Any Greek Orthodox Brides I Have So Many Questions

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Any Greek Orthodox Brides I Have So Many Questions – A wedding photographer for those who are grateful and graceful, who are bold enough to laugh and love. I live in a quaint suburb of Greenville, SC. I live intentionally in my faith, my family, and my money. I fantasize about sunsets from the kitchen window, long conversations with mom, elementary school kisses and dates with a redhead. I’m excited about the crunchy peanut butter on the spoon and the closing of the apple clockwork circles (if you know, you know). I am happy to share the love stories of sweet couples with you and hope to inspire you on your own unique journey.

Last year I loved every second I spent getting to know Katherine and Eric. During their married experience, they were kind and confidential. They are also amazing with themselves in front of the camera! Natural chemistry cannot be hidden! I am beyond grateful for these two!!!

Any Greek Orthodox Brides I Have So Many Questions

Any Greek Orthodox Brides I Have So Many Questions

It is clear that their family and friends share a deep love and connection with Katherine and Eric. That’s why when Covid-19 hit, it was a devastating task to reduce the 500-person guest list to a much smaller one, which dwindled over the months.

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Despite the wedding planning challenges, it was a lot of fun on November 7th! When I arrived at Katherine’s parents’ house, there was excitement in every room as her bridesmaids were getting ready. Cotton Rouge complements every lady’s makeup and hair. Everything comes together and looks charming and romantic.

After the church pictures, the emotional walk down the aisle ends with a proud, confident father giving his daughter to the man of her dreams. In any Greek wedding ceremony, I appreciate the depth of tradition and the promises made during the symbolic hour.

Their reception was filled with equal parts joy and laughter. The fans’ toasts caused many tears. Then it’s time to dance with the Greek band and DJ. It’s a night of dancing and endless food. If you’re familiar with Greek weddings, you know it doesn’t end when the sparklers come out. The party continued well into the night!

On their perfect autumn day, we spent the last moments of the day taking portraits of the husband and wife! LOVE!

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Downtown Greenville SC Wedding Photographer, Downtown Greenville Wedding, Wedding Photography Greek Orthodox Wedding, I Do, St. George Greek Orthodox Wedding For couples planning a Greek wedding, a wealth of Greek wedding traditions to choose from for your big day. Whether you’re planning a wedding ceremony in Greece, looking for an Eastern Orthodox church for your ceremony, or simply want to weave some Greek culture into a secular celebration, the traditions of Greek ceremonies are full of cultural meaning. From food to dance to religious traditions and back, she reaches for the tambourine to join in the fun before it’s all said and done.

The custom of placing a delicate white crown on the bride and groom’s head began in the 11th century and is still one of the most important Greek wedding customs. Greek wedding ceremonies are an elaborate tradition with crowns. First, the priest places a crown on the head of the pregnant and the pregnant. After all, the

, or wedding sponsor, intertwine the crowns three times to symbolize the union of the couple. Finally, the crowns are tied with a ribbon.

Any Greek Orthodox Brides I Have So Many Questions

He often gives out a small lapel with a little ribbon to the wedding party. Traditional Greek designs are white, blue or pink, and many have a small cross in the middle. These are intended to represent the holiness to which the wedding party bears witness.

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Food is one of the most important Greek wedding traditions! While Greek Brits can choose from a rich and varied range of local dishes, certain dishes are more often featured on a traditional Greek wedding menu. Yuvetsi lamb or beef stew with orzo; Tiropita is cheese pasta, and baklava is naturally sweetened with honey and fruit.

This festive wedding dance has the same name as the ancient Greek folk dance, but it has a special and beautiful meaning for a Greek wedding. The bride stands in the center with her MOH immediately to the left, and the female wedding guests hold hands and surround them. Although it’s only for women, there may be some people joining them.

Addressed to the groom, groomsmen, groomsmen and other men at the reception. It’s such a round dance

And it is customary for non-joiners to kneel and clap to the music while the bridegroom dances.

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Once the wedding reception is in full swing, the traditional Greek wedding dollar dance is performed. One of the Greek-American traditions brought from Greece, this is a competitive dance between newlyweds, the reward of which is the guests throwing dollar bills on the dance floor or putting them on clothes. This is completely optional for guests and not a substitute for wedding favors, but rather a fun, symbolic way to congratulate the couple on their new marriage.

For many Greek wedding guests, the tradition of giving candy-coated almonds as wedding favors is a memorable aspect of a Greek wedding. This is called a pagan wedding tradition

And has been associated with Eastern Orthodox weddings for more than three thousand years. The salty-sweet combination reflects the ups and downs and the hope that it will be sweet rather than bitter. Couples often offer an odd number of tonsils to acknowledge the immeasurable strength of their marriage, as five is the most traditional number. Each almond represents their hopes for their lives: health, happiness, fertility, wealth and longevity.

Any Greek Orthodox Brides I Have So Many Questions

In order to help you choose exactly which wedding anniversary concept is best for you, we will detail the history and symbolism of the most popular options.

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Are you wondering what order to walk down the aisle at your wedding? This is how different religions and cultures handle the wedding ceremony.

If you’ve ever wondered why men and women sit separately, or why a couple might consult an astrologer before setting a wedding date, read this.

If you are planning a virtual wedding, you can adopt many wedding styles. Here are some of our favorites. If you are wondering what the traditional beliefs of a Greek wedding are, and what are some of the many Greek wedding traditions, then read on.

Before marriage, the couple must choose a koumbaro (male) or a koumbara (female). They are the equivalent of best man or maid of honor, but in Greek culture they mean much more than that.

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First, you must be baptized in the Greek word because you must participate in the ceremony (read more about this in the section on the wedding ceremony). In addition, it is normal for either the groom or the father of the bride to take on this role, but if it is not easy for him, a family member or a close friend will ask him.

There is usually one koumbaro, but some priests allow two. They perform some of the rituals during the wedding ceremony and are said to be the grandfather or mother of the couple’s first child in the future. The koumbaro or koumbara also receives the honor of baptizing the firstborn.

Many rituals are performed before the wedding. A day or two before the wedding, the couple’s bed is made, and they do it in a small, interesting way.

Any Greek Orthodox Brides I Have So Many Questions

Friends and family members are asked to perform the ritual of bedspreading at the home where the couple will live after the marriage. Only an unmarried woman who lives with both parents can take part in making the bed, and when it is done, the husband must visit to see if he is satisfied. If he doesn’t like the bed, then women should start over. This is repeated until the groom does not like what he sees.

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When the bed is ready, the other guests are called into the bedroom. Money, rose petals, koufeta (candied almonds) and rice are sold on the bed, all of which represent a good start in the couple’s life, and the wedding party will establish their roots and stay together forever. Finally, the baby is placed on the bed for a short time to give the couple a chance to conceive. It is said that the couple’s first child has the same relationship with what they put on the bed.

Preparations are being made at the groom’s family home. She washed up and sat down on a chair in the middle of the room where she had to get dressed. Don’t wear anything but your shirt and don’t wear your own clothes. Your friends and family do

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