Where Does The Bachelorette Get Her Clothes

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Some participants spend thousands of dollars on new clothes. Some ask brands to give them free clothes for exposure.

Where Does The Bachelorette Get Her Clothes

Where Does The Bachelorette Get Her Clothes

Contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette must donate all of their clothing, including 10 weeks’ worth of dresses. ABC

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In the 13th season of The Bachelorette, the ABC show in which several men compete for the chance to find love, the contestant who was eliminated in the first episode complained about what she will miss: modeling of all the cool clothes she bought. show.

“I’m just disappointed. It’s just a waste of time, that’s what upsets me the most,” Milton, 31, a Florida hotel entertainment manager, told the camera through tears. I wanted to get dressed. I can’t even show them, you know? [He’s] probably the best-dressed guy out there.

For those watching at home, Milton’s statement may sound funny, and maybe even shallow – the contestants go on the show to look for a woman, and he cries because he can’t show his good qualities ? – but it makes a lot of sense.

, are instructed to bring and pack at least 10 weeks of show clothes for all seasons and events as they are often taken to exotic locations such as France, Finland and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They also have to wear casual clothes for 10 cocktail parties and “rose parties,” a sad ritual where the boyfriend or girlfriend chooses who can compete with them by giving them a rose. .

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Some participants spend a lot of money on clothes, sometimes take out credit card debt, or take out second mortgages on their homes to finance their clothes in search of love. Others borrow clothes from friends and family. And increasingly, some participants borrow clothes from brands and sell free clothes for social media exposure.

Steve Carbone, the blogger who runs the popular TV spoiler website Reality Steve, told me he’s heard this a few times. “There are women who are already working in the fashion industry and go to stores and say, ‘Hey, lend me a dress, I’ll wear it in the show, as soon as it starts I’ll wear it.’ Instagram [and say] where did I get it,” Carbone said. “I don’t think they’re getting paid to wear it, but the company is lending them to advertise on the show.”

Carbone theory continues. The social media following for contestants — especially those who are villains or fan favorites — tends to skyrocket after they go on the show, even if they only manage a few episodes, and Free publicity can be attractive. a large audience. CableTV.com found that:

Where Does The Bachelorette Get Her Clothes

The contestants’ followers can grow by hundreds of thousands once the show starts. (Each season, at least one character is accused of being absent for “the right reasons” — by going on the show to raise their social status, not to find love.)

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, contestants are not allowed to announce their attendance on the show, which makes it difficult to get brand support.

He told me: “We’re signing a big NDA [non-disclosure] agreement where we can’t tell anyone that we’ve been cast and we’re going to start filming. “I was able to talk to the ‘ a few, local people, and I said, ‘I’d love to sponsor your store so you can get some exposure in the coming months. Just trust me.'” Her plan worked. “My clothes many were borrowed; they were not given to me,” he said. “It’s a matter of trust that you have to build and keep secret at the same time.”

Bekah Martinez, a 22-year-old actress whose style and ability to laugh at the insanity of the top.

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She quickly turned her into a fan favorite, saying she borrowed clothes to go to the show. “Knowing that there’s the possibility of going to the program for two months and not making any money during that time – I’m not working, but I still have to pay my rent and all my living expenses – there was no how I can save a lot of money. several thousand dollars worth of clothes,” she told Glamour.

Since Martinez’s boss worked in the fashion industry, he was able to pick up beautiful clothes for free. “She sent me to several showrooms where I could get samples of different dresses to borrow for the show,” Martinez said. “After the show I had to collect everything and take it back to the theater – it was their models for the models and photo shoots and things like that.”

Even if she could borrow a dozen outfits, Martinez still had to buy shoes, makeup and other accessories. She said she spent about $700 or $800 on heels and makeup, but “I was broke, I sent everything back with labels” after let him be sent back home.

Where Does The Bachelorette Get Her Clothes

The contestants have different strategies for deciding what to wear on set. Dana Weiss, a blogger who ran the website Possessionista, sums it up:

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And broke down where the contestants’ outfits come from, Mic told me that some choose to wear their best outfits up front because they never know when they’ll be taken off.

, she told me that she decided to wear her best dress on the first night. “Cocktail parties are not as good as people think,” he said. “Accessories can make things look really good. It’s definitely the first night out, it’s the one dress you want to spend your money on.”

Maquel Cooper, Utah’s season 22 star, says she saved her best dress. “For that first dress, I contacted the company and [asked] if they would be willing to do something – a discount or give it to me for free,” she said; they gave him a discount. “And then I grabbed every kind of cocktail dress I had, and I got two more. I have cheap dresses from H&M . The week I got knocked up, I ended up wearing my favorite dress. So I was like, ‘I’m going to freak out.’

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She also borrowed dresses from other contestants, as the producers had informed her in advance that contestants often change clothes in the main house. “Usually you don’t realize girls take off their clothes,” he said.

, changing clothes is not always an option, as many of them have their usual clothes for rose ceremonies. Lucas Yancey, contestant on Season 13 of

, said she was able to get a 20 percent discount on tailoring, but ended up spending a few thousand dollars on clothes.

Where Does The Bachelorette Get Her Clothes

“You have to buy all your stuff, $3,000 to $5,000 in clothes, depending on what you’re willing to spend,” Yancey said, adding that freelancing is difficult for people who don’t already have a large following. social media and they can’t. reveal why they need clothes or what they will do with them. “If you’re not proven, you don’t have that many fans, what do you have [brands to offer]? You should have gone with the first part.”

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Season 21, who wore a shark costume during the first rose ceremony, said that he did not think about giving products when he went to the show. “I was a poor student when I went to the program, so I give a shout out to [mom] Tracy Waters for helping me,” she said. “He was very angry when I wore a shark costume. He said, “Bitch, I spent so much money on your clothes and you come out with a $39.99 sharkskin dress!”

And, Waters added, she wasn’t wearing the nice clothes her mother had bought her. “I ended up wearing pajamas every day because I was desperate every day, so all the money Tracy Waters spent was wasted,” she said.

When participants aren’t on dates or cocktail parties, they’re usually at home, where drinks are always available – after all, drunken participants equal more drama. “I wore these blue Juicy pants every day,” Waters said. “If I didn’t go out, I didn’t care. There were girls who were active every day, and then I didn’t know makeup, I was slathering on Pedialyte.’

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