Wedding Smokey Eye

Sunday, October 16th 2022. | Weddings

Wedding Smokey Eye – Listen up ladies, 2019 is the age of the educated consumer. With beauty posts, Pinterest articles, and YouTube tutorials galore, more and more women are turning to online beauty communities for advice and guidance.

And brides are DIYing on their big day, so why not? Who knows your face better than you!

Wedding Smokey Eye

Wedding Smokey Eye

So today I’m going to give you this step-by-step guide on how to achieve your smoky dream perfect for your wedding day.

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Start with a clean eyelid. I went ahead and set my shadow and used a light translucent powder to help catch any eyeshadow particles that fall under the eye. Alternatively, you can do the eyes first and then follow your foundation.

Open your eyelids. In this example, I used MAC Paintpot in the vintage selection. Depending on your age and skin type, you can choose a more matte one.

The best trick for this is to apply most of the product on the lid and blend the rest towards the brow bone. I used a domed brush. But fingers work just as well. Make sure your foundation is applied evenly. This ensures that everything lasts all day and doesn’t fade.

Using an airbrush, pick up a medium brown shade and start patting the color into the outer V or “fold”. Start small, because less is more! Many artists prefer a windshield wiper motion when blending, but tapping will give you a cleaner blend. When most of the pigment is in the outer corner, start blending the rest of the shadow towards the inner corner of the eye.

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After rendering the first shade, take a clean blending brush to smooth the edges. We want to create a kind of “beige rainbow”.

Next, take a small brush with a slightly darker brown color. Place the outer folds in a small V shape. It should be as follows:

Take the original blending brush you used to apply the first eye color and blend. Using a tapping motion, soften the outer corner so it fades a little.

Wedding Smokey Eye

(For drama queens) Using a small, dense brush, add a deep shade of brown in a small V shape to the outer corner. It should look like this:

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Use the same original soft brush to blend the dark brown color into the crease. Try to stick to the shape you used when mixing so you don’t mix the colors together. If you’re worried about losing pigment, blend lightly until you achieve your desired smoke and replace with a darker eyeshadow. After connecting, it should look like this

Using a flat brush or your finger, pick up a shimmery gold eyeshadow and add it to the lid near the brown. Also make sure to leave some open space in the inner corner for a shadow.

Using a small, clean brush, pick up a light gold eyeshadow and add it to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone. I used Amrezy x Anastasia Beverly Hills cheek highlighter.

Using a soft, long-lasting brown pencil, start from the outside of the lid and work inward. Start thin and work up to desired thickness. Immediately after applying the liner, use a smudge brush to blend and smooth the liner. You can use dark brown eyeshadow to soften the line.

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Take a dark brown eye shadow, work a little on the brown liner and blend it into the crease. It ties the look together.

Now that you’ve covered most of the eyeshadow, you can now take a small, soft face brush and brush away any excess powder, including any build-up.

Now if you’re feeling bold, take the same brown eyeliner and add it to the upper waterline. It helps conceal false lashes and thickens the lash line.

Wedding Smokey Eye

Apply the same brown liner on the lower lashline and waterline. Immediately, take the smudge brush to soften the liner and blend it along the lashes so there are no bare spots.

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Take one of the medium brown shades and apply it along the lashline to soften and create a gradient like the upper lid.

First, take clean eyelashes out of the case and place them on your lids without glue. Check if they are the correct length or need to be cut. If so, cut from the outer corner and remove a little bit if you don’t get the strip length that suits your eye.

Please note: Always cut the lash strip from the outer corner, as the inner corner of the strip should be shorter and help the lashes look more natural.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the base of the lid. Wait for the glue to set. Take a pair of tweezers and lash from the center of the band.

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Apply strips first to the center of the lid, as close as possible to your natural lashes. Then take the tweezers and “drag and tuck” the corners like this:

After successfully attaching the eyelashes, wait a minute for the glue to dry. To help the lashes blend in more smoothly with you: Take an eyelash curler and blend the lashes together with your eyes. Next, apply mascara to the upper and lower lids.

Add pale gold to the tear duct and cover the lash line with a little more eyeliner or brown shadow.

Wedding Smokey Eye

Dada! did you Remember, practice makes perfect. Before you head out, be sure to give this look a test run and make sure to allow yourself plenty of time on the big day. God speed ladies. Smokey eye is always a trendy choice when it comes to bridal makeup. Makeup is perfect for a bold bride who wants to be glamorous, dramatic and make a statement. If you choose the right color shades, smoky wedding makeup gives an attractive and elegant look. Colors like black, gray and brown are great choices to create the perfect smoky effect.

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The trick to creating the perfect smoky eye effect is to blend your colors until they are perfect and seamless. Also, blend the makeup into the crease of the eyelid and blur it out for an intense effect. For more information on how to achieve the perfect smokey makeup for weddings, read on.

Achieving smokey eye makeup can be tricky. First, prep and moisturize your skin, apply the right smokey eyeshadows like gray or black and blend well to avoid harsh lines between your skin and the eyeshadow.

Of course. Smokey eye makeup is a popular makeup choice for brides. They are perfect for weddings. Brides should give their face a light skin care treatment to prepare them for the facial on the big day and help smooth the process.

There is a natural wedding makeup for every wedding style. From spring, summer or winter weddings to bohemian, rustic or modern weddings. Natural bridal makeup with smoky eyes is a great way to bring out your natural beauty and accentuate your facial features. This type of makeup is suitable for all skin tones, and brides with sensitive skin won’t be left out.

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You can use a neutral eyeshadow on your lids, then a pale peach shade on the inner corners of your eyes. One of the many advantages of this makeup is that it suits any eye color or hair color.

The softest and most natural way to create a soft smokey eye wedding makeup is to use light smokey eye makeup ideas. Make full use of the shades of makeup shadows and soften the boundaries.

You can use black eyeshadow as your base, then blend the color with a sponge or brush, or blend it all in with your fingers. Finish by giving your eyes a little definition with mascara and eyelash glue, or you can create an even softer look by using two shades of black eyeshadow instead. Apply one shade all over the lid and add another shade to the crease of the eyelid. Mix the two colors so that they are a smoky color.

Wedding Smokey Eye

If you want to go further in creating a soft smoky eye, add some brown or gold eyeshadow to your lids. We recommend these combinations for blue, green or brown eyes.

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Brides who want to add drama and edge to their look and stand out from the crowd can opt for smoky glow bridal makeup. Smoky glam bridal makeup is all about the smokey eye, which is the part where you can create some drama and make a statement.

The smoky glam eye is one of the most popular makeup looks on the runway and in magazines, so this look has become a staple for brides.

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