Rock And Roll Wedding Dress

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Rock And Roll Wedding Dress – Children! This wedding is the definition of winter! Grace and Bobby’s wedding in Chattanooga featured everything from an industrial setting to leather and velvet jackets, two beautiful wedding dresses (one with a twist!) and confetti. Inspiration takes center stage here! We can’t get enough, and we know you can’t either! Scroll down to see it and get behind-the-scenes details on the bride!

“Bobby has been one of my older brother’s best friends since high school. We’ve known each other for about 10 years, but started dating 2.5 years ago. “

Rock And Roll Wedding Dress

Rock And Roll Wedding Dress

“Since we’ve known each other for so long, when we started having feelings for each other, we knew it was a big deal!”

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“What I love most about Bobby is how intentional he is with everyone in his life. He is incredibly genuine and always does what he can for the people he loves. “

“When planning a wedding, people always laugh when they hear the answer to this question. I wanted ‘rock n roll, gypsy, mayor’s dreamland’ haha!” “

“I’ve always worn traditional, unconventional, obscure or anything along those lines. But for my wedding dress, as much as I wanted to feel like myself, I didn’t want to look back and say, “WOO GRACE, you could do with less…” so my Martina Liana dress was perfect. . ! “

“We didn’t see each other until I walked down the aisle, and we used the traditional vows, but we added a few extra lines that were important to us… I think those are the main traditions.”

A Rock N Roll Wedding With A Sprinkle Of Glitter

“There was a couple! My dear sister, my older sister, gave me a beautiful and loving prayer before walking down the aisle with my bridesmaids and my mother.

During the reception, Bobby and I were able to go out onto the balcony overlooking the 4th floor of the Turnbull. We watched all our guests dance/enjoy the night and even took a moment to soak it up! “

“‘Latch (Heaven)’ – Sam Smith We listened to this song together in the car and we both thought it was great. Listen carefully, full of love! But make sure it’s the ACOUSTIC version! “

Rock And Roll Wedding Dress

“We gave our guests confetti poppers that look like mini champagne bottles! They shot gold confetti into the sky as we drove past! For the next couple of days, we’ll be looking at our hair, clothes, shoes, and more. we got confetti bits!

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What do you usually do after Christmas, New Year’s Eve? Eating leftovers and making best friends with your couch and pajamas?

Joe and Dan did the opposite, not only did they decide to get married, they did it in the most fun, rock and roll inspired, unique and wonderful way…

We knew from the bridal bouquets that their wedding was going to be very stylish, and Jo certainly didn’t disappoint. She chose a blush red sequined bridesmaid dress and hand-dyed leather jackets for her bridal party. There was even a Rolling Stones-inspired pie, smoke bombs and a glitter bar

We struggled to find a venue that would fit the number of guests on the day and it was close to where we were staying so we thought it might mean a bit of traveling but we were willing to do it for the right venue. Coming to Elmore Court was Dan We loved how cool it looked and its history so we made an appointment to see it and boy did it not disappoint. As soon as I walked through the iron gates I knew the place, the grounds, Gilliflora House, everything was amazing. I remember laughing at each other as we entered the house, and I think the decision was made at that moment.

Rock And Roll Wedding Inspiration

Oh my clothes! It was an absolute masterpiece and I’m so glad I came across the talented Margot who made my dress dream come true. I tried on many dresses and went to many stores, the dresses were beautiful, but they were not me.

I gave up on searching too much and decided to take a break and when I came across this blog featuring this gorgeous dress I might come back to later and knew right away that it was exactly what I was looking for! Sparkly, rose gold sequins Yes please! It was like a dress light So I contacted Margot She was a dream to work with and was able to make all my outfit ideas come true Going to the fitting and buying the fabric was so much fun it made the whole experience really fun and different. When it came to the final fitting, I was impressed with the craftsmanship and it fit perfectly and felt like a second skin. As the original designer of the dress is called Johanna, it must have been a stroke of luck!!!

I didn’t have a color scheme, but I knew what I chose would go well with my rose gold wedding dress because I didn’t want it to clash. I used gold and pink and a bit of green The gilliflora is very rustic and the light feature is beautiful, I wanted to keep the decor to a minimum to show the place.

Rock And Roll Wedding Dress

Our wedding day theme sounded like fun! I wanted the day to reflect our interests and personalities, and I wanted the day to feel as relaxed as possible. I added things that Dan and I like to put together I made a cake out of the Rolling Stones logo We are huge fans so we had to feature them at the wedding

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Our guest book was a globe, we love to travel and have been to some amazing places so I wanted to feature that again at the wedding.

It was very difficult for me to choose the flowers because I am a florist and I love flowers, but I had to think on a practical level because we are bringing flowers from London and there was no time as Christmas was approaching. Be crazy!

We didn’t have anything in the ceremony room because there was a big Christmas tree, it looked great, and the room didn’t need anything else. I love foliage and ferns, and I’m obsessed with succulents, so I decided to use a combination of the two.

We decided to mix round and long tables to give it a less formal look Some of our table centerpieces were wooden boxes, succulent terrariums and fern plants on the long table, we had gold candles and a mix of candles and foliage.

A Social Distancing Sims Wedding · Rock N Roll Bride

I used a mix of foliage to give texture and succulents to my bridesmaids and bouquets. I deliberately wanted no flowers to be used as the dresses are the main element

The bridesmaids wore floor-length gold gowns designed by Jenny Packham. This was my first wedding purchase. There were 9 bridesmaids and I knew it would be difficult to find dresses for them. Being a Christmas wedding, I knew metallic colors would work well. They looked stunning in gold gowns and posed up a storm!

Dan had his suit custom made, he wanted something different to stand out He chose a beautiful rich earthy green and it suited the space We are so glad we decided to go this route, it’s amazing to go back to the fabric and everything down to the detail, the measurements and the fittings and adjustments was an experience and it was special for a charity.

Rock And Roll Wedding Dress

The dads also got their suits made somewhere so it was a good experience for them too I didn’t see Dan’s whole suit until he was out on the street so it was a nice surprise to see it in all it’s glory.

Elegant Rock N’ Roll Wedding At Saddlerock Ranch

For the bride, we wanted to choose a suit color that would contrast with Dan and make him stand out. We chose an oat color and added emerald green accents with a tie and pocket square. It just worked perfectly

I felt calmer in the morning, which surprised me because I always imagined I would

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