Essie The Polish That Never Dries Help

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Essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish is a professional grade vegan nail polish that delivers intense color and shine to nails. With incredibly high coverage, The nail polish is visible even from the first coat. And it’s effortless with an intuitive angled brush. The nail polish dries within a minute of application and provides long-lasting, chip-free wear. Choose from a variety of trendy colors and cover your nails with the perfect nail polish. Combine with a base and top cover to further enhance its performance. Easy to apply Dries quickly and with amazing shine. This formula is perfect for a beautiful, long-lasting manicure.

Essie The Polish That Never Dries Help

Essie The Polish That Never Dries Help

To begin File and prepare your nails. Secondly, Apply your favorite base coat and follow with one to two thin coats of Essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish. Finally, apply your favorite hand cream and cuticle oil to moisturize the skin.

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Thanks to Essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish, I no longer have to wait forever for my nails to dry. More importantly, I can’t wake up with dry, dirty nails thinking they’re splitting. I opted for gel nails because even when I went to the salon, I left the salon making sure my nails were completely dry. This is because even professional manicurists tell me that my regular nail polish dries after a few hours, but it smudges.

For a while, I completely gave up on getting my nails done at home or even getting my nails done for under $40.00. Until one day I was walking aimlessly in Target. After nearly three years of getting gel nails at salons, I’m definitely depressed because I’m done buying nail polish.

Essie The Polish That Never Dries Help

I don’t know what motivates me to buy nail polish. Because like I said, I haven’t painted my nails in years and hate the time it takes for regular nail polish to dry. In the past, even nail polishes that dried quickly failed.

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As far as I remember this experience, I think the only reason I bought this nail polish was because of the packaging. Expressions comes in a more rectangular version of the classic Essie Nail Polishes; It feels like a mini version. If you know me in real life, I’ve seen them go crazy for cute packaging, especially on the smaller versions. Unlike other products, I feel lucky to have been drawn with a simple but cute packaging. Now I can get gel manicures that save money and time. I currently only have one of the Expressie Quick Dry polishes. I have the shade Bolt and it has to be Bold. But there are over 40 shades in the range and I am definitely expanding my collection. Other desirable colors are Binge-Worthy (Soft Grey) and Precious Cargo-Go. (dusty olive green). What shade will it be? I love that the shade range is so great; Because now that I’m getting better at painting my nails with my non-dominant hand, I’m willing to try some funky nail polish designs like the ones below.

Obviously, the drying time is fast. I have never timed the drying process, but I have taken a method to ensure that the process is always quick. Use a thin coat. Essie has always been known for its thick formulas. Their colors are so pigmented that a thick layer is enough. But if you want faster drying time, use two thin coats and wait between coats. The brush mentioned later in the review helps to control it easily.

Even with a thin coat it is still possible to achieve a gel look. All you have to do is apply a thick clear top-coat. So if you get UV gel nails at the salon, the nail polish will be thick and shiny. Although I’m not sure why. Regardless of the seal or varnish layers. Clear polishes always feel quick to dry.

According to the website, Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polishes are made with clean and vegan ingredients. I’ve heard from beauty and lifestyle bloggers that other clean and vegan nail polishes wear off quickly. In fact, Slicing can be an understatement. These pure, non-killing dyes tend to peel off the nails completely in one piece. I’ve only experienced this once with Expressie nail polish, but it was because I used a bad base coat. In the beginning, Base coat is a type of nail polish that can completely peel off the coat. All I have to do is layer. I’ll do the same at the top. Since then, I’ve been too lazy to find a formulated clear coat, so I’ve stopped using a base coat. If you have any suggestions, Be sure to leave them in the comments.

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From the moment I put the polish on my nails it felt so easy. It was a real experiment when I just brushed my cuticles but painted them with my non-dominant hand. Now I don’t expect my dominant hand to be a breeze to paint with zero practice (I use my non-dominant hand). However, it is much easier than expected. Most nail polish companies won’t make it easy to paint with your non-dominant hand. Instead, Nail polish bottles have long, thin brush handles for aesthetic purposes. The Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish, on the other hand, has a short, sturdy handle, but my favorite part is the angled brush.

I didn’t realize the brush was angled until I looked at the specific product specifications, but I’m sure something is different. As a result, left-handed painting was made easier. I covered each nail with two thin coats and a full nail. Most importantly, An angled brush helps to get the edge of the nail as close to the skin as possible.

With other nail polishes I feel like I have to calculate the amount of pressure on the brush to get the right amount, but with the long brush it’s hard to control. With Expressie, Because the brush is short, I know I can swipe from the middle with the same amount of pressure and each stroke covers half my nail well. Having more control means I don’t have crazy amounts of nail polish on my skin and nails. Before using 3-4 Q-tips to clean my nails. Now I use them alone to make them look perfect, but I don’t really need them.

Essie The Polish That Never Dries Help

In my opinion, Expressie Quick Dry Polish is a must! There are more than 40 colors, So whether it’s my favorite daily statement color or not, you need to find something you like. This product is available at most pharmacies, but you can also order it online. Below are the links

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Ulta – They have a great selection of colors available and lots of sales. Therefore, it is recommended to take them from there.

If you don’t want to wait for delivery, Your nearest Ulta; Use the availability feature for Target or Walmart.

Thank youEssie Polish Dry Quick Dry > Let my nails dry. No need to wait forever, Most importantly, I never fall asleep. I think I woke up with dry, stained and brittle nails. I opted for gel nails because even when I went to the salon, I left the salon making sure my nails were completely dry. Because even professional manicurists tell me that on a regular basis.

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