Walk Down The Aisle Songs

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Walk Down The Aisle Songs – Choosing music for your wedding day is one of the most fun and meaningful parts of the day! And pick your song to walk down the aisle? SO FUN! Have you dreamed of walking down the aisle to a specific song or artist? Or maybe not, but it’s time to start imagining what song will be playing as you walk down the aisle! While Canon in D Pachelbel is an incredibly pretty song, many couples want to make their day a little more personal, and we’re all for it! I mean, there’s no rule that you have to walk down the aisle to a classic song, so why not have some fun with it!

You definitely want to choose a song that best suits your love story. Have you imagined a string quartet leading you down the aisle? Is a soft, acoustic melody the best way to express your love? Looking for something more fun and hopeful? So many options!

Walk Down The Aisle Songs

Walk Down The Aisle Songs

We know it can be difficult to navigate through such a large selection of wedding entrance songs, so we’ve done it for you. We’ve been sharing real weddings for over 13 years and we always ask our bride what song she chose from walking down the aisle, so I’ve had a lot of songs to collect – plus I asked you in Stories to share a song you (or your loved one) went through from the aisle to the aisle, and below are 93 creative options! We’ve got everything from super romantic songs to dreamy songs to acoustic versions of some of your favorites – to fun + unique ideas you’ve shared!

Wedding Inspiration: Best Songs To Walk Down The Aisle

Another important tip? This song will be the memory of your wedding day forever, so keep that in mind! I love it when we accidentally hear our song – it’s such a unique and fun reminder of our wedding day 🙂

Ready to hear our picks? Scroll for unique, romantic and fun songs to walk down the aisle. We also have a Spotify playlist at the end, so you can listen to all the songs to find the perfect one! Put on a playlist, grab a glass of wine and find the perfect song!

Sometimes a song can have great lyrics or a melody but isn’t right for a wedding – there are plenty of great options for instrumental or acoustic versions of the songs – or better yet, if you’re having live music, ask your band to cover one of your favorite songs. So many great ideas here…

These songs are perfect for rock and music fans. Retro vibes are all the rage right now, and we’ve got lots of fun options for those looking for a classic rock song – or something more contemporary!

Wedding Ceremony Songs + Scriptures

Here are some of our favorite ideas for couples who want their wedding to just scream: FUN. Don’t be afraid to do something different and unexpected!! Do you have a favorite movie or TV show? Make a song out of it! The bride above surprised her husband and had the entire congregation shake little tambourines and DANCE along the altar with her Father! WE LOVE IT!

You can listen to all the songs above on our Walk Down Songs playlist on Spotify!

Still looking for more music for your wedding? You can find 100 unique first dance songs for your wedding, 70 best mother son dance songs to play at your wedding, and 94 best father and daughter dance songs to play at your marriage. Happy listening! There is simply nothing better than the magic of that moment when the bride comes out to greet the groom… and the music that plays at that moment will stay with you and your guests forever.

Walk Down The Aisle Songs

Along with the music for your first dance, finding the right entrance song for your wedding can be one of the most important decisions in wedding planning.

The Best Wedding Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

That’s why we’ve created a great playlist to help you get inspired – listen to it here or download and save the infographic below to share and discuss with friends and family planning your wedding.

If you are looking for a talented musician, an amazing wedding singer, DJ or band, or want to hire a violinist or string quartet to play your favorite songs on your big day, fill out our application form here and we can come to them for you. Here you will also find the price list of this year’s wedding attractions, which will help you with your wedding budget.

We’ve got lots of other wedding planning tips too, including a month-by-month wedding planning checklist and a current feature that covers everything from wedding entertainment ideas for every part of the day to how much fun it will be. cost and how much space they will need.

We hope you enjoy our playlist and remember to contact us anytime if you need help planning entertainment or ordering event services for your big day.

Top 10 Wedding Party Entrance Songs

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Cookie Policy: Our website uses cookies to give you the best experience. To view our privacy policy, please click the “More Information” button. By continuing to use our website, you confirm and consent to this information. When most brides dream about their wedding day, the image depicts this beautiful walk down the aisle. As one of the most amazing experiences in a couple’s life, the wedding procession is the most magical part of any wedding day. From the look of the dress to the emotions of the bride, groom and even guests. This part of the wedding ceremony cannot be underestimated. The type of wedding songs you choose to go down the aisle will also contribute to the elegance of the procession and the atmosphere of the hall.

Couples usually choose wedding songs together. Songs that they love and songs that say something about their relationship and love for each other. The type of song can be determined by religious beliefs, wedding theme, and even culture. Whichever type you have in mind, we have quite a few here that might inspire you to find the best wedding songs to walk down the aisle.

Walk Down The Aisle Songs

For a fun-loving couple who is used to living and being the life of the party, the selection of songs for wedding marches can be interesting. This type of couple may gravitate towards fun and upbeat music. The kind of music that will make all the guests gurgle and make the wedding ceremony come alive.

Nontraditional And Unique Bridal Processional Songs

This type of music can vary from hip hop to reggae and even rock. Your guests know you and your personality, so it may not come as much of a surprise to them. You also don’t have to stick to tradition and play slow songs.

While there are plenty of classic, time-tested music that are the perfect choice for a wedding song going down the aisle, some new tunes do as well. Those old songs used to be new too, so it doesn’t hurt to add some modern music to your playlist. If you have favorite songs that resonate with you and your relationship, this may be the right music for your wedding entrance.

If you’re dreaming of a fairytale wedding, you might want to consider classic songs to walk down the aisle. The best classical pieces create the right mood and emotions of the perfect wedding procession, and finding one that captures the heart will not be difficult at all. Ballads, instrumentals, slow music like jazz or R&B love songs. There are so many to choose from and the classics will never let you down.

The actual song can be played as is or as an instrument. If you have a live band, even better. Using the right instruments, they should be able to recreate the classics you choose.

What Are Processional Songs For Walking Down The Aisle?

If you are planning a country themed wedding or really like all things country style then you need to consider country style wedding ceremony songs. Most country music has a tempo that suits almost every aspect of the wedding.

With plenty of amazing music on hand, from the classics to the most modern, you should be able to come up with an amazing list of country wedding songs to walk down the aisle. Come in to start the rest of your life with some “good” country songs.

Since you mostly include your friends, your wedding party would have some of your personality and you’d have a good idea of ​​songs they’d be happy to sing along to. Whether it’s traditional songs, religious music, non-traditional classics, or plain classics, wedding songs for bridesmaids should fit the theme of the wedding.

Walk Down The Aisle Songs

Whether you’re going for a rustic or bohemian wedding, a cathedral-style event or a casual outdoor ceremony.

Wedding Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To: 60 Tunes For Your Playlist

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