Wedding Ideas Ireland

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Wedding Ideas Ireland

Wedding Ideas Ireland

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Ideas For An Autumn Wedding In Ireland

Invited to an Irish wedding? You may know some of the Irish wedding traditions used at the ceremony and reception, but what do they mean? Irish weddings are some of the most romantic and charming weddings to attend — even if you’re not Irish. By understanding the sentiment behind this Celtic tradition and symbol of love, you’ll enjoy the celebration even more.

“Many of our wedding traditions stem from the fear of evil spirits in ancient Ireland and other parts of Europe,” says Nora Shiels of Bridal Bliss Events. “While some traditions are still relevant today, such as wearing a veil and bringing fragrant flowers, others are not considered an unlucky day to tie the knot, marry during the harvest or before a loan, eat salt on your wedding day, or tie the knot.”

Nora Shiels is the founder of Bridal Bliss, the Pacific Northwest’s leading wedding planner and expert. A 19-year event and wedding planning veteran, Nora has planned many Irish weddings. Nora’s shrewd leadership has guided her team to numerous awards and international recognition.

Some Irish ancestors had custom-made clothing, or they decorated the finished garments with Celtic symbols such as knots, crosses, or shamrocks with white embroidery. Another lovely touch is the addition of Irish lace. You can also look for an Irish lace headpiece or a veil with Irish lace accents. In cooler weather, one might want to wear a classic woolen bridal gown or a combination of light wool and Irish linen.

Dreamy Destination Wedding Ideas

Irish tartan kilts represent the counties and districts of Ireland, while Scottish kilts represent their clans in their tartan designs and colors. There is also a popular Irish national tartan, a response to the British Anglicization of the Emerald Isle. A traditional Irish wedding includes a full formal kilt for the groom. The groom can wear a Brian Boru jacket (named after an Irish warrior king), a white tuxedo shirt with a bow tie, knee socks with a bow to match their tartan, sporran with shamrock detail and brogue ghillie shoes. It is more common and popular in America for the groom to wear an Irish frock than it is in Ireland. Many Irish pipers and musicians wear kilts, as do Irish dancers.

Although we usually think of green as being associated with Ireland, it wasn’t the country’s official color until the 19th century. When King Henry VIII left the Catholic Church to form his Church of England, he declared Ireland an independent Protestant kingdom and gave them the right to have their own coat of arms and flag: a golden Celtic harp on a blue background. For hundreds of years, the Irish flag has been blue. Blue is also considered lucky because it is the color of fidelity and symbolizes the commitment of the bride to her partner. Do not be surprised if the wedding has many elements of green and blue.

In marriage, every couple’s wish is for a long and beautiful life along with good luck. You can find fortune shamrocks and tiny horseshoes in the bride’s bouquet or in tablescapes, favors and even cakes. The Irishman once brought a real horseshoe down the aisle and opened up the sides, so luck never ran out. To be even luckier, an old superstition is that brides walk with a sixpence coin in their right shoe.

Wedding Ideas Ireland

While the Scots prefer the Highland bagpipes, the Irish play the sweeter and smaller Irish Uillean pipe. This small pipe is used in the church because the bagpipes are very hard. Dressed in full kilts and regalia, they cut a dashing figure at an Irish wedding. A piper may play before the ceremony when guests arrive and announce the bride’s arrival at the church before they lead the procession down the aisle. It was also customary for pipers to walk the couple down the aisle together during their recession. Another option is the harpist who plays the Celtic harp, known for his lyrical tune and the haunting Irish music he wrote for him. As the national symbol of Ireland, the Celtic harp is included in everything from Irish government documents to the label on the Guinness bottle.

Irish Wedding Blessings To Use For Toasts And Inspiration

Handfasting, a popular symbol of union in many weddings, is an ancient Celtic tradition dating back 2,000 years. This ceremony is a ritual of engagement or commitment that allows the couple to live together for one year and one day. If not, they just break up. Today instead of lighting a union or vows candle, many choose to do a handfast. The officiant places a ribbon or rope around the hands of the bride and groom, who pronounce the vows and commitments to which they agree aloud. The four hands are tied together: or the most popular way is to tie only the right hand of the bride and groom.

Wedding rings with clasped hands on them date back to ancient Rome. Irish Claddagh rings first appeared in Galway in the 1700s and feature two hands encircling a heart with a crown over the heart. A silent message was sent to those who know how to wear a clogag. Like an engagement ring, the Claddagh is placed on the left hand, with the bottom of the heart facing away from the wrist. During the ceremony, the ring is placed on the ring finger of the left hand with the heart point facing inwards towards the recipient’s heart. Engraving the inside of the ring with Gaelic sentiment is a lovely touch.

Ringing the bells is believed to ward off evil spirits. Another belief is to ward off discord in marriage, which is why church bells might be rung after the wedding or small bells might be rung for guests as the couple walks down the aisle as husband and wife. Presenting bells to the newlyweds is also a traditional wedding gift. You can also see the Irish Bell flower included in the bridal bouquet, because in the language of flowers it symbolizes good luck.

Many Irish people still have Irish white linen handkerchiefs. It’s a great way to incorporate old traditions and Irish culture into a wedding dress. Embroidered with a shamrock, it is also a good luck charm. In Ireland, the handkerchief was later sewn onto the bonnet as part of the first christening garments for children.

Creative Wedding Rituals That Symbolize Unity

An Irish wedding reception wouldn’t be a true celebration without Irish dancers. Irish dance schools like to perform with a uilleann pipe player or an Irish band; They are an integral part of the Irish wedding ceremony.

Reception will feature Irish drinks of course. Mead (or mead) is made from honey and is an ancient drink in Ireland. In medieval times, the bride and groom would toast each other with a special cup filled with mead and continue for a month or a lunar cycle; That’s where the word “honeymoon” comes from. Irish mist liqueur, Irish whiskey, cream liqueur, cider and beer are also popular choices.

An Irish reception includes several rounds of toasts and blessings, starting with family members, the wedding party, and friends before the traditional toasts. Keep your glass full, but don’t take too many sips. Sláinte!Marlfield House has long stood as one of Ireland’s most luxurious country house hotels and one of Ireland’s most popular unique and exclusive wedding venues. The Bowe family and staff have been welcoming guests since 1978 and Marlfield is a proud member of the Irish Blue Book and Reliance at Chateaux. Set in 36 hectares of lush gardens and forests, the hotel offers a unique and exclusive setting for the most romantic and memorable luxury country house wedding. Imagine having all your family and friends together in the privacy and exclusivity of your own manor house for the most important day of your life – Marlfield fulfills this dream and more!

Wedding Ideas Ireland

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