Wildflower Wedding

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Wildflower Wedding – Emma and Izzet’s Wedding – Low Greenery and Purple Flowers Centerpiece – Blue Hill at Stone Barns NY -Rebecca Yale Photography

We love the decoration of planted flowers. But as we enter summer, we can’t help but be enchanted by the wildflowers. Charming, colorful and natural, they add a fresh and carefree air to the wedding scene. Your first guess might be that wildflowers can only be used in “boho,” “rustic,” “rustic,” or “organic” decor themes. But as you’ll see, wildflowers can be used in just about any wedding style, from clean and minimalist to classic and elegant. The big question here is, “How ‘wild’ do you want to go?” Remember, you don’t have to fully commit to the topic. Adding just a few wildflowers to the more ‘traditional’ wedding flowers is all it takes to bring a cheery sense of joy to your big day.

Wildflower Wedding

Wildflower Wedding

The list of wildflowers is long and varies by season and location. Our favorite wildflowers (and flowering plants) to use for wedding decor include sweet peas, mountain daisies, cosmos, zinnias, baby’s breath, black-eyed susans, bachelor’s buttons, sunflowers, foxglove, rice flower , violets, lavender and cornflowers. all go well with traditional flowers like double roses, buttercups, and even peonies. To help you decide, we’ve put together this guide to beautiful wildflower wedding decor ideas.

Wildflower Weddings — Whirly Girl Flowers

Color us happy! This dazzling bouquet captivates with all the colors of the rainbow expressed by daisies (gerber and mountain), violets, ranunculus and roses accented with greenery.

This delicate bouquet of freshly picked wildflowers, tied with a frayed gray lavender ribbon, looks like something a character from a Jane Austin novel would wear to her wedding in the English countryside.

If you’re unsure about making a purely wildflower bouquet, consider including more “traditional” wedding flowers. Here, blush-colored Juliet garden roses are included in a brilliant arrangement inspired by a garden meadow.

Note the ‘something blue’ using blue thistle in her bridal bouquet. As a filler, the flowering plant adds texture and interest (we love its snowflake shape) to a natural arrangement of petal-rich flowers and foliage.

Wildflower Marquee Wedding Ideas

Categorize your style as classic and wonder how that would translate to a wildflower wedding theme? We’re here to say that white wildflowers and greens look just as timeless as a more traditional flower recipe. Pro Tip: Start by choosing flowers with larger, silky-smooth petals, fillers like baby’s breath and wax flowers, and various types of foliage and buds.

Blooming in an enchanting palette from pinks and yellows to greens and blues, this stunning ‘vivid’ ceremonial backdrop resembles a blooming summer meadow.

We’re obsessed with this lush ceremonial belt that features a green, pink, and white color scheme. Rich greens adorned with vibrant pink and white wildflowers have a secret garden feel, perfect for saying “I do.”

Wildflower Wedding

Organic with a modern twist, this intimate ceremonial backdrop features lush greenery and asymmetrically arranged branches and is complemented by a voluminous bed of garden-inspired flowers.

Enchanted Wildflower Wedding Invitations

Everything is in the details. Combining lush greenery with light touches of white flowers, this floating ceremony backdrop is designed for brides who want a clean, minimalist setting for their wedding day.

Parting natural, romantically colored wildflowers and golden clouds of fennel blossoms, this outdoor ceremony scene fulfills our Tuscan countryside wedding dreams.

Using mix-and-match bottle vases, this charming centerpiece showcases a variety of seasonal wildflowers in hues ranging from dusty peach and blush to bright pink and yellow, deep purple and blackberry.

Channeling the softer side of boho, this dazzling ‘live’ centerpiece overflows with pastel florals rich in texture and movement. Elegant taper candles and pale pink tablecloths underline the romantic and intimate atmosphere of the table.

Wildflower Wedding Inspiration: The Cottage Garden Suite — Crissie Vitale Creative

Create a tall tablescape with a variety of vibrantly colored wildflowers, along with more traditional buttercups and mixed greens (we love ferns!) set in mismatched vases and bottles.

Feminine and airy, this wedding color palette of dusty blue, soft peach, and white is perfect for an outdoor summer party. To create this look, consider flowers like blue hydrangeas, delphiniums, cornflowers, peach roses, white lisianthus, daisies, and mountain daisies.

To create an atmosphere of rustic magic for this cozy summer wedding, the tables are adorned with vibrant centerpieces filled with seasonal wildflowers and herbs.

Wildflower Wedding

When it comes to boutonniere, a wildflower accent is the perfect choice to elevate a standard wedding ensemble. Vibrantly colored thistle adds an elegant touch to traditional groomsmen outfits. Pair wildflowers, thistles and strawberries with classic roses for a sophisticated twist on the rustic look. Trade flowers in favor of boutonnieres made from fake green leaves harvested directly from the forest.

A Guide To Beautiful Wildflower Wedding Decor Ideas

Inspired by the beauty of a wildflower print, this unique design features pressed flowers (all organic and edible!) naturally placed in the cream cake.

The fairytale charm of the English countryside in summer is undeniable. Wildflower meadows were the muse for this sweet little dessert.

Embracing natural beauty, this 3-tier cream cake features artfully arranged branches of white wildflowers and greenery that highlight the vintage romantic theme of the wedding.

Bringing to mind the classic wildflower garden, this stunning cake is finished with a dreamy hand-painted floral design featuring sculpted silk gloves, cornflowers, daisies and buttercups.

Wildflower Wedding With Bespoke Details At Mountain Estate

Tom Petty said it best when he sang, “You belong among the wildflowers… You belong somewhere where you feel free.” We can’t think of a better feeling to have on your wedding day.

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When we think of wild flowers, the first thing that comes to mind is a bridal bouquet. You can create truly wonderful wedding bouquets using all kinds of wild flowers. Gather your favorites and create a wonderful bouquet with them, add wheat and herbs. You can also try mixing wildflowers with garden flowers for an elegant look. Wildflowers give excellent texture and dimension due to their irregular and unusual appearance. You can also make a matching flower crown for yourself and your bridesmaids.

Wildflower Wedding

Wildflowers are great for centerpieces – colourful, bold, slightly messy and textured, they will make a great centerpiece for a bohemian, rustic or woodland wedding. You can place it in jars, bottles, buckets, vases, or even tubs to achieve the desired effect. Make a few arrangements and place them on a slice of wood covered with a crochet or macramé napkin. Another great idea is to plant wildflowers in a wooden box or pot and cover it with moss, which is a great idea for a woodland wedding.

Wildflower Wedding Bouquets For Spring Summer Wedding

For a bold and fresh look, decorate your wedding cake, cupcakes, and other desserts with wildflowers that may or may not match your centerpiece or bouquet. You can display the cake on a slice of wood and add flowers not only to the cake but also to the display.

Wildflower boutonniere can match your bouquets or centerpieces, make them bold and elegant and wrap them with colorful twine or burlap. Dried wildflowers can be used instead of confetti, and cutlery wrappers can be decorated with wildflowers. Decorate your wedding arch with lush wildflowers, hang them during the reception, and string them on necklaces for the bridesmaids. Get inspired!

A rustic wedding arch with colorful wildflower decorations placed in pots to brighten up any outdoor wedding. This is a fresh, bohemian alternative to traditional bridal bouquets that often include lilies, roses or peonies and have a defined structure. A look that we love. Wildflowers look loose, spontaneous and carefree, as if a bride picked a bouquet of flowers on her way to her wedding in a meadow, although these bouquets were often carefully arranged by a florist. create that effect.

So what goes into a bouquet of wildflowers? Be sure to choose seasonal English flowers to make your wedding more sustainable. Native wildflowers include honeysuckle, columbine, cornflower, summer orchid, wood anemone, lily of the valley, blueberry, daisies, primrose, poppy, and forget-me-not. If you have a favorite flower that isn’t a wildflower, you can always add one or two as your “hero” flower. Showy like a peony, the notice-me variety works best for this.

Beautiful And Natural Wildflower Wedding Ideas

Remember, wildflower bouquets contain not only flowers but herbs, grains, and herbs that add texture and vibrancy. You may also want to mark the wild element with the help of wheat, reeds.

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