Backdrop Wedding Ceremony

Tuesday, September 20th 2022. | Weddings

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Hilary Hofwer is a writer with over six years of experience in the wedding industry. Her work has also appeared on Bridal Guide and WeddingWire.

Backdrop Wedding Ceremony

Backdrop Wedding Ceremony

Photo: Carle Jain Photography; Planning and design by Rock & Stone Weddings; flower design Colibri Blooms; Background from Backcountry Bohemians

Amina Craft Custom Wedding Ceremony Iron Metal Frame Flower Stand Wedding Decoration Backdrop

Wedding backdrops have become so much more than the garments they used to be. To frame the newlyweds as they exchange vows, they can also be who you want them to be – just let your personality as a couple or your wedding style guide you.

If you want to showcase your creativity, consider a unique wallpaper installation or an abstract painting to create an artistic vibe. If you’re having a casual ceremony outdoors, a rustic wooden archway or a romantic flower altar can enhance the setting. We especially love wedding background walls because you can adapt them to any theme! We’ve seen it all – wheat walls, flower walls, green walls and more – and you can recreate it at the main table at a reception or as a photo backdrop! But it is not always necessary to revive your altar. Sometimes stunning natural scenery, such as a raging ocean or high mountains, is enough.

From simple to opulent, here are 30 wedding backdrops sure to inspire you—whatever your style!

There is something about the modern yet natural backdrop of the desert that we love. The couple streamlined their look with a simple copper frame and an asymmetrical dry palm accent.

Ceremony Backdrops That You Will Love

Photo by Merari Photography; Design and planning by Gardi Abraira Sea Flowers and Events; Floral design by Sea Flowers

Half minimal, half maxi, this rounded backdrop is a tropical dream. Monstera leaves, greenery, white roses and tulips decorate the crescent-shaped backdrop for a modern look. Widen your gaze in a semi-circle to create a sense of intimacy at the altar.

Be creative with your hanging flower arch. White flowers hanging at different lengths keep things simple, creating an unexpected look of classic elegance.

Backdrop Wedding Ceremony

Want to impress? Do it with an amazing display! This wedding backdrop is especially unique because it unexpectedly combines shapes, colors and materials for an overall #winning combination.

Lomana Heart Shaped Wedding Arch Backdrop Stand

There is no need to get creative with your wedding backdrop when nature does all the work for you. This gorgeous palm tree is all that is needed for the ceremony, but we learn how the couple adorned it with a semi-circle of palm leaves to enhance the look. Even if your wedding is not in the tropics, any giant tree, be it oak or willow, will impress.

Photo by K.R. Moreno; Planning Cathy Gregg Events & Company; Floral and festive design by Ines and Mary

Take inspiration from outside the garden. Large arrangements of white duchess peonies, viburnum, playa blanca roses, white majolica spray roses, tulips and foxgloves sit on an acrylic base for a stunning altarpiece that combines traditional and contemporary looks.

Photo by Forged in the North; Design and planning Jove Mayor Events; Floral design by Don Lee

Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Gold White Marble Texture Pink Flower Engagement Party Personalized Photography Background Decoration|background|

We meet the sunset in this chuppah! Yellow, orange, pale pink and white chrysanthemum flowers create a sunny palette in an ombre floral curtain – the perfect complement to an evening ceremony.

Why spend money on a backdrop for a ceremony if your venue already has one? If your space has rich architecture or a unique design, look for an impressive entrance to make a statement. You can always add a few touches, as the bride did with pink peony accents.

We think this gorgeous Hawaiian wedding backdrop would be complemented by banyan trees and endless ocean views, but this couple went even further with gorgeous vintage wooden surfboards that served as two elements of the ceremony.

Backdrop Wedding Ceremony

A custom-made wall of vibrant whites and greens completes this tropical oasis in the ceremony area. Pro Tip: Redo the ceremony wall at the reception as a photo backdrop! We love a gorgeous statement piece that not only enhances your wedding design but also saves money.

Wedding Arch/wedding Arbor/rustic Wedding Arch With Platform Stands In

Artistic couples, this idea is for you! The couple got married in an art gallery amid bold artwork. If you’re feeling this contemporary style, check out what art galleries are available in your city as a venue, or get creative and create your own masterpiece with canvas and paint.

The couple kept their background simple so their altarpiece could shine. Their florist made it from copper pipes, decorated with greenery and white flowers to give it a perfect and romantic look.

Photo by Heather Warska of the Wedding Artist Company; Design and planning BK Events; Floral design from floral design

We crave nice pampas grass accents, especially when they include a wedding backdrop. Pampas grass mixed with burgundy and pink fall flowers adds an unexpected element to this wedding foliage.

Stunning Wedding Ceremony Arches And Photo Backdrop Decor

Photo by Lorken Kendall; Design and planning: Dahlia Bastian of Eventia; Floral Design by Mae Cordova Events

A rich wall full of greenery can work wonders as a wedding backdrop. Pair it with potted cacti, bohemian rugs, and altar lanterns for an indie vibe.

A structured chuppah brings a modern twist to this garden ceremony, but our favorite element is the greenery swing with orchids and callas that make it beautiful.

Backdrop Wedding Ceremony

This wedding backdrop is low, with two curved potted vines. The simple look has a botanical minimalist touch that pairs perfectly with the couple’s Scandinavian style paired with the rainforest. Let this inspire you to combine two seemingly opposite tastes!

Epic Diy Wedding Backdrops And Ideas

A wrought-iron gazebo on the territory of a French castle evokes the romance of the old world. Gypsophila, white local garden roses, greenery and snow-white curtains breathe new life into this vintage treasure. If you’re looking for a wedding venue, we recommend researching the grounds of a castle or estate before booking a venue – you might find the wedding scenery of your dreams there!

A laid-back wedding on the beach calls for the same liberating décor. This wedding backdrop featured dreamcatchers and macrame fluttering in the wind. Complete the look with pampas grass street signs.

Photo by Sara Falugo; Design and Planning Mindy Weiss Party Consultants; Floral design by Arts District Floral

This large wreath of pampas grass is pure jungle magic, especially against the backdrop of towering redwoods. The couple chose a six-foot ring to represent their “eternal and everlasting love.” It was time for the reception, and for full effect they took him to their sweetheart’s table.

Wedding Ceremony Arbor Floral Wedding Backdrop Floral

Photo by Kate Hadley; Design and planning – Victoria Shtahlevits, Events by Honeybee; Floral design by Susan McCleery

Elegant and decadent, this 8 by 8 flower wall is absolutely everything. The bride wanted to create a floral tapestry and she did just that, using a mixture of ferns, gypsophila, andromeda, carnations and delphiniums. Lush plants in pastel colors are reminiscent of the gardens of Versailles.

An altar made of fallen oak branches, decorated with garden roses and eucalyptus, is perfect for a rustic wedding. We also think this bohemian and rustic look is perfect for a farm or backyard ceremony.

Backdrop Wedding Ceremony

Photo by Edward Winter for READYLUCK; Design and planning of Pink Bowtie Events; Floral design by Faye and Rene

Wedding Wednesday: Diy Fabric Streamer Ceremony Backdrop

This bride took inspiration from her orange and yellow sari for her bridal palette, and the result is sunny and bright. Attractive

It is replete with mango leaves and bright spring colors with coral, pink and orange flowers. The structure fully affects it, covered in leaves

Photo Mont Soleil; Design and planning by Sapphire Events; floral design by Poppy & Mint Floral Company; Event Background Alexandra Kilburn

This couple gets an A for being creative when it comes to their wedding backdrop. They commissioned a local artist to create it using Chinese-style tropical wallpaper inspired by 19th-century botanical paintings. But the vintage style also has a modern twist, adding vibrant colors with hints of green and millennial pink.

Picture Perfect Ceremony Backdrops — The Barn Of Chapel Hill At Wild Flora Farm

This wedding backdrop makes us feel like we’ve stepped into a magical outdoor ceremony. Carved Tibetan wooden doors serve as an altar. Set against a green wall and framed by white flowers and greenery, it creates a sacred feel.

Sheaves of wheat have been designed to be the perfect wedding backdrop for this barn. A wall of wheat brings a golden glow to the ceremony.

This wedding effortlessly blends a variety of wedding themes, from black tie elements to a carefree beach vibe and a rustic wood arch. The latter is proof that your wedding backdrop doesn’t have to match your wedding style exactly. The couple tied it with classic white flowers.

Backdrop Wedding Ceremony

A flower chuppah of roses, hydrangeas, garden roses and white cherry blossoms oozes romance. Combined with a ceiling of fairy lights and a street glowing in candlelight, everything

Romantic Botanical Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

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