Groom Ideas For Wedding

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While brides often dream of their ideal wedding dress since they were little girls, most people don’t think much about their wedding dress. Men generally don’t wear suits unless they are going to work, to an interview or to some kind of fancy event. There are some grooms who want to look dapper, but don’t necessarily favor the suit and tie or tuxedo tradition. Just like a bride has the right to step outside of tradition and wear what makes her happy, so does the groom, which is why we’ve come up with a list of popular groom styles for you to try.

Groom Ideas For Wedding

Groom Ideas For Wedding

Are you a casual and relaxed groom? If you’re not too keen on throwing on a tie, skip it altogether. This wedding dress is especially popular with couples who get married in New Jersey in the spring and summer, where photos can be taken on the beach or on the boardwalk. A nice button down shirt in your wedding colors, the right belt and loafers and you are ready to meet your bride at the altar.

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Who needs a suit to travel? Modern grooms are starting to ditch the traditional wedding attire and switch to a wedding dress instead. You’ll find tons of wedding photos where the bride and groom are wearing nothing but button-downs, pants, bow ties, and matching ties. The look is quite cool and goes well with some wedding themes.

If you’re fine with wearing a suit but you’re not sure you want to wear slacks, don’t! Take all precautions and wear Bermuda shorts on your wedding day. If you’re getting married this summer at a destination like the Atlantis Ballroom, it really is a very seasonal wedding dress. Paired with pastel tops and cool socks, you and your groom will give the bridesmaids some serious competition.

So, there you have it. You no longer have to dread your wedding attire because you don’t feel like wearing the traditional suit and tie or tuxedo. Instead, go with what makes you happy and put your own swag on it.

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Summer Wedding Suit Ideas For Grooms

There’s a lot to consider when choosing what to wear to a wedding, but one of the biggest things to consider (depending on your partner’s preferences, of course) is the venue. After all, if you’re saying “I do” in front of the ocean, an overdressed crowd will look great — while your khaki-clad guests at a luxury hotel wedding will be confused. To make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together this handy guide to location-appropriate clothing.

A traditional black tuxedo (or a nice suit) works for a ballroom wedding. A crisply tailored tuxedo with a white dress shirt, black waistcoat or tank top, button down and black bow tie is a timeless classic. Take the formality a step further by swapping black accessories for a white waistcoat and bow tie.

Make an impression in a sophisticated blue tuxedo or suit and a navy blue bow tie. In this color combination, you fit right into the elegant surroundings – without being too cool. A more casual look allows for fun, unexpected accents like navy blue trim on a white dress shirt.

Groom Ideas For Wedding

A light gray three piece suit is just the thing for a country club wedding. For a warm outdoor activity space, choose an outfit with an open weave fresco that will keep you cool. Add some pattern to your accessories with a darker color to add an interesting contrast.

Groom Suit Ideas Featuring Real Grooms

Marry tradition and style in a classic black suit and matching tie. (Bonus: This is a suit you can wear again and again—now that’s a smart investment.) Or maybe you’re looking for a timeless look with a twist? In that case, replace the black tie with silk in champagne or gold, or shades that match your wedding colors.

For outdoor events, you can definitely get away with a light-colored outfit. Give your outfit a fun update by wearing a mint colored tie and pocket square with a button down and matching waistcoat. Or choose an elegant three-piece tweed suit.

In a gray suit and a patterned bow tie, you walk the line between fun and formal. Another creative way to personalize your look is a slightly larger boutonniere.

The taupe jumpsuit has a natural feel, perfect for a backyard wedding. To jazz it up, add a printed shirt, like stripes or gingham. For a more relaxed look, try a khaki and navy blazer. A pair of tasteful oxford leather trousers will provide the perfect finishing touch.

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For sea level, you don’t need a super buttoned up look. Go for a more relaxed style in light khaki or linen. Pro tip: When you’re at the beach, you might as well ditch the tie.

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Groom Ideas For Wedding

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Here at , we absolutely love bridal fashion (hence our name!). There’s something about a chic dress that makes our hearts skip a beat. But not only have impeccable taste. What deserves as much recognition and excites us equally is the attire of the groom. After all, it’s also their big day and a chance to show off their own personal style.

We have featured many fashionable grooms in our real weddings and each one has a unique look that does not disappoint. More and more grooms are playing with their shoes and sporting something special that reflects their personality or unique relationship. Fun patterns, unexpected colors and luxurious materials are making their way into bridal fashion. Whether it’s a cufflink engraved with his wedding date or a watch that once belonged to a loved one, many grooms personalize their look with a sentimental touch.

Fall Wedding Ideas

Not only are these grooms getting creative with their clothes, but they are also using fashion as an opportunity to create their wedding look. A velvet jacket looks sharp against a wintry backdrop, while light linens complement the beach. Some grooms wore formal tuxedos for black-tie events, and others wore low-maintenance suits for intimate outings.

From traditional to modern and everything in between, these grooms weren’t skimping on style. For all the inspiration you need, here are 30 of our favorite bridal looks from real weddings, proving that brides really do have great style.

When David Frisbe was planning his wedding to self-care blogger and speaker Aisha Beau Johnson, he wanted to make a statement with his outfit. He decided to dress in a tailored maroon suit

Groom Ideas For Wedding

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