What To Wear For A Hiking Proposal

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What To Wear For A Hiking Proposal – I guess I should start with some background on this. A lot of people wonder how this actually works – how did you dress her in that hiking outfit without her knowing? Background – I’ve known Marshall and his family as long as T-Ball. I hadn’t seen him in a long time, but when he and his girlfriend graduated from college, they moved back to the PNW and joined the gym I was at. She is also an excellent yoga and fitness instructor and our paths are bound to cross at some point. A few weeks before this meeting, she contacted me about photographing a yoga event she was running. Unfortunately I wasn’t up for it but reconnecting with her was very easy. After Marshall told me he wanted to propose, I went back to her. I told her that I knew I couldn’t join a yoga event, but I needed a couple for a fashion shoot and I wondered if they’d be interested (and more importantly, if she thought she could convince Marshall to do it. ; )) Meanwhile, I told Marshall to calm down. He had to shrug and act like you didn’t want to do that. I think he did a really good job, she finally confirmed it was working.

We met on the trail one weeknight after work and hiked up in casual hiking clothes. We were definitely sweating by the time we got to the top, it was a beautiful April day and the sun was setting. I like walking with couples because there is a lot of time to get to know them and talk. I heard all about their relationship on the way up and was even more excited to get to the top. We took their clothes out of their bags and went behind a tree to change them.

What To Wear For A Hiking Proposal

What To Wear For A Hiking Proposal

I directed and choreographed similar regular shoots. I tend to do a lot of movement-based “poses”, where they interact rather than statically, so the proposal part is much easier. I told Marshall that I would take them somewhere and he would know when the time came. I pointed Kesha to the edge of the rock and told Marshall that I would come up behind her and hug her, and she would melt and hug him. She was standing facing away from us. I winked at Marshall because that was it. He knelt down, holding his breath, struggling briefly to get the ring out of his pocket. She continued to stand facing away from us. There was a split second where I wasn’t sure if she would ever turn around if she ever wondered what was holding her back. Marshall coughed slightly to get her attention and she turned slowly to find him on one knee asking her to marry him. I was too far away to hear the words, but I could only feel the emotion and excitement emanating from them. There were about 10 people behind me who also took the moment and cheered for them.

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The walk was full of wedding stories and I think Kesha asked if it was true about seven times. She said it all felt like a dream and she didn’t realize it would hit her until she woke up the next day. This was definitely a trip to remember, I love these two people and they have been my good friends for the past year and I am so excited for their wedding this summer!

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Perhaps the trickiest part of a marriage proposal is where to do it. Would you like to submit an idea? simple? Group setting? close? There’s a lot to consider—and it’s on the stress of the real life-changing issue. Therefore, the best plan of action is to always stick to what you and your partner like to do together. Do you enjoy hiking, fishing or being outside? There are endless outdoor proposal ideas to help you plan a special, romantic and completely unforgettable moment.

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When it comes to an outdoor proposal, make sure the park, sidewalk, or area you want to use doesn’t require a permit. If a permit is required, check with the city to see if there is an application or fee to use the area.

Plus, a proposal in nature takes the stress out of many other issues in planning. No need to worry about planning or paying for decorations – beautiful scenery will help! – or emphasize how you’ll stage the moment (it can build on something the two of you are already doing).

“Choose an outdoor location that is meaningful to both of you—the place where you first met, where you had your first kiss, or where you first said ‘I love you,'” suggests Faith Folayan of this romantic feast. From there, the setup is easy: lay down the blanket and have a picnic for two!

What To Wear For A Hiking Proposal

The best part about proposing while hiking is that it’s really easy to surprise the event. If you and your partner hike regularly, consider the long game and propose a few months before the proposal that you both take turns picking a hiking spot. A few months later, when it’s your turn to pick a venue, you can make sure you’ve picked the right time, scene, and location for the proposal. Plus, you can propose with just the two of you or meet up with friends and family after the hike.

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Make your procession even more magical by adding some fairy lights, suggests Kayla Hoy, who isn’t your basic bride. “Battery-powered string lights that run anywhere from $5 to $10 can be strung across branches with LED candles and blankets. Twilight is the perfect time to do it, and you’ll have the perfect romantic warm glow!

Camping is an incredibly romantic experience if there are a few key elements. Plan your trip at a time of the year when the weather is considered suitable, pack delicious food and drinks, cozy blankets and whatever else you need, and the experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Want to make your trip more romantic? Pick an evening that’s ideal for stargazing and pack a telescope. Wait for the shooting star and then ask a question.

Eating out can be one of the most romantic activities if you plan it right. Consider grabbing your partner’s favorite takeout (or cooking, if that’s your thing), packing a basket, and heading out for the evening (or morning or afternoon) together. Whether you disguise travel as duty and surprise a picnic, or disguise it as any old date night, the evening will be perfect. Of course, make sure you pack the champagne.

As Hoey suggests, Christmas tree shopping (or any outdoor activity) can be a wonderful way to surprise your partner with a proposal.

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“From sneaking rings or ring box ornaments onto your Christmas tree at the farm or wherever you put trees, to the stunning backdrop created by evergreens and white/gray skies, this is a lovely holiday themed idea that’s down to you. ‘Love on a budget or a spontaneous moment,’ he says.

At first glance, fishing may not seem as romantic as other outdoor activities—but that makes it perfect for a surprise. If you and your loved one like fishing, you can disguise this activity as a picnic. If it’s your hobby rather than your significant other’s, that’s fine too. This will make the proposal more surprising. Either way, they will join together in water. Plan your trip around sunrise or sunset and it will be incredibly memorable.

Again, there is nothing wrong with proposing with water. Whether you rent a vintage canoe on a nearby lake, a small speedboat to take to the bay, or a full sailboat for an evening on the water, the experience will be special, memorable, and incredibly romantic.

What To Wear For A Hiking Proposal

Remember – the more unusual something looks, the more likely it is

Zion National Park Surprise Proposal — Kyle Loves Tori Photography

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