Blue And Gray Decorating Ideas

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Blue And Gray Decorating Ideas – A quiet room features a navy blue living room with a dark gray sofa accent and a stormy black and dark gray area rug. There are many shades of gray in this color palette.

A quiet room features a navy blue living room with a dark gray sofa accent and a stormy black and dark gray area rug. There are many shades of gray in this color palette. All shades of

Blue And Gray Decorating Ideas

Blue And Gray Decorating Ideas

, thought and style. Gray sofa with navy cushion, teal blue and dusty blue gray rug add to the nice assembly

Beautifully Blue Living Room Ideas

. As you can see, this blue bathroom combines dark walls with sleek, modern furniture and lighting. It will be more beautiful than the date.

Dark Blue: Try Graham Brown’s “Rhapsody Resistance Ultra Matte” – Rhapsody, meaning effusively satisfied, is a rich deep navy blue that will create the perfect modern backdrop when styled with copper accessories. When used in large open spaces, Rhapsody performs well in buildings over time.

Rich Medium Blue: Try Graham Brown’s “Brave” – ​​Brave is a perfect rich medium blue that will go well with many Graham and Brown wallpaper designs. With red pigments, Brave looks bluer than Contrast. This ink navy is perfect for creating a modern haven by pairing it with copper accessories. When you purchase through a link on our site, we earn an affiliate commission. This is how it works.

Looking for cute blue and gray living room ideas? We all love the gray living room and we all love the blue living room, so it makes sense to bring the two loud things together and show you how you can hang in there with both Plays for you.

Dark Grey And Prussian Blue Living Room { Moody Living Room }

Gray and blue are similar. You can go for a really contrasting look with light blue and deep charcoal gray or create a really cohesive look where your colors blend together like you just noticed the difference in two. There are plenty of ways to work in combination in your living room, and we’ve rounded up several to inspire you.

Before we get started, let’s get rid of the big question, do blue and gray work together? Sure! They are a very popular color combination for living rooms because they layer so well. The key to getting it right is to always choose shades that have the same meaning, so often a cool gray works best with a cool blue and a warm gray with a warm blue. You can also choose a shade that creates a contrast – light with dark. Therefore, if you are going for anyone who loves dark blue walls, add light gray to bring out the deep color.

The best colors to combine with gray and blue in the living room are those outside the color wheel. We’re talking orange and yellow, but the tones you choose depend on your style. If you’re looking for a little more contrast, a warm terracotta orange can be gorgeous, or for something bolder, try a pop of bright yellow.

Blue And Gray Decorating Ideas

It’s pretty obvious from a quick glance on Pinterest that dark blue walls are getting a bit of a go. Who doesn’t get The Hague blue wall now? But there’s a reason everyone loves this deep color – it’s very, it’s bold and yet it’s a super versatile shade that works perfectly with any neutral, with gray. Dark blue is like colorophobes’ way of embracing something bold, without affecting the previous color scheme.

Flawless Ways To Style A Gray Sofa

The key to bringing the dark blue color to life is to combine it with lots of bright colors. So always contrast your walls with lighter wood and add a light yellow color to the floor – even if it’s in the form of LVT as you see here or over a large area.

It’s often said to avoid cooler colors when decorating a room up north, but check this place out. This clearly proves that hungry rooms can handle depression and grays and can be a very nice place.

What makes this room welcoming, despite the lack of light and cool sound, is that each process goes with similar shades. The blue-gray walls, the gray sofas, even the floor is gray – this really consistent quality creates a good cocooning for the room. Plus, all the cushions and throws help soften the decor.

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to a monochromatic idea, a lovely light blue can take the place. See how this chair makes deep blue/black and white feel less powerful? It illuminates the area and softens it at the same time. If you do not want to color the sofa, take depression with pictures, lighting, cushions or rugs will also do.

Gray Patio Decor Ideas

If you are looking for a color that will work in any small space, any level of natural light, warm-toned pale gray is the way to go. It gives any room a noble and elegant look, and he looks cute. combined with bolder, jewel-toned blues. For this look, stick to grays for walls and floors and bring in pops of color with furniture and accessories.

Don’t you feel relaxed watching this living room? All furniture in soft linens, denim blues and accents of gray on the windows. It gives us clear beach house vibes, which you can recreate no matter how far from the ocean you are. Just copy these soothing ideas and add soft fabrics and whitewashed wood and you’re pretty much there. Oh, and the beautiful big fern won’t hurt.

Gray and blue are a cool combination, so to speak, but it’s very easy to warm up the tones with a few touches of wood. If you’re lucky enough to have hardwood floors, this is just the warmth you need. And if not, a wooden shelf, a nice wooden table or just a few wooden pictures will have a similar effect.

Blue And Gray Decorating Ideas

A very simple way to create a two-tone blue and gray living room is to use furniture. Put the blue sofa together with the gray sofa and you already have your new color choice, then it’s up to you to have the more you take it. You can keep the rest of the space neutral with pale gray walls and wooden decor. Or bring out more

The Best Blue Paint Colors For Your Home

Depressions and grays by hanging prints of similar colors or throwing rugs to pull the colors together.

Why not combine your gray and blue furniture with elegant walls? You can easily DIY something like this shaded wall for a nice feel in your living room. All you need is a brush and a dreamy blue-gray color – then just add white to create a washed out look.

We have all the instructions on how to create a shadow wall if you want everything step by step.

Look, blue and gray can be versatile, you can find a combination to suit any style. If you’re a fan of mid-century modern and love orange and yellow tones that go with the mood, blue and gray work well in the mix. The blue yellow wall will really make the color brighter, warmer.

Orange & Gray Living Room Furniture And Decorating Ideas

A teal velvet sofa just made it to the top of our list. This beautiful color works perfectly with gray, and we think it makes it look more mature, more interesting. So, now that you think about the blue sofa a lot but worry that it’s a bit bold, you can do anything with gray furniture and bring out more pop.

Blue and black aren’t always a color combination we see every time, it’s just one of those things in your head that don’t mix. But, you know what, we think there are good reasons to mix navy and black and the fact that these two colors can create a really beautiful space. Especially true if you add grays and white as a contrast to refresh as well.

Also be sure to check out our black living room ideas if you prefer a more dramatic look.

Blue And Gray Decorating Ideas

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Gray Dining Room Design Ideas

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