I Just Found Out My Dad Is Engaged Via Facebook

Tuesday, November 15th 2022. | Weddings

I Just Found Out My Dad Is Engaged Via Facebook – I have two beautiful engagement rings, I haven’t been to the altar yet, or for that matter, even looked at the wedding plan. Yes, I have been in two official weddings, but I have never been a bride. It didn’t really affect my life, until it became…

Last week, when my 7-year-old son, Holt, found out that I wasn’t “technically” married to his dad, after my 15-year-old daughter, Rowan, from another dad told her, “Mom, get married. .”

I Just Found Out My Dad Is Engaged Via Facebook

I Just Found Out My Dad Is Engaged Via Facebook

Wow! My poor son! His expression, when he heard this, was one of confusion, fear and dare he say, even a little sadness? “Yes,

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.” So how did we get into this marriage talk, since we were all sleeping happily together in my bed?

Then, my boyfriend called and I put him on speaker, and my daughter was asleep, and he shouted, “So when are you going to get married Mom?” He was not serious. He joked, he tried to stir the pot, he enjoyed putting people on the spot. I told my boyfriend that I will call him back. But, somehow, that phone call made my son realize that I was never married to his father. And he didn’t understand.

I jumped and said, “I was married to both of your fathers, legally, because if you’ve been together for more than 3 years, you’re considered married.” (In Ontario, two people are considered common people after living together for at least three years – unless they have a child together and are in a long-term relationship) I even answered a question from my daughter’s 11th grade physics book. I stumbled over my answer, and thought, “Maybe if I turn this conversation around by promising to take her to the toy store, she’ll forget all about it.” I really did not know how to answer, not because I care that my son’s father and I are not married, but because I never thought that I would not have to explain my actions (or lack of actions) for 7 years. -zee. I didn’t think you would care!

It doesn’t take wisdom to see that, for many, the first tradition comes love, then marriage and a baby in a baby carriage, still popular but declining. Cohabitation – or even cohabitation before marriage – is on the rise. But I think it takes a wise person to explain to your children only legal marriage.

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My heart melted, not because I regretted not marrying his father or walking down the aisle, but because, perhaps, realizing that his mother and father had never been married was something he wasn’t emotionally ready to hear. Who knew that not marrying her father “technically” would hit her harder than our divorce?

My son understands divorce, since he sees his two sisters, on his father’s side they go with their mother 50 percent, and they also watch my daughter go with my father’s yes. In fact, there were no tears at all over the end of the relationship between his mother and father. There were no questions why my father was living in another house.

I remember my son’s father and we tried to talk to him about why he was moving to another place, but my son was more interested in playing X-box than hearing that we still love him regardless … and “blah, blah, blah, blah.”

I Just Found Out My Dad Is Engaged Via Facebook

Actually, I think my son likes these places to live, he stays at my house 50 percent with my daughter and 50 percent at his father’s house because right now.

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Since he was born, he just thought it was normal for children to have two houses. If anything, she enjoyed following her sisters’ example, which is sad, isn’t it? But it shows that most children these days are not overly affected by divorce.

So, why am I still single? It has nothing to do with politics or believing that marriage is not necessary or the cost of leaving a marriage or not loving and wanting to have one father for my children when we are together. Often it came down to sheer ignorance! Seriously!

After the father of both my children proposed to me (and, yes, they both asked my father’s permission first, which may seem strange in this day and age, but really, I think it’s fun) I was very happy. I loved them both so much that at one point I said “Yes, I will be your wife!” and, yes, I loved the two rings that my children’s father picked out for me personally. I felt happy when I got engaged. I was not against marriage, or marriage. Seriously, I LOVE going to weddings. But, no, and the fathers of both my children, after proposing, I let it sit, I believe, like canned goods, there was no expiration date, after presenting the actual date of marriage.

As much as I love attending weddings, I personally had no interest in choosing the napkins, centerpieces and table settings. I was too lazy to call the wedding planner. The father of both my children just followed my lead – which was nothing when planning the wedding – and we continued to live our lives, under the same roof alone for years, the only thing that was different was that I had a spark. a diamond ring on my finger.

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He asked why his father and I are not married. Maybe it’s because he’s always been very smart, and he understood that, because me and his father were never married, that was not important. But when he told his sister, last week, that “My mother didn’t marry your father either,” and I saw the look of fear on my son’s face, I wanted to cry.

Telling my son that I wasn’t interested in table settings, or asking friends to be bridesmaids, or finding the perfect wedding dress seemed like an odd and strange response, even though it was true.

It’s amazing that at my parent’s house there are beautiful pictures of my brothers’ weddings, my brothers are looking lovingly at my sisters wearing beautiful white wedding dresses. My parents have a big picture of me wearing my gown…after high school! However, my children have never asked me, “Where is your wedding photo with daddy?”

I Just Found Out My Dad Is Engaged Via Facebook

I knew that I had to tell my children about divorce, but I never thought that one day I would have to tell ordinary people about marriage. In an article about how Canadians feel about marriage, it says: “A recent survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute found that 53 percent of Canadian adults felt that marriage was unnecessary, while 47 percent thought it was important for married couples after long term. . relations to have a valid marriage.”

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Also, and maybe it’s because I’m in my forties, or maybe it’s because I’m so happy and I know I can’t do better than my boyfriend who I’m obsessed with,

Kind of want to get that white dress, call the wedding planner, invite all my friends and family to gather as we say our vows to each other, and celebrate that meaningful and loving moment.

Let me be clear, I am still lazy, and this time, if my boyfriend happens to ask me one day, I will still be lazy. Maybe I’ll call the wedding planner and say, “I like white flowers and lots of candles and I want it to be a party.” But I will happily go find a wedding dress and set a date. And, yes, I want my boyfriend to call my dad, for my dad’s amusement when he gets the third phone call, asking if it’s okay to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, because my dad might say something like, “You know what, daughter?” mine is like, aren’t you?

I tried to explain to my scared son that yes, his father and I were legally married, but we didn’t have a wedding. I am true

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My son asked, as painful as seeing his first answers, because I want him to know that there are all kinds of serious relationships, that it is his choice if he wants to marry, and that a normal marriage is good. it’s like a wedding, except you don’t need to know where your close relative who doesn’t talk to your close relative will be sitting while making a seating chart.

Also, being married does not mean happiness or a good relationship. I know people who have been together for 20 years and never married, and I want him to know this.

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