Sweets Table For Wedding Reception

Tuesday, November 29th 2022. | Weddings

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Wedding candy buffet stations or to put it simply, dessert tables have been a big deal in the US for a few years now! It’s a very popular option for couples who want an alternative to the traditional wedding cake! Coming onto the scene, chocolate bars are gaining popularity among 21st century brides who are always looking for something out of the ordinary, such as those who want a classic and elegant option for a traditional wedding cake stand. During a white wedding, the dessert table is usually the most frequented place of the night (aside from the open bar, of course!). The only sweet tables at weddings that are the second most visited place by all wedding guests because they cover so many bases! All at once they become a focal point for the wedding reception and a bit of entertainment for all the wedding guests because they have all the flavors in the world that no one can resist missing out on because they are so delicious!

Sweets Table For Wedding Reception

Sweets Table For Wedding Reception

Today, as more and more brides-to-be try their hand at wedding day decorations, they’re playing creative director. They are turning to DIY their candy as they believe it is one of the best ways to bring all their family and close friends together! Although many couples believe that letting their wedding dreams spill over on their wedding day will allow them to showcase some of their talent and personality that definitely cannot be ignored!

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From rustic homemade tarts to elegant French macarons, all of these delicious scrumptious desserts will not only satisfy your wedding guests’ sugar cravings, but also add charm and personality to the overall wedding, with different display ideas! ! Not only that, there are couples who serve desserts with a secret family recipe, nod to the flavors of childhood, and honor heritage, among other things! No wonder sweets satisfy everyone’s teeth, but what really catches everyone’s eye is the way they are presented! There are endless alternative sweet table ideas available on Pinterest and other inspirational websites that inspire our beautiful brides to be experimental and exceptional! For example, if you are planning a rustic wedding, you could consider placing tree stumps as a candy bar, or you could also have a Persian tea station if you prefer a vintage wedding. In addition, the dessert table will be the focal point of your wedding so that guests get a complete impression of your big day. No wonder it also provides a bucket full of beautiful possibilities for our professional and affordable wedding photographer to capture beautiful shots of your guests that will satisfy their sweet tooth with endless treats!

But before we go ahead and enlighten you with all the creative ideas to set up a unique and beautiful wedding dessert table, how about we help you review some tips that you may find useful in creating a delicious dessert table that suits the style of your wedding? !

The perfect, flawless dessert table is a collaboration between couples, so we just want to tell you to make sure you convey your ideas to your pastry chef in the best way possible! But if you need a little more help knowing where to start planning your dessert table, here are some items to consider for your dream wedding table:

• Determining the number of sweets for the dessert table is one of the most important tasks. You don’t have to limit your options. You can serve anything including personalized cakes, brownies, cakes, and desserts with your name on them! Anything sweet is welcome because variety and novelty always make for a great sweet table!

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• Let the wedding season be reflected in the flavors and decorations of the desserts. If you’re planning a forced wedding, adding pumpkin pie and apple cobblers to the menu will add true fall season flair to your wedding. Couples who are planning a beautiful and blooming spring wedding may want to consider adding macarons in pastel colors and decorated with fresh flowers!

• The sweet table should resonate with the theme of the wedding so that your wedding photos look amazing! If you are a fan of the bohemian, an art display table would be a perfect option, but in the case that your wedding is in a country style, you can add elements of wood to keep the authenticity of the rustic atmosphere!

• To accent your beautiful tabletop display, you may want to consider adding bold visual elements such as placing sweets in a colorful or faded pattern or adding some trendy streamers and balloons to grab the attention of our wedding photographers.

Sweets Table For Wedding Reception

• If you want to be more creative on your sweet table, you can always resort to display tables full of personality. Always be ready to use unexpected combinations like furniture, bar carts, and barrels to support those sweet treats!

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• Your sweet tables can always be multifunctional. This means you can always turn your candy table into a wedding guest favor stand in a stunning way by combining both dessert display and party favors! Don’t forget to bring the boxes ready!

• Finally, if you still want to serve your delicious wedding cake, you can always serve it along with a variety of other desserts, even other cakes!

Here are some tips to prepare the perfect sweet table on your wedding day! But here comes the next and by far the most important topic, what other ideas and inspiration for an alternative sweet table. This blog is specially written for all the brides who are looking for unique ideas and inspiration to design the perfect sweet table to crown their wedding cake! In this blog, we are going to share some great and cute wedding dessert table display ideas with wedding cake! So, let’s check it out and get inspired! Oh! Don’t forget to have a sweet close by because you will need it while browsing our cute and sweet blog!

Wedding cakes are the most popular alternative to cakes these days! It’s so popular that almost one in every couple adds it to their candy display list! Coming in all different shapes and sizes, from monogrammed ice creams to cut-out shapes, and yes, even designs with your dances printed on them, wedding cookies are the next best thing and a great way to satisfy your wedding guests’ teeth. Wedding cookies also add an element of personalization, which will make your wedding photos look amazing! You can always google for ideas and inspiration on how to display wedding cookies on your sweet table, as the internet is full of great ideas. While we’re here too, how about arranging them in tall platters for the ultimate wow factor, or serving them with a shot of skim milk to spark the nostalgia in your wedding guests? No matter how you and your wedding guests like your cookies, they are always great and reliable wedding dessert ideas for all couples who are in the mood to break tradition and do something extraordinary!

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If you are a bride who dreams of not having large wedding cakes, but a small cake, then there is no doubt that wedding cupcakes are the best alternative for you on your wedding day! On your wedding day, you have the option to get creative with the cake and sundae combinations or you can always keep it classic with subtle basics! There is no question or even a second thought when it comes to flavors, chocolate and vanilla never go out of style at any time of the year and yes, they are the best flavors to satisfy sweet cravings! Cupcakes still rank high as a prized alternative to wedding dessert: 39 percent of couples serve them at their dessert table, making them the second most popular choice.

Love is so sweet and there is no way to celebrate it without having chocolate bars for your wedding. With a candy bar, you have endless options to experiment with. You can always combine them with other wedding sweets or just let them sparkle like crystals on their own. No wonder all of your wedding guests love making a personalized bag filled with their favorite sweets. You can also give a personalized bag full of sweets as a gift to all your wedding guests!

Without a second thought, a cake wall is the Instagram-worthy wedding gift your bridal party needs! Cakes are the eternal love of all those people who suffer from diabetes. It is also believed to be the most loved wedding dessert as many couples prefer to eat a delicious cake at their fabulous wedding. Wedding cakes are not only easy to eat, but they are also highly customizable! You can always experiment with them without a second thought! You can have it ice cold that resonates with your wedding decor.

Sweets Table For Wedding Reception

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