Lavender Table Decorations

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Colombia’s spring is short, but when it’s in full bloom, it’s wonderful. Really surprised. One of our favorite trees is called the Eastern Red Tree, and they have the most beautiful purple roses. In fact, we have red flowers growing in our front yard right now, which led me to create a lavender Mother’s Day landscape this year. I also drew some green and yellow light to complement the purple and really liked how it turned out. Keep reading for Mother’s Day Lunch Menu Ideas! You can also click play on the Instagram Reel below for short videos.

Lavender Table Decorations

Lavender Table Decorations

I like to make sure the colors are consistent, so to add some yellow, I put lemon slices on each glass of water. It’s a small edit that makes a big difference in color! Lavender Rosette Tablecloth 50×80 Inches Rosette Satin Tablecloth 3d Rosette Table Line Rectangle Table Cover Wedding Banquet Party Baby Shower Decor Table Cloth

Another great idea is to create colorful cocktails to brighten up the table. Stay tuned for lavender cocktail recipes coming later this week!

I mentioned the above, but was pleasantly surprised to find that Blooms by the Box is made from sweet papaya, lavender. Literally sad (first world problems I know). I eagerly substituted the lavender and was glad I did. These work better than expected!

To create this lavender bouquet, I arranged 40 lavender plants in six different mason jars and then nested them in a small white wooden box. The stock stems have a beautiful natural arch, so to create volume, I folded a little to make them fold inward. I also cut them all at different heights, but left some stems longer, mainly to give the sides more dimension and create a wider overall composition.

If you like lavender Mother’s Day landscapes, here are a few more Mother’s Day lunch ideas that I think you’ll love –

Gauze Cheesecloth Table Runner Wedding Arch Decor

You can also check out my two favorite Easter tables here and here. They have special decorations for Easter, but the color scheme can easily work for Mother’s Day as well.

But, that’s all I have for you today! As always, let me know if you have any questions about this year’s Mother’s Day lavender table or any other. I love hearing from you and am happy to help. Thanks for reading! I love to entertain and there is nothing better than a warm summer night in the Pacific Northwest and my girlfriend to go out to dinner. I created this simple lavender inspired centerpiece for a dinner party I hosted in my backyard a few weeks ago.

For this dinner party, we celebrated my friend Gina’s birthday. I don’t have much time to prepare so I keep it simple and sweet. One way to keep it simple is to create a medium from plants that can be purchased at the grocery store.

Lavender Table Decorations

I always choose a theme or choose a color palette based on what I see that inspires me. While I was getting ready for the party, I went to Trader Joe’s to see what flowers they had and to buy the ingredients for the meal I was planning to make. When I see these beautiful lavender plants and small flowers in purple and lavender containers, I know what my theme will be like. Fresh locally sourced lavender plants along with purple and a few small white flowers in various shapes are the perfect match.

Butterfly Craze Faux Lavender Bunches In Brown Box Pots (set Of 2)

I like to pick my color and then I change the shade of that color, usually using 3 different shades. This also adds depth and character to any table of contents. Here I chose lavender for the center inspiration and then changed the shades of lavender and deep purple.

When setting up a centerpiece, you want something that is lower than the table so you can see your guests and chat during dinner. I chose two tall lavender plants to create some height, then used small buckets of flowers to fill the space between the larger ones.

To add layering to the center, I added some chopsticks and candles that were wrapped in earrings. . This adds texture and contrast to the medium as well as filling in some gaps and holes. I also used a long ivory treadmill and put everything on top of it.

There’s no need to use a table, but it adds another layer of color and texture and fills the center of the table. I always use matching colors in the palette I choose for the caterer. The food is creamy or ivory and goes well with dinner food.

Lilac & Lavender Rose Garland

For the place, I chose cotton mats and wooden towel rings that matched the brown color of the kitchen. I used a flat cotton swab and a solid green towel to match the salad bowl. I love stacking different dishes in different shapes and matching the towels to the plate stack.

You can see in the food stack that I also changed the shade of green I was using. I made it in the middle and in the pan and connected everything with some warm country elements.

I chose the wine I served according to the color of the wine bottle. The wine bottle has a purple label, so it’s a great choice for a dinner party! I’m probably the only one who chooses wine based on the view label! All my friends love wine, so I think it’s out!

Lavender Table Decorations

I hope this simple lavender inspired centerpiece inspires you to throw your own personalized dinner party with your best friends! One of the reasons I love hosting this dinner party is that it builds relationships and memories. Life is too short to connect with the people you care about, and I like to take the time to create something warm and invite my friends who inspire me every day.

Gold Brass Candlesticks

You don’t need to be a professional florist or have any knowledge of flowers. This is something everyone can do. Just pick a theme or color palette and make a simple centerpiece from store bought flower pots and get creative! The important thing is to take the time to gather and love time with good friends and delicious food!

P.S. In the evening I sent each girl home with a small pot as a sign of gratitude, my friendship. Your centerpiece can be a small gift too!

I’ve teamed up with a few of my friends to bring you some great ideas for more summer! Click the link below for more inspiration. I have very capable friends! Come check them out! More midsummer ideas

The green plate is from SoutherLiving, but no more. You can find some here at Last summer we did a major blockchain overhaul (which I haven’t blogged about yet!) We spruced up our ugly gutters and turned it into being a dry stream with beautiful river rocks and bark, as well as tons of lavender and other low maintenance plants. One day I will show you before and after. Anyway, this year all the lavender flowers are in bloom for the first time and now I have 20+ lavender trees to cut back in early fall, leaving me with tons of new lavender to plant around the house! Oh, I love it. So I decided to take advantage of the beauty of nature and use it around the house, starting with fresh lavender paintings!

Lemon And Lavender Wedding Tablescape

Here’s a look at my new fall menu! I’ll be joining Lory from Designthusiasm for her seasonal card series. If you are attending Cedar Hill Farmhouse, welcome and thank you for visiting. You can check out another beautiful fall menu below the post!

This is always my favorite article of the year because I love seeing how everyone dresses each season and tables are my hobby. They can be different every time I play with what I already have and even bring in new pieces to mix it up. I’ve shown you lots of new ideas for table decorations this year like my pink autumn table, my happy football table and my new Halloween table!

The crazy thing is growing up and even in my 20s, I didn’t really like the smell of lavender. I hate it. It seems crazy to me to even think about it now because I love it so much. I love the fresh smell and I love its very natural look.

Lavender Table Decorations

When we plan our landscape, I want the whole

Dried Lavender Stems Dried Flowers Lavender Bunch

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