The Pros And Cons Of Wedding Reception Action Stations

Saturday, December 3rd 2022. | Weddings

The Pros And Cons Of Wedding Reception Action Stations – There are so many options and add-ons for your photos for your wedding video. To help you choose what’s right for you, here’s what to include—and what to cut—in your wedding video.

Still toying with the idea of ​​finding a video? We say go for it – it’s a choice you won’t regret. Sure, your photos will be amazing, but you won’t be able to hear your vows during your dance or see your parents cry. It’s something you’ll show your kids one day. Below are some tips to get the most out of your wedding video.

The Pros And Cons Of Wedding Reception Action Stations

The Pros And Cons Of Wedding Reception Action Stations

Don’t get us wrong, looking at baby pictures and photos is always fun. But you don’t need two reels to start and end your wedding video. Save your childhood photos to unlock training. If you want to share it, burn a DVD copy or download the file to your computer and send it via the link. Your friends lose their minds after 20 minutes – tops – and you don’t want to lose five of them looking at pictures of you two from babies to shy teenagers to married couples. Get to work. If you invest in videography to cover your entire wedding, you’ll have plenty of footage that fits into a 20-30 minute film, so save your partner time (and money) on a well-edited video for your friends. . and the family will not refuse to watch (and will have time to watch again and again).

Questions To Ask Wedding Planners Before And After You Hire Them

DVDs are still the preferred method for delivering wedding videos, but many videographers now offer digital film files in HD and digital media. . on USB ports), and you can easily share files and numbers with friends and family near and far.

You’ll definitely want photos of the entire ceremony, from the start of the journey to the final exit, especially the meaningful words (and tears and laughter) shared in between. If you’re getting married in a church, allow them to take pictures inside (most). So don’t worry about the holidays for more information to host your four-hour video. In fact, the story is a good reason to part with the second shot. Also, build your video in time to engage guests before the ceremony – one of those moments you’ll miss on your wedding day will be fun to watch later.

Visitors say the same thing in video messages. How often do you get away with “Congratulations – you’re awesome and good luck” when you pick up the microphone at a party? Moreover, interrupting the salad may annoy the guest and encourage them to say a few words about the happy couple while watching the rest of the table. Sure, it can be funny to watch Sister Gina get uncomfortable during an interview, but on the road, it’s the personal message that resonates the most — and if you need a photographer, you won’t see many of them. place guests there. If you need to write a special guest post and add voiceovers (written questions or words that can be recorded separately and used to enhance specific videos) to your video, consider a guestbook. A video guestbook is similar to a photo booth, but instead of taking photos, your guests record short videos. They just say “Thank you!” so as not to say, mix it up. Create polls for posts, visitors to vote and answer.

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Having all your loved ones together for the same event makes for a great memory, but you can’t be there for everyone (sorry!). A great video player captures moments you’ve never seen before. For example, if you’re taking pictures at cocktail hour, you can’t shoot your friends playing with a booth or dancing with the flamenco dancers you’ve hired to entertain your guests. And when you’re caught up in a million different things, the day will go wrong and you’ll miss a few moments that help make the day special, like your first mate or your groomsmen riding a horse while picking up your niece. and duking it during the nephew’s first dance.

The Pros And Cons Of Wedding Reception Action Stations

It’s something to show your friends and family that you know you won’t want to spend your entire ceremony reading with your second cousin (they even sat down once!). If you’re going to spend some of your photography budget on video, you don’t want your wedding footage to sit on a shelf and collect dust. That’s why a 5-10 minute video, which captures the highlights of the day, has become the norm in wedding photography. They love watching them because, let’s face it: as much as you want to relive your wedding day, neither of you want to play for more than a few hours. (if so). An easy way to share the highlights of the day with guests who can’t be there. Even if you prefer the long five-hour version, we recommend getting the short, generic version.

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Once the video is complete, some videographers will send you raw (unedited, unedited) footage to watch before the ceremony so you can see the footage you really want to keep or cut, like when your husband breaks down while reading his vows. . If you want raw photos for your child, your photographer can provide them as part of your package. If it’s not included in your package, there’s no need to pay extra for it because you’ll never see it. And if you can’t watch five hours of continuous video, your friends and family certainly can’t. Instead, choose two videos: a highlight reel and a longer, traditional one-hour video.

There’s no doubt about it: two cameras are better than one. the ability to cut back and forth makes the film more interesting overall. You’ll see more because every time you shoot with a film camera, something is different, or at least from a different angle. It’s important for those events – it captures your partner’s face as you walk down the aisle. At the reception, they can take a picture of your brother laughing while your dad gives the toast. If you don’t have room in your budget for a second camera, consider making two cameras: one portable and one fixed. This will help you find more footage of the ceremony and closing ceremony for your video and include both in your video.

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