Tropical Table Settings

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Tropical Table Settings – Bright colors, lush foliage, and bold, larger-than-life flowers bring this “Mystic Feather” image to a tropical-inspired table setting from House of Tales Events! With Kiss Me for Eternity Photography by Thisbe Grace & Co. behind glass, this forest-like venue was filled to the brim with lots of greenery and plant life to set the stage for table space enjoyment. Dr. Delphinium Designs + Events offers a wide variety of florals, mixing classics like brightly colored ranunculus and feathery peonies with a range of exotic blooms in everything from centerpieces to graceful hanging flowers scattered across the table. To emulate bright, cheery flowers, Felderhoff & Co.’s custom stationery featured a bright citrine colorway and feather accents in equally brilliant shades of green, pink and orange. Taking these solid colors and adding a touch of whimsy, Posh Couture Rentals created a one-of-a-kind table using feather detailing as an antique floral porcelain centerpiece, with a gold leaf wreath around each center. We love that even the cake, created by Haute Sweets Patisserie used delicate feather grading to weave a little twist into the arrangement! Of course, we have to say our love for the overall look of the model completing the photo, wearing a wrap dress from Bridal Boutique and ultra-glam makeup with a hot pink noise on her eyes, cheeks and lips from WZ Beauty. Study. What a wonderful idea come true! Health!

From planner, Maya Jareou and House of Tales Events: “This concept is inspired by beautiful food designs with an edgy twist. The creative concept is meant to take a special bride on a journey of inflated dreams.”

Tropical Table Settings

Tropical Table Settings

Other Local Vendors: Kiss Me For Eternity Photography by Thisbe Grace & Co, WZ Beauty Studio, Felderhoff & Co, Haute Sweets Patisserie, House of Tales Events A warm table is one of the best ways to bring picnics to dinner. ! After the red, white, and blue go down, I’m ready for some palm trees and sand dunes…even if I can’t get close to them. Vacation plans may be on hold, but you can bring the same atmosphere to the table with simple and affordable tips! Eating out is half the fun, and if you throw in a few tropical flavors, you can be transported to a quiet table on the beach! Here’s another great thing…looks like you have something you need right in your backyard! Stay safe in your own garden or patio, get together with your family or a small group of friends and enjoy the summer… hot style!

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Payments and/or products can be received. however, I only endorse products that I like and all opinions are my own.

Although my tablecloth had the color scheme I was looking for, it wasn’t a boring design! but mix in greens from the garden and bamboo bowls as needed!

The biodegradable plates were perfect! Not only are they safe for the environment, but they are also strong AND beautiful! I love all the different designs on each plate…

A fern plant from my garden will add an extra touch of the tropics to any area. You don’t have to want leafy greens, just lying on the table is perfectly acceptable! Anoreya Linen Burlap Hibiscus Table Runner Table Setting Decor For Garden Wedding Parties Dinner Decoration 13×70 Inch, Palm Leaf Tropical Plant Flowers

Candle holders are great for a simple centerpiece, and remember they can make beautiful vases too! By putting them all together, you’ll make a great show even if you don’t have a lot of greenery or flowers!

The names are simply printed from the computer, cut out, and placed in the hole in the glasses. If you don’t have a place to keep the ID card, just tie it with string or add it to the cutlery!

The tropical atmosphere continues at the dining table where you sit down with cold water and glasses after dinner…

Tropical Table Settings

I place the wine glasses on a wooden stand and surround them with some leaves. It’s an easy way to display the usual… Blue Yellow Cotton Linen Table Runner Dresser Scarf Tropical Sandy Beach Clear Sea Water Non Slip Burlap Rectangle Table Setting Decor For Wedding Party Holiday Dining Home, 13×70 Inches Long

A faux holiday wreath to add color and texture to your cooler top! remember to research all your makeup… even if it’s for a different season! often you will find something useful!

And finally, an old whiskey bottle that I like for a bottle that has a few extra herbs and veggies in it! Those little details don’t have to be expensive to tie the whole theme together! Hello friends! Last weekend we celebrated our daughter’s 16th birthday. It was my lifelong dream to have a big “Sweet 16” party when the time came, but it wasn’t what she wanted. Instead, we have a lot of fun planned with her various “friend groups” over the next two weeks. She agreed to let me set the table for our family dinner the night of her birthday, but she was surprised to be involved in choosing the colors and theme for that performance. We were seated at a simple colorful tropical themed table. O happy day!

For me it was important to set the table a little young and happy since it was for a teenager’s birthday. Because there is so much chaos with our outdoor decorations, we can’t eat out which we normally don’t this time of year. Also, it was very hot here in Colorado, so it worked. To view the details of our overseas transition, click the links below…

Once we started talking about colors, she settled on coral and green/blue as a starting point. She loves to travel and the ocean is one of her favorite places to visit, so she loved the idea of ​​incorporating a little “beach/tropical” into the table. There are so many tropical color combinations. In this case, we use both.

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While shopping for bedding with a friend for her house, I stumbled upon these perfect diapers at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They had all the tropical colors she was looking for and they gave me plenty of options for the rest of the table. And besides… while I was there, I also came across these tropical salad bowls to tie it all together. I knew I had everything I needed to complete the design.

I already have these pots that are perfect for setting a table. Plus, they provide a nice contrast against white plates and team up with tan in warm salad bowls. My yellow flower rings (purchased at Pier One) also added a touch of brightness and warmth to the table. Yellow will also work well with my plans for the center.

The salad bowls really set the tone for the tropical theme of the table, so I tried not to overdo it by adding too many decorations. The inclusion of fruits in the interior fits well and that is why it became the main element of the center. After all, most fruits remind me of being in the tropics!

Tropical Table Settings

I couldn’t resist adding to these beautiful floral prints that I bought years ago on a girls’ trip to Santa Fe. They are very important to me, so I look for any opportunity to use them.

Tropical Dinner Party Decor For Your Summer Entertaining

I love using water bottles in our house. They are a perfect side dish for vegetables and add a bit of drama and effect and are cheap to make! When I can, I like to use things in my centerpieces that can be reused and recycled. Obviously, lemons and limes have many uses, and clementines are my son’s favorite fruit, so I’ll be killing them this week for sure. Cousin!

There are many things you can use on your own water bottles or containers to create a similar look. Sea shells, sand, rocks, ropes, tropical leaves, colored water, and floating candles, etc. they will work fine. Be creative!

I also used medicine bottles for my Easter Game this year and filled them with eggs. Click the link below to view.

For the rest of the centerpiece, I added these beautiful decorative plants that I bought at Trader Joes. They even included boxes because it was a doddle! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on flowers for special occasions and this is a perfect example. Also, these last longer than fresh cut flowers.

How To Tropical Table Decor

To complete the look of the room, I always work on my dining table so that it coordinates with the table. Here’s a quick look at the arrangement I made here with just two sets of mixed flowers that I bought at Trader Joe’s. I have a post about that soon.

We had so much fun preparing our daughter’s favorite food for her 16th birthday party.This is an important photo of all my kids when they were little (birthday girl on the right). My time flies!!

Thanks for stopping by to check out this fun summer table! Hopefully, you’ve gathered some ideas along the way.

Tropical Table Settings

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