Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

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Simple Wedding Flower Ideas – While we’ve always been big fans of wild, cascading bouquets, we’ve noticed that more and more brides are opting for smaller-scale arrangements. This is especially true for weddings with smaller guest lists and budgets But don’t be fooled by their reductive stance—though reductive, these poses pack a punch on the runway. In fact, we think their small size is what makes them so effective

At the front, you will find a whole bouquet of flowers that the bride and groom carry down the aisle From a pose made up entirely of lilies of the valley to a bouquet even Kate Middleton would be jealous of, there’s something here for every bride. Even more? These mini bouquets look stunning but won’t overwhelm your bridal look Click through to discover all the creative options these poses have for your occasion

Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

Lilac was the center of attention in this bouquet by Vero Designs Hellebore, lily of the valley and paper white covered the floral details

Bridal Bouquet Ideas, Expert Advice & Bouquet Styles Explained

Break away from tradition with floral hoops instead of flowers Cue Champagne created a one-of-a-kind ceremony with white roses and greenery

Although this regal protein showed it’s bouquet of open flowers, the arrangement was simple and understated.

Snowy and blush flowers – café au lait and sweet Natalie dahlias, lisianthus, scabiosa, geraniums, asparagus, daisies, strawberries and eucalyptus – gathered this petite bouquet from Shoving Leopard Farms.

You can still achieve texture with smaller poses Just look at this Emma Florist design for proof: it featured only pink astilba.

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Peachy garden roses of various sizes are paired with soft lamb’s ears in this petite pose from Connors Flower Shop.

For the minimalist bride, it doesn’t get much better than this Bloomers flower and gift lineup. Professionals selected a green succulent plant, two thorns and a strand of wheat to create this modern glass.

This clutch was anything but conventional Not only did its small size make it feel modern – so did the choice of A&D Dovein farm fresh native flowers for the protea.

Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

Tall greenery and a large protea gave this bride’s petite clutch (she made it herself!) an element of verticality.

Best Diy Wedding Decorations

The groom’s mother did all the floral arrangements for his wedding, which made the white roses and small green bouquets even more special.

Three white roses make this Ocean View Club arrangement look classic and understated, while the green color means it stands out against the bride’s white dress.

Viva L’Event tried to find dry ingredients when they created this small but fierce pose To add a new factor, two royal proteins were included in the package

Small pink and white flowers and berries created this magnolia and co To feel even more refined

Prettiest Bouquets Ideas For Fall Wedding

How ethereal is this three-trunk composition from the Rock Paper Raw event? A matching ribbon helped tie the mini buns together

Four blush garden roses and three smaller bunches made up this Field of Flowers North flower. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but if you actually try these floral tricks, I promise you’ll save a lot of money on your wedding day (woohoo, more cash for your honeymoon!). Here, Jessica Marshall, owner of Miss Daisy in Las Vegas, shows you how to DIY beautiful flowers for your big day.

Once you receive the flowers you ordered for your wedding day, immediately cut the stems at a 45 degree angle and place them in water. “This angle gives the flower more surface area to drink from instead of cutting it straight,” says Marshall “And since you’re trying to keep your flower alive as long as possible, this is the first step to achieving that goal.” You’ll want to keep your flowers below 50 degrees (think: planting in your garage or some air-conditioned space), because higher temperatures will wilt your petals.

Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

Succulents can be bought potted in soil or sold soilless, but when it comes to using succulents for bridal work, always go for the soilless version (they’re less messy and easier to deal with!). For centerpieces, always use larger succulents Use only small succulents if you’re creating boutonnieres or bouquets, or if you’re adding small details to a large table. Marshall’s Tip: Buy in bulk from a garden or local plant shop as they will be cheaper.

Tropical Boho Wedding Reception Decor, Red Roses, Yellow Orchid, Red Anthurium, Greenery Floral Centerpiece, Greenery Table

This will save you money Plus, everything will look polished and even Marshall’s pro tip: “Have an idea of ​​the flowers you want, talk to your local florist, then plan to order them two weeks before your wedding, so you know everything is available and on time.”

DIY Cost: Bulk flower prices range anywhere from $1 a stem (tulips) to $15 to $20 a stem (orchids).

Marshall used thorn and rust pods here to anchor the boutonniere and ginger for extra greenery. “You want to make sure you have a rich flower base so it doesn’t get crushed when you hug people,” she says.

DIY Price: Goody Ochles Clear Hair Elastics, $5 + flower scraps, $7 + scab pods, $15 seeds + thorns, $5 seeds + ginger, $10 seeds + string, $7 for 300-foot spool.

Popular Types Of Bridal Bouquets & Wedding Bouquets

DIY Cost: Lace spool, $11 for 25 yards + green floral wire, $2 for $150 + green floral tape, $90 yard + vine, $5 bunch + slide, $7 + candle flower, $15 bunch + bobby pin , for $5,300;

Do you have a ton of extra flowers left over to make your bouquets and centerpieces? Instead of throwing away extra flowers, cut off the petals so that the flower girl can sprinkle them down the aisle or your guests can throw them to you after you speak.

Creating a green bouquet is an easy way to reduce the cost of your flower arrangement without sacrificing looks

Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

DIY Cost: Marshall made this one for $55, which consists of Israeli ginger, thistle, scabiosa and silver dollar pods and eucalyptus seeds.

Summer Wedding Bouquets That Embrace The Season

It’s easy to forget, so if you want to match your lipstick to your flowers, pick something you love in the bouquet to make sure you nail the shade perfectly.

If you just want to enjoy your bouquet because you want it to be very unique, choose flowers that you wouldn’t normally see in a bouquet, such as orchids, marigolds and peonies. It will also give your wedding flowers that elevated feel

DIY Cost: Orchids, $20 per stem + peonies, $12 to $15 per stem, roses, $5 per stem + pink yarrow, $9 per bud.

Whether you’re using roses for bouquets or including them in centerpieces, use a stripper to remove thorns and leaves from the roses first without damaging the plant.

Cream Wedding Flowers

If you don’t want your bouquet or your bridesmaids’ flowers to get untied as they walk down the aisle, keep them together and secure with three clear hair ties. Then hide the hair tie with cloth or twine

DIY Cost: Garden roses, $8 to $10 per stem + Goody Ochles Clear elastics, $5 + twine, $10 for 600 feet.

If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid in a wedding, you know that you usually don’t know where your bouquet is at the reception. To avoid wasting a beautiful bunch of flowers and a ton of money, let’s be real – place empty vases in the center of each table and place your bridesmaids’ bouquets when they arrive at the reception.

Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

To properly de-head a rose, hold the stem and point the flower head away from you, like this:

Glamorous Bouquets For 2022 Winter Wedding Ideas

Add some color to the champagne bucket you choose to hold for your guests by freezing a flower bouquet inside each popsicle. Florist tip: “You can use tap water for the cubes, but be aware that bottled water will distill quickly because it’s already purified.” “Tap water will require an extra boil and cool cycle because it has more minerals and sediment that needs to be boiled off or your cube won’t come out clear.”

DIY Cost: Five roses at $5 per stem + 24-bottle water, $8, based on how many ice cubes you make.

Succulents are naturally stunning, but if you want to incorporate gold or silver metallic details into your arrangement, spray paint some and use them as name cards or colorful centerpieces on your table.

Take your tiered wedding cake to the next level by choosing a beautiful row of flowers and placing them in a cascading fashion at the front.

Average Cost Of Wedding Flowers In 2022

DIY Cost: Your cake + flowers that you choose to decorate (you can make it more or less expensive depending on the flowers you choose).

“You always want to put the biggest leaves first, and then build your table, finishing with the smaller flowers,” advises Marshall. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, she suggests wrapping up the fishing wire

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