of your wedding is so important. Having a consistent color palette can help you make big decisions and make planning your wedding much easier. One of the most important things affected by your color theme is your writing. Here at Turnage and Watts, we work with your color palette to create the wedding stationery of your dreams. We’d love to hear from you and learn all about your topic! With the beginning of summer, the wedding season finally starts. Very many couples choose to celebrate their love in this season. We can understand that very well; because the cheerful blue sky, sun-kissed skin and long summer nights also enchant us. Dieses Gefühl von Urlaub reaches a good mood. If this atmosphere is not perfect for a wedding, who is it then?

Summer Wedding Colour Themes

Wie im Frühling also offers a large selection of different flowers in summer, which are used in floristry. While there are colder months, it is often difficult to get some flowers and to get them for a long time. At the end of the day, there was plenty of room to choose exactly that, it was gefällt. Especially in the summer, there are hardly any guidelines that a man has to adhere to. Some include different blue tones for summer, others connect rather bright colors with the seasons. We have compiled our 5 most beautiful color palettes for a summer wedding here for you.

Best 8 Spring / Summer Wedding Color Inspirations For 2021

Start with an open palette. Coral is a special überliche Hochzeitsfarbe, but can this fröhlichen Farbpalette resistehen? The various shades of Apricot, Pink and Yellow are particularly playful and dreamy. Coral was even chosen as the Pantone color of the year 2019. But Koralle is nicht nur sondern moderne auch zeitlos. Our luxurious wedding in Seefugium shows you even more about the power of the color coral. Ein heats Gold fits particularly well with such an einladen Farbkonzept.

Photo: Anja Schneemann Photography. Concept, styling, decoration for rent: Magnolia in silk. Hair + Make-up: Ria Saage. Floral design: Milles Fleurs

Those who prefer a quieter and more elegant wedding color palette should take a closer look at the color French Blue. The various shades of blue are reminiscent of gentle ocean waves. Das Blau functions at almost every location. But it comes especially to shine at maritime-inspired weddings. Unsere Sommerhochzeit im Schloss Bensberg sah gerade wegen diesem schicken French Blue so elegant und zeitlos aus.

Photo: Stefanie Kapra Photo. Concept, styling, decoration for rent: Magnolia in silk. Floral design: Grace & Flowers. Location: Bensberg Castle

Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Color Theme — Turnage + Watts I Wedding Invitations + Design I Annapolis Maryland

This palette for a summer wedding may appear unusual. Normally Farben einer Farbfamilie were often combined with each other. This Farbkonzept proves that it functions differently. Red is of course a beautiful color for weddings. This can be styled romantically, in a dark Boho style, or cuddly warm for a Winter wedding. But this radiant Rot seems particularly alive and fresh. With the Baby Blue is the perfect mix of eye-catching and delicate. Was a warmer summer day, a dignified man enjoyed the sweet Erdbeeren, while a man shot in the blue Himmel. Due to the white and silver, both colors are not too loud.

Photo: Anja Schneemann Photography. Concept, styling, rental decoration, floral design: Magnolia in silk. Hair + Make-up: Jenny Kruse. Wedding Dress: Cosmopolka Wedding Fashion. Stationary: Carissimo Letterpress

The gentle and unobtrusive pastel tones are no longer indispensable when it comes to weddings. The different shades of Rosa are already true classics and appear very delicate, romantic and dreamy. That’s exactly what many couples are looking for for their wedding. For the summer, it can also be said that there are stronger rose tones, which with a pretty green look even more intense and enchanting.

Summer Wedding Colour Themes

Wedding Dress: Papilio via Boutique Bridal Baden-Baden. Hair + Make-up: Tatjana Pirog. Styling stuff: Marry and Lilo. Wedding cake: Süsse Verzauberung. Stationary: Letter from GRG. Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes via Bridal Boutique Baden-Baden. Groom’s Attire: the Scale. Tableware: Vista Alegre. Jewelry + Headpiece: Maison Sabben. Silk Ribbons: Silk and linen. Details: EMS Event rental service

Top 10 2023 Wedding Colors Trends You Need To Know

White is definitely the color most associated with weddings. Just think about your dress, which will probably be in a white or cream tone. A wedding color palette in white and cream is naturally also a wonderful candidate. On a bright summer day, this palette will come into its own, but also on a pleasant summer thunderstorm, it revives the darker atmosphere. This color concept fits very many locations and themes. Monochrome styles are always smart and modern.

Please log in again. The registration page will open in a new tab. With blue skies, lush lawns and fresh flowers, summer weddings have the best natural color palettes practically built. That’s good news for any couple struggling to choose the right shades for their big day decor – inspiration really is all around you. Whether you choose to mix trendy shades with old classics or want to embrace the bold hues that pop in any setting, we bring you some of our favorite and most unexpected color palettes for summer weddings.

Although we looked to the season’s brightest hues for most color palettes ahead, we also integrated some unique combinations into the mix. As you​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ are about to discover, there is a way to create any color for your warm weather party – all you have to do is find the right shade (or a counterintuitive color for summer to show off with another that brings it directly into the season). The essence? If you want to use ice blue center tableware on your tables in the winter or use such shades

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