Elegant Table

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Elegant Table – In this post: Looking to create an elegant and unique holiday table setting? Try using gold and pink Christmas decorations on your table decorations.⇒

I’ve always been comfortable breaking some of the rules of decorating, especially when it comes to traditional orders. White shoes after Labor Day? Sign me up! Mix and match patterns that mix more than match? I’m in!

Elegant Table

Elegant Table

Today I’m joining a talented group of bloggers to bring you our holiday entertaining blog tour, focusing on inspiration for the Christmas holidays. Be sure to visit the other articles linked below.

How To Create A Classically Elegant White & Gold Holiday Tablescape

My home style is defined by soft feminine colors, punctuated by touches of bling, so for Christmas, it’s only because my table is decorated in pink and gold.

I’ve been thrilled for the past few weeks to find peonies at florists in my favorite soft pink color, and even better.

I knew they needed to be featured prominently on my holiday table, as I had already decided that this was the palette I wanted to work with.

I’m also crushing on gold stemware, so that wedding brought my table direction.

Elegant Table Decorating Ideas: 7 Settings For Success

There’s no question, I’m a mix-and-matcher, and I approach my tablescapes like I approach my room. I select a color sensation and a pattern or two and the rest needs to fit comfortably.

Here I started with golden chargers, topped with two different cream textured plates. The crowning touch is a small plate in vintage china floral with golden edges.

The napkins are a blush linen ruffle gathered on a copper napkin ring. The mix of gold and copper mirrors the use of different pink tones, as well as whites mixed with cream.

Elegant Table

The key is to stay on the warm side of the color wheel and keep everything soft and subtle

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I am over the moon in love with flute and gobbler. They are actually quite small but they make a bold statement on the table.

Bolstering the floral centerpiece is a place of greenery in the middle of the table, topped with rose gold ornaments in a variety of finishes.

They add just the right amount of holiday glamor and are the perfect bridge between pink and gold.

Another favorite I’m obsessed with is this amazing ruffled linen tablecloth with a cozy chic vibe. This prevents all the gilding from being too severe and the right drops dust the floor.

Queen Anne Fancy Table

A warm pink glow is exactly what I was looking for in this beautiful Christmas table. It’s welcoming and festive and gives you the right feeling for your guests.

To view, click on the items below for direct links to the products. Where genuine items are no longer available, I have provided similar alternatives. If an item is out of stock but can be restocked, I have left it on the list.

Have you visited the store? Click below to shop my favorites, my Instagram, and my Amazon store. Joy!! If you love to entertain at home and host dinner parties, you need to know how to set an elegant table. Start by learning how to create a formal table setting that you can place in a formal dining room or use for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and holidays. After that, you can get creative with your own custom ‘tablescape’ ideas.

Elegant Table

A formal table setting starts with the basics, which include five standard flatware pieces and five standard dinnerware pieces.

Tips For An Elegant + Simple Holiday Table

Don’t get caught up in the exact placement of the tableware, as long as you have a general idea of ​​where things will go. Table linens such as table cloths, cloth napkins, table runners and placemats also add a more formal look. Use these guidelines for each location setting:

Fresh flowers brighten up a table setting beautifully, and they provide an impressive display with attention to detail. Two or three centerpieces placed in the center of the table will fill the room with color.

Host an Asian-themed dinner party and serve your favorite type of Asian cuisine. If you love sushi and sake, prepare an elegant table setting with a minimal, Japanese-style spread.

Create an elegant and attractive, color-coordinated table setting. Use colors with strong contrast for a performance that really stands out. Black makes a good background color because other colors pop when placed against it. Other dark colors such as burgundy or navy work well when paired with bright colors such as gold, yellow, red or orange.

Casually Elegant Spring Centerpiece And Table Decorations Ideas

Create a stunning table with an impressive display of light. Match the look with similar colors or materials.

You may want several different looks for your table depending on the occasion or type of service. A buffet or sideboard can be used to store your table decorations and serverware. Centerpieces and tableware that complement the style of the dining room can be left on the table for display. Whichever style you choose, the important thing is that the entire table has a truly coordinated look to be as elegant as possible and impress your guests. In this post: Want to set a beautiful table for your upcoming spring festivities? Find inspiration from these elegant table decoration ideas.

Sure, we can have lunch parties all year round, but this season of rebirth and renewal, with flowers blooming everywhere, is a natural setting for women’s celebrations. From bridal and baby showers to Easter and Mother’s Day, there are many spring events that lend themselves perfectly to a gentle snack.

Elegant Table

When I look back through my spring tables, many contain images specific to Easter, but a beautiful and cultivated seasonal tablescape can be quite universal, and therefore more versatile for a wide variety of events.

How To Set A Dining Table

My goal in creating this tab was to provide table decor inspiration that can carry you through the entire season.

The key concept that defines this beautiful table setting is the pairing of gilded tableware with colorful spring flowers.

At the heart of the wedding is a stunning place setting centered around a gold-edged ruffle-edged glass charger plate, along with an arched glass plate with hand-painted 24-karat gold accents. The pattern is reminiscent of an abstract expressionist splash of paint, at once playful and cheerful, yet beautifully executed. The rough edges of the plate enhance the creative presentation.

These amazing pieces are from AnneGlass, a handcrafted sculptural glass dinnerware, serving pieces and accessories, designed by the extraordinarily talented Ann Morehauser.

Simple & Elegant Table Setting & Centerpiece Ideas

While the gilding is mirrored elsewhere on the table, I chose to frame the plate stack with flatware in silver. Antique silver is a family heirloom, and mixed metals convey a tone of sophistication to the style.

In fact, silver helps emphasize the importance and beauty of the vessel, breaking up the sea of ​​gold by serving as a distinctive border.

Another defining component that gives the tablescape its identity is the twin bouquets of spring flowers at the centerpiece of the cake plate.

Elegant Table

The mix of blooms is specific to the selected color mix, providing only the actual color on the table. Pale pink tulips and magenta hyacinths are often paired together, but an infusion of orange tulips brings something new to the table. Dash willow branches off the floral display.

Winter Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table

A matching array of brass lights adds just the right note of warmth to play off the gilded dinnerware. Featuring variations in height and a mix of old and new, they offer a touch of formality in the most relaxed way.

Another charming item from the Anneglass collection is the Handkerchief Votive which carries the most delightfully shaped swirls. Whether on a dining table, sideboard or as a living room accent, these sweet little pieces let cute little lights shine.

Rounding out the table decorations for this spring celebration, I used some classic pieces that offer a quiet elegance, allowing the tableware star to do the heavy lifting. Reliable deliverables of elegance include cut crystal goblets with a glen plaid pattern, natural linen napkins, crisp white ruffled tablecloths and a sophisticated cake plate serving pastries and primroses.

If you have something special to celebrate this spring, or you just want to rule the season for yourself, I hope you’ll find inspiration from these table decoration ideas for a decidedly feminine and positively beautiful tablescape, perfect for any spring celebration. is your horizons.

Elegant Rectangle Marble Dining Table

To view, click on the items below for direct links to the products. Where genuine items are no longer available, I have provided similar alternatives. If an item is out of stock but can be restocked, I have left it on the list.

Have you visited the store? Click below to shop my favorites, my Instagram, and my Amazon store. Joy!! Learn how to create elegant fall table settings with a blue and white color palette using white dishes, blue and white chinoiserie bowls, navy napkins, sparkly mercury glass, and transitional holiday centerpieces accented with fall herbs, garden greenery, and orchard pears. Check out more Fall and Thanksgiving entertaining tips and ideas

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