Wedding Aisle Candles

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Wedding Aisle Candles – We all know that candles are a very popular and timeless element in weddings of all kinds. It’s not just symbolic for religious or cultural weddings, but it can match any theme or color palette. Some couples even create a decor theme that focuses primarily on candles rather than the usual flowers. While white candles are the most common at weddings, candles come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and scents for brides and grooms to choose from. You can even meet with a candle maker to discuss a custom design or scent for individual wedding day candles.

No matter what kind of candles you live by, the candlelight will light up the room with love, creating depth and sexy ambiance. Here are some of our favorite ways to see candlelight displayed.

Wedding Aisle Candles

Wedding Aisle Candles

Whether you’re getting married in a church, temple, or outdoor space, your venue will look beautiful with a variety of candlesticks displayed in each row. Place them in decorative lamps or vases for added detail and security.

Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Aisle

Whether you need tall candles or tall decorations in general, branched candles are an elegant and beautiful thing. You can place them on any table you like and decorate them with greenery, flowers, gemstones and other decorations.

If you want subtle candle lights and/or very low centerpieces, small candles will always light up the table without overwhelming the decor scheme. Be sure to place them on holders so the wax doesn’t run down on the sheets.

Putting candles in water is a habit you probably won’t follow. Guests won’t immediately appreciate the decor, but it’s very cheap and easy to make.

This is the perfect option if you don’t want to choose between flowers and candles. The florist will ensure that your arrangements are safe and that the melted wax does not destroy the floral display. Lights4fun, Inc. 10

Surrounding your stunning combination with a candlelight is eye-catching and elegant. If you don’t want to clutter each table with candles, this takes up a lot of space.

Many places feature dazzling chandeliers or other decorative hanging lights. However, you can request the inclusion of your own suspended decor with light fixtures. If you feel more comfortable, you can use LED lights that simulate a real candle.

For more wedding ideas, find out how to create a unique and memorable event, find 15 ideas to customize your party, and learn 10 ways to make your small wedding big. It’s no secret that candles convey love, calm and comfort wherever they are available. used. So why wouldn’t you want to use them to decorate one of the best days of your life? From the smallest tea lights to the biggest options, candles bring beauty and elegance to any event and reception. It’s no wonder it’s the decor choice for so many couples.

Wedding Aisle Candles

In addition to providing a soft glow, candles bring many other benefits to the big day. One more benefit? They look great anywhere. Whether you place candles in front of your altar, line your aisle or hang them above your reception table, these bright decorations elevate any element of your event. They even make a big impact when used in even the smallest of ways. Just look behind the scenes at Magnolia and Grace Events to prove it. The artisans used short candles and two Stems Florist vines to create a truly beautiful yet understated decorative moment.

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Another thing we love about candles? They work for both indoor and outdoor weddings, which makes them very versatile. If you’re hosting your evening reception or outdoor event, use them to guide guests to their seats. Couples planning a winter event should consider ahead of time an idea for cold weather, which involves installing lit candles inside the venue’s centerpiece. If the following photos prove anything, it’s that candles are a great addition to any area of ​​your big day’s decor. Whether you decide to wear them alone or with an intricate floral arrangement, the results will be spectacular.

This altar is breathtaking in its own right, but Love & Splendor brought out the grandeur of the place by placing candles on each marble step.

If your venue has a pool, think of it as a blank canvas for floating candles, especially if you’re planning an evening wedding. Know that you can never have too much either – Flying Bride used 100 for a poolside reception.

Tara Guérard Soirée proves that candles work just as well outdoors as they do indoors. This little piece provided enough light to show off the guests at the reception (and provided a great photo opportunity!).

Seattle Floral Design Seattle Weddings Northwest Luxuary Ceremony Circle Arch Aisle Candles Northwest Luxury Classic Romantic Hanging Flowers Orchids White Cream Greenery · Seattle Floral Design

As the sun goes down on your wedding day, you’ll need something to light up your photos. Candles on this jet add a soft glow to already romantic sunsets – and make for a better photo.

Looking for the perfect way to add light to your reception desk? Try hanging tea lights from your tall centerpiece like Lavender & Rose and Miss Rose by Perrine.

Lighting your night reception is no easier than lighting candles along the perimeter of the venue. Jenna Lam Events planned this luminescent show.

Wedding Aisle Candles

Want to make the most of your property’s stairs? Do like Kate and Campbell Weddings Special Flower Specialists and turn it into an event to remember by placing candles on each stage and adding lots of flowers.

How To Incorporate Candlelight In Your Wedding Décor

Since all eyes will be on the nightstand, you can (and should!) get creative with how you decorate with candles. White Eden Weddings and Sisters and Blush Floral Designs hang tea lights from the tree structure for an ethereal feel.

If you’re holding your reception at night, consider asking your calligrapher to turn hurricanes of glass into a unique seating chart (Sophie’s Love Books did it!). Once the candles are lit, participants will be able to find their seats easily.

Candles look just as beautiful during the day as they do at night, as evidenced by this display by Taryn Leach and Bloom of Time.

While there are many ways to decorate your space with candles, we especially love this look from Luxe & Luna. Small groups are placed on round plates and emphasized with small pieces of green.

Candlelit Indoor Garden Wedding With Classic Femme Touches ⋆ Ruffled

For a creative new idea, follow the lead of Jesi Haack Design and Smilebooth and hang colorful ribbon candles on a black backdrop for your reception photo booth.

Chandeliers – like those designed by Northwood Events, Christine Wheat and Renaissance Floral Design – are a traditional and impressive way to display candles during your big day.

Swirls come in many shapes – including these geometric options that will make your candles look a little lighter. Westcott Weddings used them to anchor both sides of the ceremony with flowers by Clementine Botanical Art.

Wedding Aisle Candles

Stuck inside but still want to feel like you’re in the middle of nature? When designing your event space, bring the outdoors in as well. Victoria Ann Events and InBlume brought a natural and romantic vibe to this service through the use of vines and candles.

Stunning Ways To Use Flameless Candles For Wedding Aisles

Enjoy your fireplace regardless of the time or location of your wedding. Jessica Sloane changed the sailwood at this spring celebration in Miami; they cast a warm light on the Old World scene.

Guide guests to your open-air reception along a dreamy, candlelit path, à la esta Stefanie Cove and Company.

In a clean and airy event space, placing candles on the altar (as done by Luxe Paris Events here) will help set the mood.

Make your already drab space stand out by turning the structure into a dimly lit flower space. La Belle Fleur and Life in Bloom events add green wreath, a mix of candles and small hydrangea arrangements to this remarkable entrance.

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Storms of different heights and widths create a dynamic display of quality. For more visual interest, place long strands of ivy between each candle, like Anthology Floristry has done here.

Enjoy your pool by lighting it with floating candles. Flying Bride does just that, creating the perfect outdoor setting for this summer wedding.

You (and your guests!) will feel like royalty as you walk down its green, candlelit steps. The specialists at Bistro de Flores designed this grand entrance.

Wedding Aisle Candles

In spaces without much natural light, candles can add a soft, lively glow to a room. Take this Jenna Lam Events setup for example. He placed candles on the floor and under the window for an ethereal vibe.

Minimalist Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

You don’t need hundreds of candles to make an impact. This little set of stairs still looks shiny thanks to the white roses from Splendor of Eden. Candles are known for the warm, inviting glow they bring to a space. It is impossible to fall under the spell of the table lit by the fascination of the burning sea. To accompany our renewed vision for 2021, we decided to reconsider classic decor. Designed to speak with a modern sensibility, the following examples, all from the archives of Real BB Weddings, will have you feeling a little lost in the sands of time and more ready for tonight.

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